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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2011Networked Learning in Networks: infrastructures for social learning & distributed innovationSloep, Peter
8-Mar-2012Networked Lifelong LearningSloep, Peter
18-Apr-2012Networked Lifelong Learning at the WorkplaceSloep, Peter
13-Nov-2013Networked professional learningSloep, Peter
23-Sep-2013Networked professional learningSloep, Peter; Rusman, Ellen
7-Jul-2010A new approach to collaborative creativity support of new product designersBitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Sloep, Peter; Sie, Rory; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Retalis, Simos; Katsamani, Mary
20-Sep-2006New Tools for TeachersSloep, Peter
23-Sep-2010De NTA 2035, over e-portfolio'sSloep, Peter
1-Oct-2016Of two contrasting philosophies that underpin openness in education and what that entailsSloep, Peter; Schuwer, Robert
13-May-2008On the importance of personal profiles to enhance social interaction in Learning NetworksBerlanga, Adriana; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Brouns, Francis; Sloep, Peter
20-Sep-2006Ondersteuning bij online leren, in het bijzonder door peer tutoringSloep, Peter
Nov-2006OnderwijsmodellenPoortman, Sybilla; Sloep, Peter
18-May-2006Online learning support door peer tutoringSloep, Peter; Kester, Liesbeth; Brouns, Francis; Van Rosmalen, Peter; De Vries, Fred
3-Mar-2006Online learning support through peer tutoringSloep, Peter; Kester, Liesbeth; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Brouns, Francis
3-Nov-2006Online Learning Support trough Peer TutoringSloep, Peter; Brouns, Francis; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Kester, Liesbeth; Koné, Malik; Berlanga, Adriana
29-May-2008Online ondersteuning door middel van automatisch geselecteerde medestudentenVan Rosmalen, Peter; Sloep, Peter; Brouns, Francis
18-Dec-2000Ontwerp van een GUI voor EduboxDe Vries, Fred; Sloep, Peter; Koper, Rob
12-Nov-2014Open and Online EducationSloep, Peter
19-Mar-2013Open Educational Resources en informeel lerenSloep, Peter; Didderen, Wim
10-Jun-2009Open Educational Resources in Learning NetworksSloep, Peter