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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Mar-2007Proceedings of the First European Workshop on Latent Semantic Analysis in Technology Enhanced LearningWild, Fridolin; Kalz, Marco; Van Bruggen, Jan; Koper, Rob
29-Sep-2008Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning EnvironmentsWild, Fridolin; Kalz, Marco; Palmér, Matthias
30-Sep-2016Requirement analysis and sensor specifications – First versionSharma, Puneet; Wild, Fridolin; Klemke, Roland; Helin, Kaj; Azam, Tre
13-Nov-2006Research Visit PresentationWild, Fridolin
22-Dec-2008Services approach & overview general tools and resourcesDietl, Reinhard; Hoisl, Bernhard; Wild, Fridolin; Richter, Berit; Essl, Markus; Doppler, Gerhard
30-Nov-2016Software Prototype with Sensor Fusion API Specification and Usage DescriptionKlemke, Roland; Di Mitri, Daniele; Limbu, Bibeg; Schneider, Jan; Sharma, Puneet; Wild, Fridolin; Azam, Tre
2018Supporting Training of Expertise with Wearable Technologies: The WEKIT Reference FrameworkLimbu, Bibeg; Fominykh, Mikhail; Klemke, Roland; Specht, Marcus; Wild, Fridolin
Jun-2017Technology Acceptance of Augmented Reality and Wearable TechnologiesWild, Fridolin; Klemke, Roland; Lefrere, Paul; Fominykh, Mikhail; Kuula, Timo
30-Jun-2017Training industry needs & Technology Industry needsKlemke, Roland; Kuula, Timo; Helin, Kaj; Wild, Fridolin
10-Nov-2010Using Language Technologies to support individual formative feedbackSmithies, Alisdair; Braidman, Isobel; Berlanga, Adriana; Haley, Debra; Wild, Fridolin