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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2009Context based games for mobile learningTernier, Stefaan; De Jong, Tim; Kelle, Sebastian
20-Feb-2013Dataset on Basic Life Support Emergo Experiment 1Kelle, Sebastian
20-Feb-2013A Dataset on basic life support game learning effectiveness (Dataset Experiment 2)Kelle, Sebastian
20-Feb-2013A dataset on the effectiveness of a life science badge reward system (Dataset Experiment 3)Kelle, Sebastian
5-Dec-2008Deliverable 4.1: Content Development for Reuse - Best Practices: EmergoKelle, Sebastian
14-Oct-2008Deliverable 5.1: BP Learning Delivery Scenario: ElectrocityKelle, Sebastian
15-Oct-2008Deliverable 5.1: BP Learning Delivery Scenario: Language Learning in Second LIfeKelle, Sebastian
Dec-2011Design patterns for learning gamesKelle, Sebastian; Klemke, Roland; Specht, Marcus
Jan-2013Effects of Game Design Patterns on Basic Life Support Training ContentKelle, Sebastian; Klemke, Roland; Specht, Marcus
9-Feb-2010Game Based Learning - how to avoid common mistakesKelle, Sebastian
9-Nov-2012Game Design Patterns for LearningKelle, Sebastian
2010Game-Based Life-Long LearningKelle, Sebastian; SigurĂ°arson, Steinn; Westera, Wim; Specht, Marcus
11-Dec-2009ICOPER D4.2: Feedback on reuse of Web 2.0 learningKelle, Sebastian
Feb-2010Rethinking Game Based Learning: applying pedagogical standards to educational gamesSchmitz, Birgit; Kelle, Sebastian
20-Jun-2011Standardization of Game Based Learning DesignKelle, Sebastian; Klemke, Roland; Gruber, Marion; Specht, Marcus