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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2011Self-Reported Learning Effects of a Tagging Activity Carried out in a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) by Secondary-School PupilsVerpoorten, Dominique; Glahn, Christian; Chatti, Mohamed; Westera, Wim; Specht, Marcus
14-Nov-2008SIRS Bundle PackageGlahn, Christian
22-Nov-2008Smart Indicator EnvironmentGlahn, Christian
22-Nov-2008Smart Indicators and Learner MonitoringGlahn, Christian
7-May-2007Smart Indicators on Learning InteractionsGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
22-Nov-2008Smart Indicators on Learning InteractionsGlahn, Christian
16-Jul-2007Smart indicators to support the learning interaction cycleGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
28-Nov-2011Structuring mobile and contextual learningGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus
Jul-2008Supporting life-long competence development using the TENComptence infrastructure: a first experimentSchoonenboom, Judith; Sligte, Henk; Moghnieh, Ayman; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Stefanov, Krassen; Glahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Lemmers, Ruud
29-Oct-2008Supporting Reflection in Informal LearningGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
22-Nov-2008Supporting Reflection in Informal LearningGlahn, Christian
27-Oct-2010Supporting the Reuse of Open Educational Resources through Open StandardsGlahn, Christian; Kalz, Marco; Gruber, Marion; Specht, Marcus
22-Nov-2008TENCompetence Action Logging, towards a standardised activity logGlahn, Christian
17-Nov-2008TENCompetence WP4 Log File AnalyzerGlahn, Christian
24-Nov-2008TENCompetence WP4 Log File AnalyzerGlahn, Christian
10-Oct-2006Towards a service-oriented architecture for giving feedback in informal learning environmentsGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
2-Feb-2011Towards Mobile Learning Support for the Transition from School to the WorkplaceGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Wishart, Jocelyn
16-Jun-2006User Requirements and Domain Model EngineeringSpecht, Marcus; Glahn, Christian
19-Jan-2010Visualisation of interaction footprints for enagement in online communitiesGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
22-Nov-2008Visualisation of interaction footprints for engagement and motivation in online communities – results of first interviewsGlahn, Christian