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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Applying standards to systematize learning analytics in serious gamesSerrano-Laguna, Angel; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Haag, Jason; Regan, Damon; Johnson, Andy; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
Apr-2016Game Learning Analytics: Learning Analytics for Serious GamesFreire, Manuel; Serrano-Laguna, Angel; Manero, Borja; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Moreno-Ger, Pablo; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
2017Investigating the impact of gaming habits, gender, and age on the effectiveness of an educational video game: An exploratory studyTorrente, Javier; Fernandez-Vara, Clara; Manero, Borja; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
2017A methodology for assessing the effectiveness of serious games and for inferring player learning outcomes.Serrano-Laguna, Angel; Manero, Borja; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
Feb-2017A methodology to assess the effectiveness of serious games and infer player learning outcomesSerrano-Laguna, Angel; Manero, Borja; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
Apr-2017Systematizing game learning analytics for serious gamesAlonso-Fernandez, Cristina; Calvo Morata, Antonio; Freire, Manuel; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
Apr-2017uAdventure: The eAdventure rebootPerez-Colado, Ivan; Perez Colado, Victor; Martinez-Ortiz, Ivan; Freire, Manuel; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar
2017Using game authoring platforms to develop screen-based simulated functional assessments in persons with executive dysfunction following traumatic brain injuryMartinez-Pernia, David; Nunez-Huasaf, Javier; del Blanco, Angel; Ruiz-Tagle, Amparo; Velasquez, Juan; Gomez, Mariela; Blesius, Carl; Ibanez, Agustin; Fernandez-Manjon, Baltasar; Slachevsky, Andrea