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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The effects of practice schedule and critical thinking prompts on learning and transfer of complex judgmentHelsdingen, Anne; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
Dec-2009The effects of practice schedule on learning a complex judgment taskHelsdingen, Anne; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
2009Effects of prior knowledge and concept-map structure on disorientation, cognitive load, and learningAmadieu, Franck; Van Gog, Tamara; Paas, Fred; Tricot, André; Mariné, Claudette
2006Effects of Process-Oriented Worked Examples on Troubleshooting Transfer PerformanceVan Gog, Tamara; Paas, Fred; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
2008Effects of studying sequences of process-oriented and product-oriented worked examples on troubleshooting transfer efficiencyVan Gog, Tamara; Paas, Fred; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
2010Effects of Worked Examples in a Primary School Mathematics CurriculumVan Loon-Hillen, Nelleke; Van Gog, Tamara; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia
28-Oct-2010Effects of Worked Examples, Example-Problem Pairs, and Problem-Example Pairs Compared to Problem SolvingVan Gog, Tamara; Kester, Liesbeth; Paas, Fred
27-Oct-2010Effects of worked examples, example-problem, and problem-example pairs on novices’ learningVan Gog, Tamara; Kester, Liesbeth; Paas, Fred
22-Dec-2011Evaluation of information while searching on the Internet: Differences between experts and novicesBrand-Gruwel, Saskia; Van Meeuwen, Ludo; Van Gog, Tamara
30-Nov-2010An expertise reversal effect of segmentation in learning from animated worked-out examplesSpanjers, Ingrid; Wouters, Pieter; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
2008Expertise-related differences in conceptual and ontological knowledge in the legal domain.Nievelstein, Fleurie; Van Gog, Tamara; Boshuizen, Els; Prins, Frans
Jul-2010Eye tracking in research on learning and instructionVan Gog, Tamara; Jarodzka, Halszka
2010In the eyes of the beholder: How experts and novices interpret dynamic stimuliJarodzka, Halszka; Scheiter, Katharina; Gerjets, Peter; Van Gog, Tamara
2005Instructional Design for Advanced Learners: Establishing Connections between the Theoretical Frameworks of Cognitive Load and Deliberate PracticeVan Gog, Tamara; Ericsson, K. A.; Rikers, Remy; Paas, Fred
2008Instructional efficiency: Revisiting the original construct in educational research.Van Gog, Tamara; Paas, Fred
21-Jan-2011Instructional support for novice law students: Reducing search processes and explaining concepts in casesNievelstein, Fleurie; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Dijck, Gijs; Boshuizen, Els
9-Jun-2010Instructional Support for Novice Law Students: Reducing Search Processes and Explaining Concepts in CasesNievelstein, Fleurie; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Dijck, Gijs; Boshuizen, Els
2009The mirror-neuron system and observational learning: Implications for the effectiveness of dynamic visualizations.Van Gog, Tamara; Paas, Fred; Marcus, Nadine; Ayres, Paul; Sweller, John
2006Optimising worked example instruction: Different ways to increase germane cognitive load.Paas, Fred; Van Gog, Tamara
19-Dec-2006Ph.D. GuideVan Gog, Tamara; Hummel, Hans; Van Bruggen, Jan; Kostons, Danny; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen; Koper, Rob