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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2006Integration of IMS Learning Design and eGamesMoreno-Ger, Pablo; Burgos, Daniel
9-Mar-2006Introducción a IMS LD para aprendizaje adaptativo y colaborativoBurgos, Daniel
21-Jun-2005Introduction to Level CBurgos, Daniel; Vogten, Hubert; Koper, Rob
4-Oct-2006Joint International Workshop on Professional Learning, Competence Development and Knowledge Management - LOKMOL and L3NCDMemmel, Martin; Ras, Eric; Weibelzahl, Stephan; Burgos, Daniel; Olmedilla, Daniel; Wolpers, Martin
Nov-2004Learning Networks using Learning Design. A firt collection of papersKoper, Rob; Spoelstra, Howard; Burgos, Daniel
21-Jun-2005Learning to listen to JazzTattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel
13-Sep-2006Mapping IMS Learning Design and Moodle. A first understandingBurgos, Daniel; Tattersall, Colin; Dougiamas, Martin; Vogten, Hubert; Koper, Rob
24-Oct-2006Mapping IMS Learning Design and Moodle. A first understandingBurgos, Daniel
18-Sep-2006Modelado y uso de escenarios de aprendizaje en entornos b-learning desde la práctica educativaBurgos, Daniel; Corbalan, Gemma
14-Jan-2009Modelling a case study in Astronomy with IMS Learning DesignBurgos, Daniel; Tattersall, Colin
3-Oct-2006Non-representational authoring of learning designs: from idioms to model-driven developmentDodero, Juan Manuel; Tattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob
2003Normas de usabilidad de sitios web. Pautas de aplicaciónBurgos, Daniel; Ruiz-Mezcua, Belén
10-Feb-2006An Open eLearning Specification for Multiple Learners and Flexible PedagogiesTattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob
27-Oct-2005The Paradox of the Assisted User: Guidance Leads to more Shallow BehaviorNimwegen, Christof van; Oostendorp, H. van; Schijf, H.J.M.; Burgos, Daniel
21-Jul-2004Participating in LN4LDTattersall, Colin; Hummel, Hans; Burgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob
13-Oct-2005Performance in a planning task: The (ir)relevance of interface style and users’ cognitive styleVan Nimwegen, Christof; Burgos, Daniel
28-Jul-2006Personalized and adaptive learning with IMS Learning DesignBurgos, Daniel
28-Sep-2006Planning Educational TaskBurgos, Daniel; Van Nimwegen, Christof
24-Jun-2005Practical and Pedagogical Issues for Teacher Adoption of IMS Learning Design Standards in Moodle LMSBerggren, Anders; Burgos, Daniel; Fontana, Josep M.; Hinkelman, Don; Hung, Vu; Hursh, Anthony; Tielemans, Ger
27-Oct-2005Practical pedagogical uses of IMS Learning Design’s Level BBurgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob