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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2014Cognitief hoogbegaafde leerlingen en ‘Optimaliserend Onderwijs’Mooij, Ton
1-Mar-2011College Onderwijsbeleid in het kader van Jeugd-, Gezins- en OnderwijsbeleidMooij, Ton
2007Contextual learning theory: Concrete form and a software prototype to improve early education.Mooij, Ton
9-Nov-2010Design and implementation of ICT-supported education for highly able pupilsMooij, Ton
2007Design of educational and ICT conditions to integrate differences in learning: Contextual learning theory and a first transformation step in early education.Mooij, Ton
2006Design, development and implementation of inclusive education.Mooij, Ton; Smeets, Ed
21-May-2012Designing instruction and learning for cognitively gifted pupils in preschool and primary schoolMooij, Ton
9-Sep-2013Determinants of Excellent Kindergarten Learning of Excellent PupilsDijkstra, Elma; Mooij, Ton; Kirschner, Paul A.
19-Oct-2009Differences in pupil characteristics and motives in being a victim, perpetrator, and witness of violence in secondary educationMooij, Ton
19-Oct-2009Education and ICT-based self-regulation in learning: Theory, design and implementationMooij, Ton
7-Jul-2011European Educational Research Quality Indicators (EERQI): A first prototype framework of intrinsic and extrinsic indicatorsMooij, Ton
9-Nov-2010Excellent onderwijs door excellente leerlingenMooij, Ton
16-Sep-2014Exploring a prototype framework of web-based and peer-reviewed “European Educational Research Quality Indicators” (EERQI)Mooij, Ton
16-May-2013Herkenning, aanpak en preventie van pesten in en rond scholenMooij, Ton
7-May-2012Hoe richt ik onderwijs in voor hoogbegaafde leerlingen en studenten?Mooij, Ton; Dijkstra, Elma; Koper, Rob; Kester, Liesbeth; Gijselaers, Jérôme; Wolff, Charlotte; Bahreini, Kiavash; De Vries, Fred; Berkhout, Jeroen; Storm, Jeroen
9-Nov-2010De homo voorbij: HLBT-emancipatie op school als integraal deel van sociale competentiesMooij, Ton
8-Jul-2012Hoogbegaafd: Thuis en in schoolMooij, Ton
9-Nov-2010Hoogbegaafde leerlingen: (h)erkenning, optimale instructie, en integratie in schoolMooij, Ton
25-Feb-2013Hoogbegaafdheid, excellentie en onderpresteren: inrichting van 'optimaliserend onderwijs'Mooij, Ton
24-Sep-2012ICT supporting the assessment, explanation, and reduction possibilities of severity of violence experienced by secondary pupilsMooij, Ton