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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2005Beyond Level ABurgos, Daniel
11-Jan-2006A brief overview on the TENCompetence websiteBurgos, Daniel; Brouns, Francis
2003Building an interactive training methodology to develop multimediaBurgos, Daniel; Ruiz-Mezcua, Belén
May-2005CaminatasBurgos, Daniel
27-May-2005Caminatas IBurgos, Daniel
May-2006Can ims learning design be used to model computer-based educational games?Burgos, Daniel; Tattersall, Colin; Koper, Rob
2004Candidas, the great unknown (I)Burgos, Daniel
2005Candidas. The Great Unknown (II)Burgos, Daniel
25-Mar-2006Competence Development Programmes. Personalization and IMS Learning DesignBurgos, Daniel
4-Oct-2006Creating by Reusing Learning Design SolutionsHernández-Leo, Davinia; Harrer, Andreas; Dodero, Juan Manuel; Asensio-Pérez, Juan; Burgos, Daniel
2005Critical facilities for active participation in learning networksHummel, Hans; Tattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel; Brouns, Francis; Kurvers, Hub; Koper, Rob
30-Apr-2005Critical Facilities for Active Participation in Learning NetworksHummel, Hans; Tattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel; Brouns, Francis; Kurvers, Hub; Koper, Rob
Sep-2005Current Research on IMS Learning DesignKoper, Rob; Tattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel
5-Jan-2007D10.1 A Formalised Organisational Model for the TENCompetence Associate PartnersLiber, Oleg; Griffiths, Dai; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Janssen, José; Kravcik, Milos; Burgos, Daniel; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Smeulders, Wouter Jan
2-Jan-2011D5.2 - Stakeholder engagement plan, report on Guidelines and Monitoring tools-metricsBarak, Noaa; Burgos, Daniel; Specht, Marcus; De Vries, Fred; Camilleri, Anthony; Lindstaedt, Stefanie; Persico, Donatella
17-Apr-2007Design Guidelines for Collaboration and Participation with Examples from the LN4LD (Learning Network for Learning Design)Burgos, Daniel; Hummel, Hans; Tattersall, Colin; Brouns, Francis; Koper, Rob
14-Apr-2005Developing advanced units of learning using IMS Learning Design level BKoper, Rob; Burgos, Daniel
27-Jun-2006Does an Interface with Less Assistance Provoke More Thoughtful Behavior?Van Nimwegen, Christof; Van Oostendorp, Herre; Burgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob
19-Dec-2005E-learning specifications. An introductionBurgos, Daniel; Griffiths, David
19-Apr-2005Encouraging contributions in Learning Networks using incentive mechanismsHummel, Hans; Burgos, Daniel; Tattersall, Colin; Brouns, Francis; Kurvers, Hub; Koper, Rob