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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Editorial 31(5): Preface to the Special IssueKopcha, TJ; Schmidt, Matthew; McKenney, Susan
2015Educational Design & ECOP: Considerations and propositionsMcKenney, Susan
2015Educational design and construction: Processes and technologiesMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
14-Jan-2014Educational design researchMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
2014Educational Design Research & IMTE: Reflections and propositionsMcKenney, Susan
28-Dec-2012Educational design: Mediating between the ideal and the practicalMcKenney, Susan
14-Jan-2014Electronic performance support for curriculum materials developers: A design research project in Sub-Saharan AfricaMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
14-Jan-2014Experiential learning and cognitive tools: The impact of simulations on conceptual change in continuing healthcare educationReeves, Thomas; Reeves, Patricia; McKenney, Susan
16-Feb-2012Exploring Practical Knowledge of Teachers as Designers of ICT rich Learning Environments for Early Literacy Development: unraveling a messy constructBoschman, Ferry; McKenney, Susan; Voogt, Joke
2015Exploring teacher roles and pupil outcomes in technology-rich early literacy learningCviko, Amina; McKenney, Susan; Voogt, Joke
2015Exploring teachers' use of TPACK in design talk: The collaborative design of technology-rich early literacy activitiesBoschman, Ferry; McKenney, Susan; Voogt, Joke
3-Jun-2013Extended teams in het beroepsonderwijs: Samen uit, samen thuis?McKenney, Susan; Mazereeuw, Marco; Wopereis, Iwan
3-Jun-2013Extended teams in het beroepsonderwijs: Samen uit, samen thuis?Wopereis, Iwan; McKenney, Susan; Mazereeuw, Marco
16-Jun-2014Extended teams in het beroepsonderwijs: Samenwerken op de grensMazereeuw, Marco; Wopereis, Iwan; McKenney, Susan
24-Oct-2016Extended teams in vocational education: Collaboration on the borderMazereeuw, Marco; Wopereis, Iwan; McKenney, Susan
10-Dec-2015Extended Teams in vocational education: Slow starters but worth the waitMazereeuw, Marco; McKenney, Susan; Wopereis, Iwan
4-Feb-2012Facilitating digital video production in the language arts curriculumMcKenney, Susan; Voogt, Joke
9-Jul-2013Formal education of curriculum and instructional designersMcKenney, Susan; Visscher-Voerman, Irene
27-Dec-2012A framework for studying teacher learning by designVoogt, Joke; McKenney, Susan; Janssen, Fred; Berry, Amanda; Kicken, Wendy; Coenders, Fer
2014ICT en beginnende geletterdheid: Richtlijnen voor het PABO curriculumBelo, Nelleke; McKenney, Susan; Voogt, Joke