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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jan-2010D7.4 Evaluation and Outlook WP7 Results, aggregates internal deliverables ID7.17-ID7.18Herder, Eelco; Kärger, Philipp; Berlanga, Adriana; Drachsler, Hendrik; Janssen, José; Kalz, Marco; Heyenrath, Stef
19-Dec-2012D8.1 Review of Social Data RequirementsDrachsler, Hendrik; Greller, Wolfgang; Fazeli, Soude; Niemann, Katja; Sanchez-Alonso, Salvador; Rajabi, Enayat; Palmér, Matthias; Ebner, Hannes; Simon, Bernd; Nösterer, Daniela; Kastrantas, Kostas; Manouselis, Nikos; Hatzakis, Ilias; Clements, Kati
30-Apr-2014D9.1 Internal Communications ChannelsDrachsler, Hendrik; Scheffel, Maren
2-Dec-2010Data Sets as Facilitator for new Products and Services for UniversitiesDrachsler, Hendrik
21-Nov-2013Data-driven study: augmenting predication accuracy of recommendations in social learning platformsFazeli, Soude; Drachsler, Hendrik; Sloep, Peter
11-Mar-2011Dataset-driven research for improving recommender systems for learningVerbert, Katrien; Drachsler, Hendrik; Manouselis, Nikos; Wolpers, Martin; Vuorikari, Riina; Duval, Erik
20-Dec-2012Dataset-Driven Research to Support Learning and Knowledge AnalyticsVerbert, Katrien; Manouselis, Nikos; Drachsler, Hendrik; Duval, Erik
7-Dec-2011dataTEL - Final ReportDrachsler, Hendrik
8-Dec-2011dataTEL - Data-driven Research and Learning AnalyticsDrachsler, Hendrik; Verbert, Katrien
7-Dec-2011dataTEL - Datasets for Recommender Systems in Technology-Enhanced LearningDrachsler, Hendrik
8-Dec-2011dataTEL - Datasets for Technology Enhanced LearningDrachsler, Hendrik; Verbert, Katrien; Sicilia, Miguel-Angel; Wolpers, Martin; Manouselis, Nikos; Vuorikari, Riina; Lindstaedt, Stefanie; Fischer, Frank
17-Dec-2009Decision Support for Learners in Mash-Up Personal Learning EnvironmentsDrachsler, Hendrik
27-Sep-2011Deliverable 9 - Evaluation report of training and the use of training toolsVan der Klink, Marcel; Kicken, Wendy; Drachsler, Hendrik; Stoyanov, Slavi; Boshuizen, Els
Oct-2015Deliverable D.8.4. Social data visualization and navigation services -3rd Year Update-Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Brouns, Francis; Drachsler, Hendrik; Fazeli, Soude; Sanchez-Alonso, Salvador; Rajabi, Enayat; Kolovou, Lamprini
16-Dec-2014Designing learning outcomes for handover teaching of medical students using Group Concept MappingHynes, Helen; Stoyanov, Slavi; Drachsler, Hendrik; Maher, Bridget; Orrego, Carola; Stieger, Lina; Druener, Susanne; Sopka, Sasa; Schröder, Hanna; Henn, Patrick
8-Jan-2015Designing Learning Outcomes for Handover Teaching of Medical Students using Group Concept MappingHynes, Helen; Stoyanov, Slavi; Drachsler, Hendrik; Bridget, Maher; Carola, Orrego; Mariona, Secanell; Lina, Stieger; Susanne, Druener; Sopka, Sasa; Patrick, Henn
2015Developing an Evaluation Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning AnalyticsScheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Specht, Marcus
22-May-2008Discovering emerging Effects in Learning NetworksDrachsler, Hendrik
2016Dutch Cooking with xAPI Recipes: The Good, the Bad, and the ConsistentBerg, Alan; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
2016The Dutch xAPI ExperienceBerg, Alan; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus