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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Can training teachers stimulate career learning conversations? Analysis of vocational training conversations in Dutch secondary vocational educationWinters, Annemie; Meijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka; Baert, Herman
2014Career learning and career learning environment in Dutch higher educationMeijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka
2017The development of strong career learning environments: The project ‘Career Orientation and Guidance’ in Dutch vocational educationDraaisma, Aniek; Meijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka
2017A Dialogue Worth Having: Vocational Competence, Career Identity and a Learning Environment for Twenty-First Century Success at WorkMeijers, Frans; Lengelle, Reinekke; Winters, Annemie; Kuijpers, Marinka
Oct-2015Integreren van leren in school en praktijkKuijpers, Marinka; Meijers, Frans
2012Leren luisteren en loopbaanleren. De effecten van een professionaliseringstraject voor mbo-docentenKuijpers, Marinka; Meijers, Frans
2013Loopbaanleren in het vmbo en mboKuijpers, Marinka; Meijers, Frans
2015Loopbaanleren in school en praktijk: de trialoogMeijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka
2013The Narrative Quality of Career Conversations in Vocational EducationWinters, Annemie; Meijers, Frans; Harlaar, Mariëtte; Strik, Anneke; Baert, Herman; Kuijpers, Marinka
2017Professionalising teachers in career dialogue: an effect studyKuijpers, Marinka; Meijers, Frans
2013The relationship between career competencies, career identity, motivation and quality of choiceMeijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka; Gundy, Chad
2014Testing times: careers market policies and practices in England and the NetherlandsHughes, Deirdre; Meijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka
2016Towards a strong career learning environment: results from a Dutch longitudinal studyDraaisma, Aniek; Meijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka