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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Apr-2012Exploring social recommenders for teacher networks to address challenges of starting teachersFazeli, Soude; Drachsler, Hendrik; Brouns, Francis; Sloep, Peter
7-Dec-2011First steps towards an integration of a Personal Learning Environment at university levelEbner, Martin; Schoen, Sandra; Taraghi, Behnam; Drachsler, Hendrik
2-Dec-2010From Learning Networks to Digital EcosystemsDrachsler, Hendrik
2015Getting a grasp on tag collections by visualising tag clusters based on higher-order co-occurrencesNiemann, Katja; Leon Rojas, Sarah; Wolpers, Martin; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Specht, Marcus
17-May-2015Grand Challenges Learning Analytics and Open Online OnderwijsManderveld, Jocelyn; Berg, Alan; Schuwer, Robert; Drachsler, Hendrik
14-Nov-2013Group Concept Mapping on Learning AnalyticsStoyanov, Slavi; Drachsler, Hendrik
2016Guest Editorial: Ethics and Privacy in Learning AnalyticsFerguson, Rebecca; Hoel, Tore; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik
8-Dec-2011The Handover Project: Improving the continuity of patient care through identification and implementation of novel patient handoff processes in EuropeDrachsler, Hendrik; Kicken, Wendy; Van der Klink, Marcel; Stoyanov, Slavi; Boshuizen, Els
2-Dec-2010The HandOver toolboxVan der Klink, Marcel; Kicken, Wendy; Drachsler, Hendrik; Stoyanov, Slavi; Boshuizen, Els
7-Dec-2011The Handover toolbox - Final expert meetingVan der Klink, Marcel; Drachsler, Hendrik; Kicken, Wendy; Stoyanov, Slavi; Boshuizen, Els
18-Dec-2012The Handover Toolbox: a knowledge exchange and training platform for improving patient careDrachsler, Hendrik; Kicken, Wendy; Van der Klink, Marcel; Stoyanov, Slavi; Boshuizen, Els; Barach, Paul
8-Dec-2011Handover workshop on network based learning in the medical domainDrachsler, Hendrik; Kicken, Wendy
8-Dec-2011Hoe ontwerp je een effectief leernetwerk?Kicken, Wendy; Drachsler, Hendrik
7-Dec-2009How Recommender Systems in Technology-Enhanced Learning depend on ContextDrachsler, Hendrik; Manouselis, Nikos
22-Dec-2014How to best support users in social learning platforms with recommendations?Fazeli, Soude; Drachsler, Hendrik; Sloep, Peter
16-Jun-2008The Hybrid Personalizer - Software DocumentationDrachsler, Hendrik; Herder, Eelco; Kärger, Philipp; Kalz, Marco
6-Jan-2010ID 7.18: Completed user study on the Competence Matching ToolHerder, Eelco; Kärger, Philipp; Drachsler, Hendrik; Kalz, Marco
10-Sep-2007ID7.12 Navigation Service APIDrachsler, Hendrik
3-Mar-2008Identifying the Goal, User model and Conditions of Recommender Systems for Formal and Informal LearningDrachsler, Hendrik; Hummel, Hans; Koper, Rob
4-Feb-2014The Impact of Learning Analytics on the Dutch Education SystemDrachsler, Hendrik; Stoyanov, Slavi; Specht, Marcus