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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2009GRAPPLE - D5.1: Integrated model of adaptive learning based on standardsKravcik, Milos; Burgos, Daniel; Lebrun, Marcel; Oneto, Lucia
2-Feb-2009GRAPPLE - D9.1: Requirements Specification by Academic Users on Integrated AdaptiveHarrigan, Martin; Kravcik, Milos; Steiner, Christina; Wade, Vincent
19-Oct-2006Guided and Interactive Factory Tours for SchoolsKaibel, Andreas; Auwaerter, Andreas; Kravcik, Milos
25-Nov-2008ID9.10 Report on Winter School 2008Kravcik, Milos
9-Sep-2009ID9.12 Report on Winter School 2009Kravcik, Milos
5-Jan-2010ID9.18 - Report on Online Research SeminarsKravcik, Milos; Kalz, Marco; Krekels, Bas; Lemmers, Ruud
10-Jan-2008ID9.9 Report on Training for General StakeholdersManderveld, Jocelyn; Kravcik, Milos
18-Feb-2009Knowledge Representation & Authoring in Adaptive EducationKravcik, Milos
20-Sep-2006Knowledge Representation for Adaptive Learning DesignKravcik, Milos; Gasevic, Dragan
9-Oct-2007Leveraging the Semantic Web for Adaptive EducationKravcik, Milos; Gasevic, Dragan
16-Oct-2008A modelling approach to study learning processes with a focus on knowledge creationNaeve, Ambjorn; Yli-Luoma, Pertti; Kravcik, Milos; Lytras, Miltiadis
4-Oct-2012Open 3D Environments for Competitive and Collaborative Educational GamesKlemke, Roland; Kravcik, Milos
4-Oct-2012Open 3D Environments for Competitive and Collaborative Educational GamesKlemke, Roland; Kravcik, Milos
16-Sep-2009Personalisation of Learning in Virtual Learning EnvironmentsVerpoorten, Dominique; Glahn, Christian; Kravcik, Milos; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
18-Feb-2009Personalized Adaptive LearningKravcik, Milos; Specht, Marcus; Naeve, Ambjorn
28-Jul-2006Presentations in ADALE Workshop at ICALT2006Burgos, Daniel; Specht, Marcus; Kravcik, Milos; Dolog, Peter; Gasevic, Dragan; Cristea, Alexandra; Dodero, Juan Manuel; Naeve, Ambjörn
7-Jan-2009Quickstart Guides for TENCompetence ToolsGreller, Wolfgang; Kew, Chris; Kravcik, Milos; Krekels, Bas; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Stefanov, Krassen
19-Nov-2007Report on Competence Network for Associate PartnersKew, Chris; Kravcik, Milos; Lemmers, Ruud
19-Nov-2007Report on Internal Workshop for Researchers, Developers, and Pilot UsersKravcik, Milos; Lemmers, Ruud
12-Jun-2007Report on Winter School 2007Kravcik, Milos; Glahn, Christian