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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2011Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: some pertinent tools and developmentsSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Greller, Wolfgang; Stoyanov, Slavi; Retalis, Symeon; Van der Klink, Marcel; Hensgens, Jan
15-Nov-2011Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and DevelopmentsSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Greller, Wolfgang; Stoyanov, Slavi; Van der Klink, Marcel; Retalis, Symeon; Hensgens, Jan
8-Dec-2008idSpace D1.1 State of the Art on Pedagogical StrategiesBitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Pannekeet, Kees; Rutjens, Marjo; Sloep, Peter; Georgiakakis, Petros; Retalis, Symeon; Dolog, Peter
8-Dec-2008idSpace D6.1 – Dissemination PlanRetalis, Symeon; Georgiakakis, Petros; Tsirigka, Christina
28-Jun-2010idSpace project: tools for distributed collaborative product innovationRetalis, Symeon; Greller, Wolfgang
17-May-2010idSpace: A groupware system for supporting collaborative creativityRetalis, Symeon; Sloep, Peter
3-Apr-2009idSpace: Supporting Designers to develop Innovative ProductsSloep, Peter; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Retalis, Symeon; Georgiakakis, Petros; Dolog, Peter
2014Introduction to the special issue on Web-2.0 technologies in support of team-based learning for innovationSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Retalis, Symeon
11-Nov-2009Proceedings of the Workshop on Methods & Tools for Computer Supported Collaborative Creativity Process: Linking creativity & informal learningRetalis, Symeon; Sloep, Peter
14-Nov-2011Virtual Environments for Collaborative Innovation and LearningRetalis, Symeon; Sloep, Peter