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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2004Self Organising Wayfinding Support for Lifelong LearnersTattersall, Colin; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Van den Berg, Bert; Van Es, René; Janssen, José; Koper, Rob
1-Nov-2005Self-organising navigational support in lifelong learning: how predecessors can lead the wayJanssen, José; Tattersall, Colin; Waterink, Wim; Van den Berg, Bert; Van Es, René; Bolman, Catherine; Koper, Rob
1-Dec-2003Self-Organized Learning Networks for Lifelong Learning: RTD Programme 2003-2008Koper, Rob; Sloep, Peter; Tattersall, Colin; Van Rosmalen, Peter
3-Apr-2009Semantic Networks as Means for Goal-Directed Formative FeedbackKalz, Marco; Berlanga, Adriana; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Stoyanov, Slavi; Van Bruggen, Jan; Koper, Rob
20-Aug-2007Service Oriented Approaches and Lifelong Competence Development Infrastructures: Proceedings of the 2nd TENCompetence Open WorkshopGriffiths, David; Koper, Rob; Liber, Oleg
5-Feb-1994ShoctoolSlootmaker, Aad; Koper, Rob
3-Apr-2008Simulating light-weight Personalised Recommender Systems in Learning Networks: A case for Pedagogy-Oriented and Rating-based Hybrid Recommendation StrategiesNadolski, Rob; Van den Berg, Bert; Berlanga, Adriana; Drachsler, Hendrik; Hummel, Hans; Koper, Rob; Sloep, Peter
29-Dec-2004Simulation of dropout and retention in a Learning NetworkKoper, Rob
9-Jan-2006Slides WP2: Common Ground + ExercisesKoper, Rob
7-May-2007Smart Indicators on Learning InteractionsGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
16-Jul-2007Smart indicators to support the learning interaction cycleGlahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Koper, Rob
19-Jan-2006Social Insect-inspired e-Learning: Open Research QuestionsTattersall, Colin; Janssen, José; Van den Berg, Bert; Koper, Rob
28-Jan-2009Social Support System in Learning Network for lifelong learners: A Conceptual frameworkNadeem, Danish; Stoyanov, Slavi; Koper, Rob
17-Nov-2005Some Basic Ideas Behind IMS Learning DesignKoper, Rob
21-Jan-2010Special Issue on Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge SharingKoper, Rob; Stefanov, Krassen; Dicheva, Darina
5-Feb-1998Specifying the Didactic Design of Educational Multimedia and Telematics ApplicationsKoper, Rob
21-Oct-2005Stimulating competence development of individuals and organisations in EuropeKoper, Rob
16-Jun-2009Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge SharingKoper, Rob; Stefanov, Krassen; Dicheva, Darina
21-Jan-2010Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge Sharing (editorial special issue)Koper, Rob; Stefanov, Krassen; Dicheva, Darina
9-May-2006Studieadvies op basis van zelforganisatie: Dynamische wegwijzers in een veranderend onderwijslandschapVan den Berg, Bert; Tattersall, Colin; Janssen, José; Van Es, René; Koper, Rob