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#de2010 #ehon2012 #oupd11 'Rustig studeren in een elektronisch 3-stromenland 'sole or decisive'-regel <e Adventure> <e-Adventure> (Alzheimer) Dementie (dagelijkse)stress (early foreign) language learning (future) application of e-learning (hoger) onderwijs / HBO (omgaan met) veranderingen (on)bekende zaaddonor (on)toereikende bevoegdheden (organizational) commitment (proces)dossier (sociale) angst (taal-)ontwikkeling van kinderen (ver)koop bestaande woning (werk)stress , mentoren , patiënten met Somatisch Onverklaarde Lichamelijke Klachten (SOLK) , Psychosociale determinanten .LRN .LRN, 1916-2015 2-mode multilayered graph 2009 version 2011 version 21e eeuwse vaardigheden 21e-eeuwse vaardigheden 21st century skills 21ste eeuwse vaardigheden 3-Lensus 35-minner 360 degree feedback 3APL 3D 3d environment 3D model 3D video 3D worlds 3PL-organisatie 3R study strategy 3R-study strategy 403-verklaring 4C/ID 4C/ID model 4C/ID-model 4c-id 4C-ID methodology 4C-ID model 4C-ID-model 5-HTTLPR genotype 50-plus 55-plussers 7:524 8 LEM 883/2004 8LEM : Implicit conscientiousness : Outplacement ; emotionele belasting ; emotionele uitputting [(alternative) TBT free antifoulings, TriButylTin (TBT), TBT-alternatives, shipping, toxicity (plus name of individual substance), Lethal concentration 50%, No Observed Adverse effect Level (NOAEL), again with names of individual active compound.] [afvalmanagement, Roemenie, wetgeving, composteren] [Drinking water, dimethylsulfamide (DMS), nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), surface water, tolyfluanid, dichlofluanid] [Ecological quality, water quality, macroinvertebrates, streams, time series analysis, canonical correspondence analysis (CCA)] [Energy savings, existing dwellings, energy label, actual energy consumption, theoretical energy consumption, policy targets, modelling] [Indoor air quality, combustion, burning, emission, exposure, health risks combustion products, natural gas, domestic appliances, residential/ domestic open and closed combustion systems, gas cooking, gas fire (place), (in)complete combustion, suffocation, fine dust, PM10, PM2,5 (Particulate Matter), smog, etc.] [Knowledge co-creation, Coproduction, healthy cities] [Law and regulations, urban agriculture, behaviour of contaminants in soils, city soil, risk assessment of food crops] [microplastics, plastic soup, plastic litter, plastic debris, micro-beads, thermoplastics,macro-plastics, micro-plastic pollution, fragmentation, breakdown, chemicals, additives, leaching, sorption, desorption, POPs, PBTs, freshwater] [minerals – silicate – carbon dioxide – sequestration - capture – olivine – weathering – peridotite – climate engineering – minerals binding - climate change - CDR] [mould, fungi, residential, health, protocol] [Nitraat – nitrificatie – denitrificatie – ecosysteem – rivier – wetlands – estuarium – overstromingsgebied] [organic waste, ligneous, biomass, environmental impact, governmental policy, wood or chop wood, Zeeland] [pharmaceuticals, emission of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and environment, waterquality, emerging substances] [small and medium municipalities, environmental tasks, quality, models of cooperation] [Waste/landfill/primary raw materials/circular economy/recycling/nature network/desiccation policy] A+O fonds A1c aamsturing aanasprakelijkheidsstelling aanbestedingsrecht Aanbestedingswet 2012 aanbeveling aanbevelingen aandacht aandachtbias aandachtsbias aandelen aandelenlease aangifte aangroeiwerende verven, TriButylTin (TBT), alternatieve aangroeiwerende middelen, TBT-alternatieven, scheepvaart. Toxiciteit, Lethal Concentration 50% (LC50), No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) in combinatie met de namen van de individuele actieve stoffen. aanhoudingsbevel aanleg aanpak aanpak pesten Aanpak schoolproblemen aanpassing aanpassingsvermogen aansluiting afgestudeerden aansluiting MBO/Entrée aansprakelijkheid aansprakelijkheidsexceptie aansprakelijkheidsrecht aansprakelijkheidsstelling aansprakelijkheidsverzekering Aanspreekcultuur aantal kinderen aanwezigheid aanwezigheidsplicht ABC model absorptie absorptive capacity abstract abstract data model Abstract visualizations Abstraction Patterns abstracts academic achievement academic achievment academic dishonesty academic domains academic performance Academic Processes Modelling academic requirements Academic Self-Regulation Style Academic setting Academic staff members academic work Academic writing academisation academisch schrijven academische integriteit academische vorming Accelerometer Accelerometry acceptance & commitment therapie Acceptance and Commitment Therapy acceptatie access and information integration Access Control Metamodel Access for all accessibility account management account of learning experience accounting accreditatie accreditation of prior learnin Accreditation of prior learning Accreditation prior learning accuracy ACE Business Networking achievement achievement goal orientation achievement goals achievement motivation achievements achterblijvers acknowledgement ACT Actief Empathisch Luisteren Actief forenzen Actief forenzen naar school actief leren actief pestgedrag Actief Plus Actief Plus Project Actief Plus’ interventie actieplannen actieve copingstijl actieve informatierecht action monitoring Action observation action research Action Script Actions active ageing active aging Active Commuting Active commuting to school active content active learning Active Learning For Adaptive Internet active learning methods Active Participants active participation Active surveillance activerende didactiek activiteit activiteit gerelateerde stress activiteiten Activities Activity Activity Context (AC) activity diagram activity diagrams Activity logger activity theory activity tracking activity-based learner models Actor Actor modelling actoren actors Actors-Network-Theory acttion research actual use actuators acute exercise ad hoc communities Ad Hoc Transient Communities ad hoc transient community ad hoc transient groups Ad hoc, transient community ad-hoc transient communities ad-hoc transient community ad-hoc transient group ad-hoc transient groups adaptability Adaptability to change adaptable e-learning adaptable recommendations adaptatie adaptation adaptationism adaptief toetsen adaptive Adaptive and Intelligent Educational Systems adaptive assessment adaptive capacities Adaptive e-learning adaptive e-learning systems Adaptive Education Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems Adaptive educational systems Adaptive feedback Adaptive Functioning Adaptive Hypermedia Adaptive Hypermedia Systems adaptive instructions adaptive learning adaptive learning environments adaptive learning management systems adaptive learning system adaptive navigation Adaptive performance adaptive performance support system adaptive presentation adaptive rules Adaptive script adaptive software applications adaptive systems Adaptive task selection adaptive testing adaptive thinking Adaptive training adaptive training design adaptive training system adaptive web application engineering and authoring Adaptive web systems adaptivity Adaptivity, Personalization ADDIE-cyclus additionele methode voor begrijpend lezen adequate elicitation method ADHD Adherence adjunct questions ADL ADL-model administratieve toepassingen Administration adolescence adolescencents adolescent adolescente meisjes adolescenten adolescentenstrafrecht adolescentie adolescents adoptability adoptie adoptiemodel adoptieproces adoption ADR adult education adult learning adults advanced learning technologies Adverse Impact advertising Advice adviesrecht over strafmaat adviseren advisering advocaat advocatuur AEHS Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak van de Raad van State affect affecten affectie affectief affectief en normatief commitment affectieve houding affectieve stressreactiviteit Affective computing affects affordance affordances afgestudeerden Afhankelijkheid afkeuring AfL afleiding zoeken AFM AFNOR afspeelomgeving afstammingsrecht afstandsonderwijs afstemmingsbeleid Afstroom afstudeerprogramma afstudeerstage Afstuderen after care aftercare Afval/stortplaatsen/grondstoffen/circulaire economie/recycling/natuurnetwerk/verdrogingsbestrijding afvalverbrandingsinstallaties afweerrechten age Age-based classes Age-based education ageing agency agency theory agenda agenda building agenda setting agent agent technology agent-based agent-based simulation agents agents technology aggregation aggressive behavior; self-efficacy; burnout; staff caring for the elderly agile Agile software Agile Software Development Agile software-ontwikkeling aging Aging Workforce agitatie Agora agrarische opleidingen agrarische sector agressie agressief gedrag agressiviteit agriculture AHP AHTC AHTG AI AIFMD Aims and Objectives air cargo alliances air passenger alliances air traffic control air-traffic control airline airline industry AJAX Al-Khawaja en Tahery alcohol alcohol identity alcohol misbruik alcoholconsumptie Alcoholgebruik alcoholgebruik adolescenten Aletta Jacobs arrest alexithymia alexithymie ALFANET ALFANET system Algebra algemene beginselen behoorlijk bestuur Algemene douanewet algemene Nederlandse bevolking algemene organisatorische rechtvaardigheid Algemene wet bestuursrecht algorithm alignment alledaagse stress alledaagsheid Alliance allocation allochtone leerlingen allochtonen aloqa ALOUD ALOUD study ALTC altc2012 ALTC2014 AlterEgo Alternate classification alternatief alternatieven alternative assessment alternative assessment, Alternative investment projects altruïsme Alumni-onderzoek 2011 Alzheimer ambient Ambient display ambient displays ambient information channel Ambient Information Channels Ambient learning displays ambiguity ambiguousness Ambivalentie ambtenaar ambtenarenrecht AMG amnestie Ampersand Amsterdamse Dementie Screeningstest Ana analysing data analysis analysis framework Analytic Hierarchy Process Analytic review analytics and Personal Accomplishment ander-gerefereerde angst andere aanpak andergerefereerde faalangst anders dan rechtspraak androgeen android angelsaksisch angst angst en depressie angst voor negatieve beoordeling angstcommunicatie angstige hechtingsstijl angstklachten Angstrelatie angststoornis angststoornissen angstsymptomen angstvermijding Animated models animations annotation annotations annual report anomie anonimiteit anorexia nervosa ANSI ANT Ant trails Antelope anterieure overeenkomst anthony giddens anti-phishing anticipatiegebod antisociaal gedrag antisociale persoonlijkheidsstoornis anxiety APA APA richtlijnen APA style Apache apathetic symptoms apathie apathische symptomen API APIS APL app store app-quality appartementsrecht appinventor Apple applicatie applicatie-integratie application application example application layers Application profiling Applications in subject areas applied game applied games applied games evaluation applied gaming appreciation Appreciative Inquiry apprenticeship approach en avoidance temperament Approach-Avoidance temperament apps Aprendizaje online Aprendizaje virtual APS AQ Aqua browser AR arbeid arbeidsconsulenten arbeidsmarkt arbeidsmarktpositie arbeidsongeschiktheid arbeidsorganisatie arbeidsoriëntatie arbeidsovereenkomst arbeidsparticipatie arbeidsplezier arbeidsproductiviteit arbeidsrecht arbeidsruil arbeidssatisfactie arbeidstevredenheid arbeidsverhoudingen arbeidsvoorwaarden arbobeleid Arboregelgeving Archief ArchiMate Architectural content Architecture Architecture Design Document architecture evaluation Architectures architectures for educational technology system Architectures for educational technology systems Architectuur architectuurgeoriënteerd ontwerp architectuurmodel architectuurontwerp architectuurprincipe architectuurprincipes architectuurraamwerken archive archive education Arduino Argumentation argumentative text Argumentative texts argumentative writing argumenteren Arguments Ariadne Aristotele Arithmetic arlearn arnet Arquitecture art. 21/22 Invorderingswet 1990 art. 285b Sr art. 3 Abw/WWB art. 3:83 lid 3 BW art. 5a ABW art. 6 EVRM art. 6 lid 2 EVRM art. 6.4 Wro art. 67a lid 3 Sv art. 6:104 BW art. 7:611 BW art. 7:625 BW art. 7:658 art. 7:658 BW artefact design artefact-actor-networks artefacts Article artiestencontract Artifacts artificial artificial inteligence artificial intelligence artikel 1 EP artikel 1:88 BW artikel 6 habitatrichtlijn artikel 6:217 BW artikel 7.4a Telecommunicatiewet artikel 8:69a Awb artikelen 89, 90 en 591a Wetboek van Strafvordering Arts arts and cultural heritage education artsen ASE-model ask a question ASP-diensten aspect work package Aspects AspUpload ASQ ASR ASS ASS (Autisme Spectrum Stoornissen) Assertions of competence assertiviteit assessement Assessment Assessment and evaluation assessment authenticity assessment criteria assessment design assessment for learning Assessment for learning in practice Assessment Form assessment literacy Assessment Model Assessment of learners Assessment of prior learning assessment process specification assessment programmes assessment specification assessment voor (gepersonaliseerd) leren assessments validity asset asset development asset metadata asset model asset repository asset specificity assignments assimilation and contrast Associate Partners Associated partnership associatie associationisme; behaviorisme; cognitivisme; handelingstheorie; leren op school assurantiebemiddelingstraject assurantietussenpersonen assurantietussenpersoon Astro asynchrone ontwikkeling Asynchrony problem Athens athletics ATL atomic actions attachment attachment anxiety attachment avoidance Attention Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) attention metadata attitude attitude change Attitude Sexuality attitude strength attitudefuncties Attitudes attribution AUC audience inhibition audiences audioguide Audiovisual communication audiovisual environment audit augmented Augmented reality augmented reality games augmenting user models auteurschap auteursomgeving auteursoverdracht auteursrecht auteursrechten Auteurswet Authentic assessment authentic learning authentic task performance authentic tasks authenticatie authentication authentieke taken author Authoring authoring tool Authoring tools authoring tools perspective authorization Authorship Autism autism spectrum disorder Autism-spectrum Quotient autisme Autisme Spectrum Stoornis autismespectrumstoornis autocontrole autocratisch leiderschap automated competence assessment automated competence tracking automated competence tracking and management automated essay grading Automated feedback automated semantic integration automated text classification automated translation automated writing evaluation automatic matching automatic metadata generation automatic speech recognition automation automatische metadatageneratie Automotive Autonome Logistiek Autonome motivatie autonomie autonomie ondersteuning autonomieondersteuning autonomieverlening Autonomous processes autonomous respect Autonomy autonomy development autonomy support autorijden autoriteit consument en markt Awareness awareness support AWB B2B relations B2C baan(on)zekerheid baanbepaling baanonzekerheid baanverbetering bachelor studenten back office Background Music Bad news badge system badges bagdes Bakhtin bakthin Balanced Scorecard Balanced Scorecard (BSC) bancaire sector banken banking industry banking organization bankinstelling bankpas bankwezen barriers barrières basic life support basisbankrekening basisinkomen Basiskwalificatie onderwijs basisonderwijs basisontwerpdocument basisschool basisschoolleerling Basisschoolleerlingen batch-files Bathhouse BBT bedenktermijnen Bedrijfsartsen bedrijfseconomie bedrijfsmatig bedrijfsopleiding bedrijfsproces bedrijfsproces-modellering Bedrijfsprocessen bedrijfsregel bedrijfsregels bedrijfsvoering bedrijfswoning bedrijven beelddenken beelden beeldende therapie beeldhouwen beeldvorming Begeleid Leren Begeleiding Begeleiding van studenten Begeleidingsmodel Beginkenmerken beginkenmerken en passend onderwijs beginnende geletterdheid beginner Beginning characteristics at school Beginselen beginselen behoorlijk bestuur beginselplicht tot handhaving begrijpelijk Begrijpen Lezen begrijpend lezen begripsmeting begroting begunstiging Behandeling behandelingsmethoden behandeluitkomsten behandelvooruitgang behavior behavioral change behavioral change mechanism behavioral corporate finance Behavioral Inhibition en Activation Scales (BIS/BAS) behaviorism, cognitive psychology, education behaviour behaviour change systems Behavioural Finance behavioural genomics behavioural intention beheer beheer- en ontruimingsbeding beheersbaarheid beheersingsinstrument beheersingsoriëntatie beheersinstrument beheren Behn behoorlijkheid behoud werkgelegenheid Bekele bekostiging bekwaamheid belaging belang belangenafweging belanghebbende belanghebbenden belasting belastingdienst belastingen belastingontwijking beleggen beleggingsverzekeringen Beleid beleidsanalytische toets Beleidsimplementatie beleidsvorming beleidsvrijheid beleving Belgische politie Belgium beloning beloningen bemoeizorg benadeelde partij benadeling van schuldeisers benchmark benchmarking benefitmanagement Bensaou benutting beoordelaarspercepties beoordelen beoordelen van informatie beoordeling beoordeling derden beoordelingsmethodieken gelijkwaardigheid in bouwrecht Beoordelingsschalen beperkte zeggenschap Berbegal beroep beroepsaansprakelijkheid beroepsbevolking beroepsgeheim beroepsgerichte leerweg Beroepsidentificatie beroepsonderwijs Beroepssecundair Onderwijs (BSO) beroepsziekte beroerte bescherming huurkoop van niet meegetekend hebbende echtgenoot beschermingsbereik beschikbare middelen en initiatief beslissingen beslissingsprocessen beslistermijn besluit Besluit Begroting en Verantwoording besluiten besluitonderdeel besluitvorming besluitvormingsprocessen best practice Best practices best practise Best-of-Breed best-practice bestaansduur bestanddelen Beste Beschikbare Technieken bestemmingsplan bestemmingsplannen bestraffing bestrijding bestuur bestuurders bestuurdersaansprakelijkheid bestuurlijke boete bestuurlijke dwangsommen bestuurlijke handhaving bestuursdwang bestuursorgaan bestuursprocesrecht bestuursrecht bestuursrechter bestuursvoorzitters betaalmiddelen betaalplanologie betekenisgeving betekenisvorming beter bestuurlijk beleid betrokkenheid betrouwbaarheid betweenness centrality beurs beursgenoteerd beursnotering beveiliging Bevlogenheid Bevlogenheid, bevoegdheden bevoegdhedenovereenkomst bewaarder Beweeggedrag beweeggedrag ouderen beweeginterventie beweegprogramma’s bewegen beweging bewegingsangst bewegingsinterventie bewegingsvrijheid bewijslastverdeling bewijsmaatstaf ontnemingsmaatregel bewijsmaatstaf strafrecht bewijsminimum bewijstechnische kwestie bewijsuitsluiting bewijsvoeringslast bewust bewustzijn, bezichtigingsbeding bezoekrecht bezoldigingsbeleid bezwaarfase bezwaren beëindiging van de huurovereenkomst beëindigingsmogelijkheid beïnvloedende factoren bovenschools leiderschap beïnvloeding BI bias bias-detectiemethode bibliometrics bibliotheek bibliotheken Bibob biebkracht big data Big five factor model Big Five Inventory Big Five persoonlijkheidskenmerken bijstand Bijstandsbesluit Zelfstandigen bijstandsfraude Bijsturen aan de hand van studievoortgang bijzondere ziektekosten billijkheid BIMMs bindend advies bindend adviseur bindend studieadvies Binet; Piaget; developmental stages Binnenluchtkwaliteit, verbranding, emissie, blootstelling, stofeigenschappen, gezondheidsrisico’s, verbrandingsproducten, aardgas, huishoudelijke apparaten, open en gesloten verbrandingssystemen binnenshuis, koken op gas, gas open haard, (on)volledige verbranding, verstikking, fijnstof, PM10, PM2,5 (fijn stof), smog. binnenvaart binocular rivalry bio fuels bio-technieken biodegradatie biodieselproductie biological Biological determinants biological lifestyle factors biology Biomedische wetenschappen Biopsychosociaal biopsychosociaal model biopsychosociale attitude Biosensors biseksualiteit biweight function BJW BKO Blackboard Blat BLE-Beacons Blended Learning Blended learning ontwikkelen Blind Source Separation blog Blogging blogs blue ocean Bluetooth Low Energy BMI boardroom dynamics bodemluchtbemonstering bodemverhuurconstructie bodemverontreiniging Body Mass Index (BMI) body of knowledge Body scan bodyscan Bolt Book review boosheid borderless classroom Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato borstkankerpatiënten botnet botnetbestrijding botnets Bottom Up bottom-up bottom-up approach Boud, Keogh, Walker boundary crossing Bouw Informatie Modellen (BIM) bouw- en woningtoezicht bouwbesluit bouwmaterialensector bouwondernemingen bouwplannen bouwregelgeving bouwsector bouwtoezicht bouwvergunning bouwverordening bovenschools leiderschap BPEL BPI BPM BPMN BPMS Brahmaputra brahms Brain brain activation brain activity brainstorm brainstormen Brainstorming brals/octact branding constellation brandwachten breakdown breakfast Breast cancer BREF brein Breinjoggen Bridgen Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation-II Scale (BFNE-II) briefing Bring Your Own Device Bring Your Own Technology brochure Broodje aap brown paper sessie BRS brugklassers BSD BSI Budapest budgetparticipatie budgetteringssystematiek buffer-hypothesis bug Bugzilla build build-to-order omgeving Building Engineering buitengerechtelijk buitengerechtelijke afdoening buitengerechtelijke ontbinding van de huurovereenkomst buitenland Bulgaria bullying Bullying between pupils Bullying between pupils and teachers Bullying the teacher Bureau Jeugdzorg burenlawaai burgemeester burgemeestersbevoegdheden burger burgerlijke staat burgerluchtvaart burgers Burgos Burn-out Burnout burnout, fulfillment, meaning in life, scool principals, teachers, burnout, P.E. teachers, self-efficacy, job demands-control-support model burnout; constructive thinking; secondary school teachers burnout; self-efficacy; educational innovation; secondary school teachers Burnout; Self-efficacy; Longitudinal studies; Secondary school teachers; Structural equation modeling Business Business & IT Alignment business and management Business Benefits business capability business curricula business cycle Business Decision Maturity Model Business demonstrator Business Demonstrators Business intelligence Business Intelligence Maturity Models Business Intelligence ontwikkelingsproces Business IT Alignment business model business model canvas Business models business models perspective business partner business performance measurement Business Process Execution Language Business Process Improvement Business Process Management Business Process Management Suite Business Process Maturity Model Business Process Modeling Business Process Modelling Business Process Oriented Knowledge Management business rules Business Rules Management business task Business Vocabulary Business-ICT alignment business-innovation Business-IT Alignment business-to-business businessdomein businesskoppeling ICT-architectuur Businesspartner businesss curricula buurt buurtbewoners buyer-opportunism Buyer-seller relationships Buyer-Supplier Relationships bv's BYOD BYOT bystander-effect C# cacao Cache Coherence cache coherent communication fabrics caffeine calculation calculation diagram Calibration CALL calling-scale CALS talbe diagram CAMMN cAMP Campaign effects Campus Memories Campus Virtual cancer Cancer survivor canon CANTAB, CAO cao-norm Cap Gemini capabilities capabilities & assets maturity model voor netwerkorganisaties capability capability-based planning Capacity of Innovation CAPE CAPP capturing car mechanics car-driving training cardiac arrest cardiac-arrest cardiopulmonary resuscitation Cardiovasculaire fitheid Career Decision Self-efficacy career guidance Career management, Aging Workforce, Sustainable Labor Market Participation Career Self-management career transitions Careeradaptability Caroline-arresten carrière carrièreontwikkeling case description case management case management dementia Case study case study research method case-based reasoning Case-studies casestudie casual games casuistiek CaSUN Casusframework casusgebaseerd leren casusidee categorieën huur van gebouwen categorisaties causal analysis Causal reasoning causaliteit Causes Causes of underachievement CBM-I CBT CCPT ccrt CCSI cef CEF - Common European Framework of Reference CEFcult celkweek Celstec CELSTEC lab celwand-deficiënte bacteriën CEN CEN/ISSS Central Africa Centrale ELO Centrale Raad van Beroep Centralization Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies cerebraal vasculair accident Cerebrale Hypoperfusie CGT chain Chain-computerization challenge challenges change Change Control Board change management Change Recipients Perspective Change Request Change Requests ChangeMirror changing roles for institutions changing teacher roles characteristics charisma chat chat analysis Chatbot chatbots chats Chatting checklist chemical industry chemicals CHERMUG child child anxiety child-centered play therapy children Chinese translation Choice tasks cholesterolverlagers Chris Chris Watkins Chromecast Chronic fatigue syndrome chronische pijn chronotype churn prediction CIRM Citation analysis citation index cito cito-score civiele vordering claims clarity CLASS Toddler Classical Music classificatie classification Classification framework classification of tool approaches classification system classroom classroom dilemmas classroom justice classroom management CLFP Clicc clicker Client client value climate change in higher education clinical experience clinical guidelines clinical handover Clinical placement Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) cliënten zorgsector cliëntgerichte speltherapie close relationships close source software Closed source cloud computing clozapine Cluster Analysis Clusteren clustering clustering quality metrics CMMI CMR co- en peer assessment co-assessment co-authorship co-authorship network co-citation Co-construction of knowledge co-creation co-creativity co-operation CO2 coach coaching role coalitie coalities coalition Coalition formation coalitions COCOON Cocreatie, Kenniscocreatie, Coproductie, gezonde verstedelijking CODAS Code Banken en de Corporate Governance Code code quality Code Tabaksblat Code voor Informatiebeveiliging coding schema Coercive isomorphism Cognitie cognitief cognitief excellente leerlingen Cognitief flexibel gedrag Cognitief functioneren Cognitief hoogbegaafd Cognitief hoogbegaafde leerling Cognitief hoogbegaafde leerlingen cognitieve belasting cognitieve bias modificatie cognitieve coping cognitieve dissonantie cognitieve functies cognitieve fusie cognitieve gedragstherapie Cognitieve handicap cognitieve herstructurering cognitieve ontwikkeling Cognitieve prestatie cognitieve prestaties cognitieve psychologie; computermetafoor; geheugen onderwijspsychologie cognitieve representatie Cognitieve reserve cognitieve revalidatie cognitieve veroudering cognitieve vertekeningen Cognition Cognitive cognitive ability Cognitive ageing cognitive aging cognitive apprenticeship Cognitive architecture Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CGT) cognitive behavioural therapy cognitive bias modification Cognitive characteristics cognitive complaints cognitive decline in aging cognitive demands cognitive development cognitive dysfunction cognitive flexibility cognitive flow Cognitive Functioning cognitive impairment Cognitive load Cognitive load theory cognitive mapping cognitive modeling cognitive performance Cognitive psychology cognitive psychology; computer-aided instruction; expert writers; higher education; writing skills cognitive representation; evaluating training effects; range of transfer cognitive science Cognitive Skill Acquisition cognitive skills cognitive stimulation cognitive strategies Cognitive style Cognitive styles Cognitive Task Analysis cognitive tool Cognitive Walkthrough cognitively excellent cognitively gifted pupils cognitivism cognitivisme Cogntive load theory Cohen’s kappa Coherence Cohesion Flow Cohesion Network Analysis Cohesion-based discourse analysis Colin collabarative learning Collaboratie Collaboratief leren collaboration Collaboration assessment collaboration script collaborative collaborative assessment collaborative authoring collaborative business relationships collaborative design Collaborative development strategies collaborative environment collaborative filtering collaborative idea development Collaborative knowledge building Collaborative Learning collaborative learning environments Collaborative Learningenvironments Collaborative load collaborative model collaborative practice Collaborative strategies collaborative virtual environment collaborative working collaborative writing collabortive filtering collectief verhaal collectieve actie collectieve betekenisgeving collective agreements collective bargaining Collective Intelligence collectivisering collectiviteit collectiviteiten college van B&W collegiale steun COLLES questionnaire column Com Objecten combinatietherapie Combination of Creativity Techniques Combineren werken en leren command and control training comment commitment common framework common ground Communicatie communicatie ISK- MBO communicatiemanagement communicatieproblemen Communication communication and complementary knowledge communication scenario communication service communication skill communication skills communication tools communities communities of practice Community community authoring community building community care community integration Community of Inquiry community of learning community of practice Community placement community-of-practice comorbiditeit companionship Comparable corpora comparative analysis comparative approach comparative European study comparative study comparing respect comparison compensatiegedrag competece developemnt Competence competence and process metadata competence assessment Competence Assessment Programmes competence based learning Competence Description Competence Description Model Competence Description Models competence developed supported by technology competence development competence development plan competence development programmes competence information fusion Competence management competence map competence mapping Competence maps competence matching Competence Matching Tool Competence metadata Competence Models Competence Observatory competence proficiency level Competence Profile Competence Profiles competence record competence service library competence services Competence standards competence toolset Competence-based competence-based assessment Competence-based education Competence-based instruction competence-based learning competence-based system competence-oriented learning Competences competences in higher education competencias Competencies competency competency based higher education Competency Development Competency-based learning competency-based performance-assessment Competentie competentie gebaseerd onderwijs competentie ontwikkeling competentie-ontwikkelend leren competentiecatalogus competentiegericht competentiegericht curriculum competentiegericht onderwijs competentiegerichte en gepersonaliseerde leerervaringen competentiegerichte onderwijseenheden competentiekaart competentiemanagement competentieontwikkeling competentieprofiel competenties competentieset competitieoriëntatie competition of cues hypothese competitive competitiveness complementary social roles completion problems completion strategy Complex cognitive skills complex judgment Complex Learning Complex learning environments Complex learning processes Complex Learning-tasks Complex problem solving complex problem solving tasks complex problem-solving complex problem-solving tasks complex problems complex skills Complex systems Complex tasks complexe projecten complexe vaardigheden complexiteit complexiteitsfactoren Compliance Component component based component based architecture component-based architecture componenten components comprehension prediction comprehension questions Comprehensive Reading comptence development computational Computational linguistics Computational Models computational thinking computer Computer based learning computer based testing computer games Computer mediated communication computer model computer models computer ondersteund samenwerkend leren computer programming computer science Computer science Education computer simulation computer supported collaborative environments Computer supported collaborative learning Computer Supported Collaborative Learning-environments computer supported group formation computer tailoring computer technology computer-assisted lelarning computer-based service computer-based testing computer-mediated Computer-supported assessment computer-supported collaborative Computer-supported collaborative learning computer-supported collaborative learning environments computerangst computercriminaliteit computergebaseerd toetsen computerondersteuning computers Computional Simulations concept Concept domain concept framework concept map concept mapping concept mapping software concept maps concept study concept teleforum conceptmapping concepts Conceptual model Conceptual annotation conceptual change conceptual design conceptual develoopment conceptual development Conceptual domain Conceptual Framework conceptual infrastructure conceptual knowledge Conceptual Model conceptueel model conceputal development concernfinanciering concernmanagement concerns based adoption model concessieovergangen concrete implementatie Concrete visualizations concurrent engineering concurrentie-analyse concurrentieverhouding Concurrerende institutional logics conditie conditioning factors condom use Conectcollege conference conference management system conferentie confidant Confidence degrees Confidence marking confidentiality configuration confirmatory factor analyses Confirmatory Factor Analysis conflicten Conflicting information Conformance Checking conformance testing conformiteit confusion matrix Congenitale hernia diafragmatica congres conjunctuurbeweging Connect the Dots Connectcollege connected learning connectedness connectie connecting connection dynamics connection games connectivism connectivist dynamics connectivity conscientiousness conscious competence consciëntieusheid conservatorium consistency console consolideren Consortium Consortium Handbook conspect constitutioneel pluralisme constraint-based feedback constructieve veiligheid construction engineering Construction Industry Constructionistic constructive alignment Constructivism Constructivist education constructvaliditeit Consultancy consultants consultatiebijstand consultation skills consultvaardigheden medisch specialisten consument consumenten consumentenacceptatie consumentenbescherming consumentengeschillen consumentenrecht Consumer Quality Index consumptie van snoep, snack en frisdrank van kinderen contact Contact hypothese Contact hypothesis contact moment contact tussen ouders en leerkrachten Contactgericht Spelen en Leren contactverbod content content and domain metadata content creation process content curation content delivery Content Federation content knowledge content management content management environment content managment Content of feedback Content Packaging content reuse Content Sharing content translation content-based content-based recommendation Content-Development contentbeheer contentmanagement context context adapatation Context aware context awareness Context Awareness component context blogging context characteristics context crossing Context Factors Context filters context manager context metadata context modeling context reasoning context-aware context-aware systems Context-awareness contextblogger contexts Contextual interference contextual learning Contextual Learning Theory contextualisation contextualised blogging Contextualised language learning Contextualised Learning contextualised media contextualising contextualization Contextualized collaborative filtering Contextualized Learning Contingency approach contingency theory contingente zelfwaardering Contingentie Benadering continuity/discontinuity continuous delivery Continuous learning pathway continuüm contract contracten contractencomplexen contractonderhandelingen contracts contractsvrijheid contractvrijheid Control control change control dynamics control group Control Management Control Mechanismen Control Mechanisms Control Model Control Procedure controle controlebesef, controleconditie controlemogelijkheden controlled natural language Controller controllerrol controllers Controllersrol controversies conversation skills conversational skills Cooper cooperation Cooperative purchasing Coordination Coordination and regulation Coordination mechanism CoP coping coping mechanisms coping-plannen copingstijl copingstrategie copingstrategieën CopperAuthor Coppercore CopperCore Service Integration CORA core components of (mal)adaptive personality functioning core self evaluations core self-evaluation core self-evaluations core services coronaire hartziekte corporate governance corporate online community corporate social responsibility correctheid Correctiefactoren correlatie correlation analysis corruptie COTS-ontwikkeling council counterbalancing counterproductive work behaviour couple COUPTFII course course authoring tools Course Delivery Course Information Courseware Covey coviewing mediatie coöperatief leren cpr CPS (creative problem solving) CRABP1 CRABP2 craving creating value creative cloud Creative Industries Creative Process creativecommons Creativiteit creativiteitsbevorderende didactiek Creativitve Thinking, Organizations, Psychology creativity creativity support tools Creativity Techniques creativity tools credit rationing Credit Risk criminaliteit criminaliteitsbestrijding crisis crisis operations crisis simulation Crisis- en herstelwet criteria criteria for regular use criteria voor statelijkheid criteriumgericht interview criteriumvaliditeit critical control point critical decisions critical incident technique critical incidents Critical Success Factors critical successfactors critical thinking criticism cross border regions Cross case analysis Cross Entropy method Cross sectional study cross-boundary cross-cultural differences cross-cultural research crossdisciplinarity crowd authoring CRvB CSCL CSCL (computer supported collaborative learning CSCL (computer supported collaborative learning) CSCL script CSCW CSCW (computer supported collaborative work) CSE CSERC CSF CSI CSP parallel composition CSR CST CST-20 cued rertosepctive reports cued retrospective reporting cued retrospective reports cueing cueing peer feedback, collaboration, schemas, complex problem-solving tasks cues thuis Cult cultural heritage cultural management cultural sciences cultural translation cultural-historical theory; levels of reflection; Russian educational psychology; culture Culture Change Implementation Culturele dimensies culturen Cultuur cultuureducatie. cultuurhistorisch cultuurverandering cultuurverschillen cultuuurverandering curator curiosity Curricula curricula management curriculum Curriculum and instruction curriculum design Curriculum development curriculum en leerlijnen Nederlands en rekenen Curriculum innovation curriculum planning curriculum reform Curriculum theory Curriculuminnovatie curriculumonderzoek curriculumontwerp curriculumontwikkeling Curriulum innovation cursus Cursusmateriaal cursusmodellen cursusontwerp customer churn customer equity customer equity drivers Customer knowledge customer loyalty customer metrics customer perceived value customer relationship management Customer Satisfaction Customer Value customers customer–supplier relationship cut score CVA‐patiënten CVS/ME cyberbeveiliging cybercrime Cyberdam cyberhate cybernetics Cyberpesten cyberspace cyborg cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycling and walking cynisme cyste Código abierto D-QEL dader daderschap Dagdagelijkse Gebeurtenissen dagelijks leven dagelijkse stress dagopname daily hassle daily hassles daily stress dairy study and multilevel analysis dak- en thuisloze jongeren daklozen Daltononderwijs Dangerous Knowledge Tour Daniel dankbaarheid DARE dashboard data data analysis Data Centre Data Changes data collection data competition data competitions Data Consolidation data curation data driven applications data fusion data governance data governance maturity model data in education Data Integration data management data management policies data mashups Data mining data model data ownership data products data protection Data schema data science data set data sharing data silos data standardization data standards data storage data supported learning data visualisations Data visualization Data-Driven Teaching data-management database database server databeveiliging Datamart datamigratie Datamining Datamodel dataset datasets dataTEL David DBC's dbpedia De GOALS Studie De Lancer Julnes de mate van externaliserend probleemgedrag de mate van seksueel ontremd gedrag De Nederlandsche Bank debate skills Debriefing Decade of Education for Sustainable Development decathlon decentralisation decentralisering decision support decision making Decision processes decision strategies decision support decision support environment decision training decision tree Decision tree induction declarative and procedural knowledge declarative information declarative knowledge declarative modelling decollectivisering deelgeschil deelgeschilprocedure deelname aan scholing deelnemingenbeleid deeltaakoefening deeltijd defense and aerospace definitiestudie degree Deliberate practice delinquente jongeren delinquenten Deliverable delivery delphi Delphi method delphi study Delphi-methode Delphy study demand planning demand pull-innovatietheorie Demand-Control Model (DC-Model) Demand-Control-Support Model dementerenden dementia dementie demo democratie democratische legitimatie democratisering Demografische determinanten Demonstration Demonstrator demonstrators denken denkframes denkstijl density of disruptive events Dentistry dependence depersonalisatie deployment depositary depressie Depressie en Keuzetwijfels depressie-attitude Depressielijst (DL) depressiesymptomen depressieve gevoelens depressieve klachten depressieve patiënten depressieve symptomen depression depression, depressive symptoms depressiviteit derde-belanghebbende derdenwerking description descriptoren Design design analysis Design document Design Environments Design expertise Design for prior learning experiences design framework design games Design guidelines design method Design models Design of support design patter design pattern Design Patterns design principles Design research Design Support design tool Design-based researcb Design-based Research designer designer education designers desinvesteringen desinvesteringsbeslissingen desirability Desistance desktop publishing applicatie deskundige deskundigenoordeel deskundigheidsbevordering Destination feedback detacheren detailhandel determinanten determinanten emotieregulatie Determinants Developer guidelines developers Developing countries development Development of Preventive Measures development plan development portfolio Development programma device adaptation DHA diabetes Diabetes mellitus type 2 Diabetes type 1 diabetes type 2 diabetesdistress diagnosestrategie diagnosing conceptual development diagnostic control system Diagnostic Framework Diagnostiek diagram Dialog analysis Dialog system dialogic learning dialogism dialogue dialogue and discussion as means of learning Dias didactic models didactical approaches Didactical Model didactical models didactics didactiek Didactisch model didactisch onderwijsmodel didactisch scenario didactische aanpak didactische aspecten didactische competenties Didactische functies Didactische modellen didactische scenario's didactische werkvormen Didiclass Dienend leiderschap dienstverband dienstverlening dienstverleningsnetwerk dierenmishandeling dierenrechten dierenverwaarlozing dierenwelzijn diergezondheid diesrede Differential ability Differentiated curriculum effects differentiation Differentiëren diffusie van gezondheidsinterventies Diffusion diffusion of innovations model (Rogers, 2003) diffusion of responsibility DIGI-FEM Digit Span test digitaal digitaal educatief spel digitaal erfgoed digitaal leermateriaal digitaal onderwijs digitaal prentenboek digitaal toetsen digital Digital age digital assessment digital assessment instrument Digital Chances digital cinema Digital Competence digital ecosystem digital ecosystems digital educational objects digital habitats digital heritage Digital Identity digital incentives digital learner identity digital learning digital libraries digital library digital literacy digital media Digital native digital natives digital object models Digital Repositories digital repository Digital Rights Management Digital Risks Digital Spring School Digital storytelling Digital transformation Digital turn digitale didactiek digitale diensten digitale geletterdheid Digitale Leer- en Werkomgeving digitale leeromgeving Digitale media digitale revolutie digitale universiteit digitale vaardigheden digitale video digitalisation dilemma dimensie dimensies van sociaal leren dimensional space Dimensionality dimensions of social learning DIN direct beroep Direct instruction directe feedback directe instructie disaggregation discharge letters disclosure discounting behaviour discourse discourse analysis Discourse analysis technique discourse segmentation discovery discretionair gedrag discretionaire accruals model discriminatie discrimination disculpatiemogelijkheden discussant Disfunctionele Impulsiviteit dispersed knowledge dispersed team disseminatie Dissemination Dissemination plan Distance Education distance learners Distance Learning distance teaching distress distributed architectures distributed enterprise applications distributed learning environments distributed systems distributie distributieve rechtvaardigheid distributive justice distributive- and procedural justice diversiteit diversity dividend payout policies dlo DLWO DMAIC DMP DNA methylation DNB DobleVia business demonstrator docent docentcoach docenten docenten eigen effectiviteitsverwachting docentenopleiding docententraining docentgedrag Docentinzicht Docentprofessionalisering Docentprofessionalisering WO doceren voor studenten dochterorganisatie dochtersbedrdijf docosahexaneoic acid Document Document Type Definition documentation documenten documentmanagement doel doelaanpassing Doelen doelen stellen doelgericht studeren doeloriëntatie doeloriëntaties doelstellingen doelverschuiving Doen bij Depressie DojoIBL domain domain entity service domain entity services domain mode Domain Model domain model for way finding domain reasoner Domain specific skill domain-specific concepts and principles Domain-specific Modeling Domain-specific skills domein domeinexpert event-driven process chain dominantie dominee Donald Schön doorbraak van aansprakelijkheid doorstart doping dorsolateral prefrontal cortex Dosis-effectrelatie dossier diagram dossiers double bind Double diagnostics double loop learning downloaden uit illegale bron downward comparison draagkrachtcriterium draaiboek Drank- en horecawet Drift Drinkwater, dimethylsulfamide (DMS), nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), oppervlaktewater, Tolyfluanide, Dichlofluanide drivers of PLNs drones drop-out dropout Drugsverslaving Drupal DSM-5 dspace DTD duaal curriculum duaal onderwijs Duaal- processen dual-sourcing Duale curriculum Dubbele diagnostiek Dublin Core duidingsprocessen duine prediction engine Dunbar Dunbar’s number Durkheim Dutch armed forces Dutch Central Bank, Dutch language Dutch municipality Dutch Schools Inspectorate duurzaam ondernemen duurzaamheid duurzame inzetbaarheid duurzamheid DVD dwalingen dwangarbeid dwangsom dynamic environment dynamic systems dynamic systems theory dynamic task selection Dynamic visualizations dynamics dynamiek Dynamieken dynamische risicofactoren Dyscalculie dyslexia dyslexie Dyspareunia e-Administration E-assessment e-begeleiding e-boek E-book e-books e-business model e-casus e-coach e-coaching E-commerce e-CRM e-customer behavior e-educator e-health e-klanttevredenheid e-klearning e-Learning e-Learning 2.0 e-learning environments e-learning funcionalities e-learning notation E-Learning platforms e-learning products and tools e-Learning specifications e-learning standard e-learning stardard e-learning systems e-learning tools e-learning2.0 e-lesgever e-loyaliteit e-mail E-mental health E-Pedagogies E-portfolio e-portfolio's e-portfolio NL e-practicals e-prime e-Procurement E-rater systeem e-strategy e-training e-tutor e-tutoring E-xcellence EA EA-modellering EA3 Cube Framework eadtu eal-time face emotion recognition eal-world implementations EAM EAPRIL Early career Early child language Early childhood education early education early intervention Early language acquisition early language development early literacy early mathematical competences early primary school early programming earnings management eassessment eating behavior Eating Disorder Examination EBD students EBE-EUSMOSI ebook ebooks EC EC-TEL ECER echtscheiding Eclipse Eclipse RCP ECO eco driving ECO project eco-system Ecologische kwaliteit, waterkwaliteit, macrofauna, beken, tijdreeksanalyse, canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) Economics education economisch economische crisis economy ecosystem ecosystem gamification ectel12 eDelphi EDEN edineb Editing tools Editor Editorial Edubox Edubox 2.0 Edubox 2.1 Edubox player Edubox/EML EDUBOX-contentmanagementsysteem Eduboxonderwijsontwikkelingsproces educatie educatief ICT-gebruik Educatieve contentketen Educatieve en Emotionele Proceskwaliteit educatieve satellieten Education Education and Application Education and Supervision Plan Education design education highway education of parents Education system educational educational assessment Educational Change educational data educational data mining Educational datasets educational design educational design research Educational differentiation Educational effectiveness research educational efficiency Educational game educational games educational goals Educational innovation educational level Educational Markup Language educational mash-ups Educational Metadata Educational methodologies educational model Educational Modeling Language Educational Modelling Educational modelling language Educational Modelling Languages educational models educational myths Educational ontologies Educational pilots Educational policies educational process modelling educational productivity Educational Research Educational resources Educational Scalability educational scenario educational science perspective educational sciences Educational Service Providers Educational software Educational standards Educational strategies Educational system educational technologies educational technology Educational Technology Language Educational tracking EDUCON Eduction-methode edutainment EDW eeep EEG eenduidig eenzaamheid eenzaamheidsklachten eenzijdig optiebeding eerlijk proces EERQI eerste jaar Eerste Opvangonderwijs Anderstaligen eerstelijnsmanagers eetgedrag eetproblemen eetstoornissen effect Effect study effecten effectief leiderschap effectief leraarsgedrag; frontaal onderwijs; instructiegedrag; proces-product-onderzoek effectief schoolleiderschap effectief studeren Effectieve leer- en instructiestrategieën effectieve leerstrategieën effectieve leesinstructie effective learning strategies effective teaching behaviors; systematic observation; classroom interaction; frontal instruction; mathematics education; secondary schools; cognitive domain; affective domain Effectiveness Effectiveness of the learning process effectiviteit effectiviteitsverwachting effectmeting Effects of school marks efficiency effort-recovery theory EG-richtlijnen eGame eGames egodepletie EHF meetinstrument EHON 2012 EHON conferentie EHRM EHRM Van der Velden vs Nederland eicosapentaenoic acid eigen beoordeling van de diabetesregulatie Eigen effectiviteit (SE) eigen effectiviteit en beweegpartner eigen effectiviteitsverwachting eigen effectiviteitverwachting eigen-effectiviteit eigen-effectiviteitsverwachting Eigen-geheugeneffectiviteit eigendom eigendomsrecht Eigeneffectiviteitsverwachting eigenschappen eigenwaarde eindexamen eindrapportage EJB elaborated use cases elaboration elderly eLearing reference implementation eLearning eLearning 2.0 Electricidad de Portugal electriciteitsnet electronic discharge letter electronic learning environments electronic medical record software electronic medical records Electronic outlining Electronic questionnaire electronic reverse auctions Elektra elektronisch patiëntendossier Elektronisch werkboek elektronische akte Elektronische Leeromgeving Elektronische leeromgevingen elektronische overheid Elementary education elementary students ELENA ELENA project Elevator Pitch elfrapportage-vragenlijst Elgg elicitation Elluminate ELO ELO 2.0 ELO-adopterende instelling ELO-content ELO-ontwerp ELO-systeem ELogic eloplayer ELOS Em-algorithm embedded assessment embedded instruction embedded-assessment Emergence Emerging Adults emerging skills Emergo emesis emissie EML EML 1.0 EML authoring environment EML Foundation EML stakeholders EML tooling eml-content EML-evaluatie EML-player EML-tools EML-validatie emlcontent EMMA EMMA platform EMMA project EMME emo-eten emotie emotie-inhibitie emotiegerichte coping emotieherkenning emotieregulatie emotieregulatiestrategieën emoties emotieverwerking emotion Emotion Detection emotion recognition emotion work emotional Emotional and behavioural disorders (EBD) emotional balancing Emotional closeness Emotional empathy, highly sensitive persons, MBSR program, personal growth initiative, sensitivity, self-acceptance, self-transcendence, social anxiety, stress. Emotional Exhaustion emotional exhaustion; depersonalization; personal accomplishment; extroversion; emotional stability; pressure of work; role ambiguity; social support; motivation; satisfaction emotional intelligence Emotional involvement emotional labor emotional labour emotional stress respons emotional workload emotionaliteit emotioneel eten emotioneel werk emotionele arbeid emotionele arbeidsbelasting Emotionele Belasting emotionele betrokkenheid emotionele empathie emotionele intelligentie emotionele ontrouw emotionele stabiliteit emotionele steun emotionele uitputting emotionele werkstressoren emotionele- en gedragsproblemen Emotions empathie empathische boosheid Emperical Study emphasis manipulation empirical empirical evidence Empirical research empirical studies empirical study Empirical study of user behaviour Employability employee council Employee creativity Employee motivation Employees turnover employer support employers' organizations employers' perceptions employment Empower demonstrator empowering leadership empowerment empoyment relations emprirical results EMR EMURGENCY encefalisation quotient enculturatie enculturation energie Energiebesparing, bestaande woningen, energie label, werkelijk energiegebruik, theoretisch energiegebruik, beleidsdoelstellingen, modellering. energiebronnen Energiegebruik energiemarkt Energiespel energy energy awareness energy awareness displays Energy Conservation energy consumption energy-conservation Energy-efficiency engagement Engeland/Wales engin engine Engineering engineering education English English language competence development enquête instrument Enquête Studiegidsen enrollment enseignement libre enterprise Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture Management enterprise architectuur Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Risk Management enterprise-architecture Enterprise-architectuur Entry characteristics environment environmental determinants Environmental Interaction environmental learning environmental literacy environmental sciences EOG EPD epidemiologisch perspectief episodic memory epistemic beliefs epistemic cognition Epistemological beliefs epistemologische opvattingen Epistemology ePortfolio ePortfolios epub eQuestionnaire Equip Equity equity sensitivity; self efficacy beliefs; teachers burnout equivalentiebeginsel erfdienstbaarheden erfgoed erfpacht erkenning Erkenning Verworven Compenties ernst Ernst Klett-Verlag erotische plasticiteit ERP ERP implementation problems ERP-implementatie ERP-implementatieproject ERP-implementatieprojecten ERP-implementaties ERP-projecten ERP-software ERP-systeem Ervaren geweld ervaren gezondheid ervaren herstel ervaren stress ervaren werkdruk ervaringen Intensive Care ESB escalating commitment (EOC) Escalation of Commitment escalation trap Escenario de aprendizaje ESD ESM Especificación essays essie estimation Estándar Estándard ET&S Ethical issues ethics etnische minderheden Etude eTwinning EU EU-consumenten EU-richtlijn eudemonisme euregio EURO-MBA Eurometropolis, origin, foundation discours, assessment of network performance Europa EuroPass Language Passport europe European European Association of TEL European citizenship European Educational Research Quality Indicators European MOOC design European MOOC platform European perspective European Projects European study european training module Europees mededingingsrecht Europees recht Europese aanbestedingen europese identiteit europese richtlijnen Europese Unie Europese verdragen euthanasie evaluatie Evaluatie groepstentameninering evaluatie-instrumenten evaluatiemethode evaluatieonderzoek evaluaties Evaluation evaluation asset evaluation criteria evaluation criteria, evaluation design evaluation framework Evaluation Framework EFI Evaluation in the wild evaluation influence evaluation instruments evaluation methodologies Evaluation methodology evaluation model evaluation of recommender systems evaluation outcomes evaluation plan evaluation report Evaluation Results Evaluation strategies evaluation, course development, adult education evalueren evangelische gemeente EVC EVC-proces evenement evenredigheidscriterium event Event Log Event-driven framework events evidence evidence based evidence record Evidence-based evolutie evolutietheorie evolutionaire psychologie evolutionary algorithms evolutionary history evolutionary psychology EVRM EVRM (art. 6 lid 1) Ex-kankerpatiënten Examencommissie examens examination examinering example Example-based learning examples excellence excellent onderwijs Excellente leerlingen Excellentie Excellentieprogramma’s excellentietype Exchange executief cognitief functioneren executief disfunctioneren executief functioneren Executieve functies executieveiling executive (cognitive) function Executive coaching Executive Function Executive functioning executive functions exercise exercise type existence existence scale existential fulfillment Existential Fulfillment, Burnout, Teachers existential fulfilment Existential fulfilment, Self-acceptance, Self-actualization, Self-transcendence,Burnout, Secondary school teachers existential fulfilment; self-acceptance; self-actualization; self-transcendence; questionnaire; validation; CFA existential loneliness Existential meaning in life existential meaning in life; existence scale; construct validity; confirmatory factor analysis Existentiële Zingeving exoneratie Expanding retrieval practice expats experience Experience Based Learning Experience Sample Method (ESM) Experience Sampling experience sampling method Experience Sampling Method (ESM) Experience Sampling Methode Experience Sampling Methode (ESM) experience-based learning Experiences experiental learning experiential avoidance Experiment experiment; number line; seriation; validation study; kindergarten; primary school experimental designs experimental field study experimental simulations experimentation Experimenteel onderzoek experimenteel ontwerp experiëntiële vermijding expert expert assessment expert evaluation expert evaulation expert knowledge module expert meeting Expert Performance expert study expertise Expertise development expertise differences expertise identification Expertise reversal effect expertise verwerven Expertiseontwikkeling experts explanantion explanation Explanation of violence expliciete directe instructie expliciete instructie expliciete kennis explicit explicit conscientiousness exploitatie exploitatieovereenkomst exploitatieplan exploitation exploitation plan exploratief onderzoek exploratief zoeken exploration expressie array Expression evaluation extended teams eXtensible Markup Language External file External PhD Candidate external professionals External representations externaliserend probleemgedrag externaliserende gedragsproblemen externaliserende problematiek Externalization Externalizatoin externe accountantskosten externe attributie externe kwaliteitszorg externe representaties extraneous load extraversie extraversie/energie extraversion Extraversion, Extrinsic indicators extrinsieke ambitie extrinsieke contingente zelfwaardering extrinsieke motivatie extrinsieke waarden eye movement modeling examples eye movements eye tracking eye-hand coordination eye-tracker Eye-tracking faalangst faalfactoren Fabien Fablab face validity Face-to-face meeting face-to-face meetings face-to-face networking Facebook Facebook® facilitation faciliteren facility management Factor analyses factor analysis Factoren factoriële validiteit factors factual questions fading support faillissement faillissementspauliana faillissementswet fairness falend toezicht Familiarity familie communicatie Familiebedrijven Familiebegeleiding familiegeheimen familiegeschiedenis family family functioning family-to-work conflict family-to-work enrichment familyfunctioning famine Famous orators fan FAQ FAST fatalisme fatigue fatty acids Fear of failure Fear of Failure vragenlijst (FoF) feasibility analysis federated Federated educational repositories federated search Federated search architectures Fedora feedback Feedback geven feedback loop feedback preferences Feedback provision feedback quality feedback style feedback, Feedback-cycle feedbackgesprek feeds feelings of safety feelings of safety at school feitelijke twerkstelling feiten van algemene bekendheid feiten/begrip feitenonderzoek terechtzitting Female entrepreneurship FES festschrift fibromyalgia Field dependence–independence Field Trip fieldtrips fieldwork Fietsen of lopen naar school file sharing Filler syllables filmklimaat filosofie Final report Final System Financial Decision making financial sector financial services financieel financieel toezichthouder financieren financiering financiële conglomeraten financiële dienstverlening financiële instellingen financiële instrumenten financiële performance Financiële Toekomst Perspectieven finding suitable peers Finite state machine firefighters Firm Performance firms First aid First Class first nature First round questionnaire fiscale jurisprudentie fiscale recht fiscale rechtsvinding fiscale strafbeschikking fish consumption fitnorm Flanders workability monitor Flemish Workability Monitor flex flex bv flexibel leren flexibele leeftijdsgrens flexibele leerroute flexibilisering Flexibilisering Onderwijs flexibilisering van onderwijs flexibiliteit flexibility flexibilité pédagogique flexible delivery flexible environments flexible learning environments Flexible Processes flexible scheduling flexible time schedules flexwerken Flexwet Flickr flight attendants flipped classroom Flirting FLM Flood Modelling for Management Florence flow flow chart flow patterns flow state Flyer fMRI focal company focus group focus groups, folate follow-up food Food2Learn forensic population Forensische psychiatrie forensische zorg Foresight studies foresight study FORLIC FORLIC project formal and nonformal learning formal authoring formal education Formal feedback formal learning formal models Formalisation formalisme Formatief assessment formatief beoordelen formatief toetsen formatief zelfbeoordelen formatieve beoordeling formatieve evaluatie formatieve toetsing formation Formative Formative assessment formative evaluation formative feedback formeel leiderschap formeel leren formele speelruimtes forms of use formula formuleren Foucauldian discourse analysis foundation Four Component Instructional Design Model Four-component instructional design (4C-ID) fp7 fractional concentration of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) fragmentation of international law Framemaker Framemaker+SGML framework FRAND fraude fraudescenario's free Free Education Free recall free schools free software Free text assessment free texts frequentie x ernst bij externaliserend probleemgedrag Friese taal Front Line Employees fruit-en groentenconsumptie FSC Fulfillment capability fully guided instruction fun functie-eis functieontwerp functiepuntanalyse functies Functional and performance requirements Functional food; Organic food; Functional pet food; Organic pet food; Pet food purchasing; Anthropomorphism; Dog-human relationship Functional requirements functionaliteit functionalities functionality functionality tests functionele eisen Functionele Impulsiviteit functionele informatie functionele organisatie fundamentalisme fundamentele recht op leven funderend onderwijs Fusie future Future challenges future e-Learning applications future learning Future of Education Future of learning future scenario's future scenarios fuzzy logic fysieke activiteit fysieke activiteit (moderator) fysieke activiteiten fysieke gezondheid fysieke omgeving fysiotherapie GAE Gala GALA NoE game Game analytics game assets Game Based Learning game design game design patterns game development game engine game evaluation game experience game industry Game learning analytics Game Learning Patterns game mechanics game patterns game platform game reviews game scenario game technology game theory game usability game-based game-based assessment Game-Based Learning game-based-learning game-design patterns Games games for health Gamification gamification asset Gaming gap gap analysis gap-analysis gaps garnalenvisserij gas transport GDP Growth gebeurtenisgerelateerde stress gebiedsbescherming Gebiedsontwikkelingen gebiedsverbod gebruik gebruiker gebruikersinterface gebruikersonderzoek gebruikersperspectief Gebruikersvriendelijkheid gebruiksgemak gecombineerd leren Gecontroleerde motivatie gedeeld taalgebruik gedifferentieerd onderwijs gedistribueerde leeromgeving gedogen gedoogplicht gedrag gedragsbehandeling gedragsdeterminanten attitude gedragsfactoren gedragsineffectiviteit Gedragsinhibitie gedragsintentie gedragsmatige betrokkenheid gedragsmodificatie gedragsniveau gedragsproblemen gedragsproblemen en alledaags functioneren kind gedragsspecifieke cognities gedragsverandering gedragsverandering leerlingen Gedwongen onderpresteren gedwongen opneming geeestelijke gezondheidszorg Geef me de 5® geestelijke gezondheidszorg gegeven op 16-12-2011 Gegeven op 24-11-11 gegeven op 25-11-11 gegevensbestanden gegevensvergaring gehandicapten Gehandicaptenzorg Geheimen geheimhouden geheugen geheugeninterventies geheugenprestatie geheugenprestaties geheugenproblemen geheugenstrategieën gekwalificeerd delict geldvorderingen gelijke behandeling Gelijkheid van onderwijskansen gelijkheidsbeginsel Gelijktijdig gelijkwaardigheid in bouwrecht geliquideerd geloof in een rechtvaardige wereld (BJW) geloof in tests geloofsovertuiging geluk geluksgevoel Gemak gemaximeerde TBS gemeenschappelijk mentaal model gemeente gemeenten Gemeenteraadsleden Gemeentewet GEMMA gemodelleerde voorbeelden Gemoedsgesteldheid gender gender action plan gender difference Gender differences Gender dysphoria gender effect Gender Mainstreaming Gendergerelateerde vakken genderrol oriëntatie Geneeskunde geneesmiddelen, emissie van geneesmiddelen, geneesmiddelen en milieu, waterkwaliteit, nieuwe / vergeten stoffen General practitioners general stakeholders generalisation generaties Generation Generational Differences generations generative tests generator genereatief Genereren generic platform generieke doelen van PGO generieke procedures genetic diversity genetic variation Geneva school; American school; training methods; near transfer; near-far transfer; far-far transfer; Piaget tasks; intelligence tests GENSO Gentle Teaching Geographic Information geometry tutor geoorloofde constructie georganiseerde criminaliteit georganiseerde hypocrisie gepensioneerden gepersonaliseerd leren gepersonaliseerde checklist gepersonaliseerde leerroute / curriculum gepest worden gepreoccupeerd hechtingsstijl geregistreerd partnerschap Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-30) geriatrische revalidatie Germane cognitive load geschiedenis geschil geschillen geschillenbehandeling geschillenbeslechting geschreven teksten geselecteerde run Gesitueerd leren geslacht geslachtshormonen gesloten systeem goederenrecht gespierdheid gespreid leiderschap gespreksvaardigheden getalbegrip getuigen geurhinder Gevoelens van (on)veiligheid geweld geweldgebruik geweldsmiddelen geweldsmisdrijf art. 38e lid 1 Sr geweldsmonopolie gewichtsreductie gewichtsstatus gewoonte gezagsbeëindigende gezelschapsdieren gezinnen gezinsbehandeling gezinsfasen gezinsklimaat gezinssamenstelling gezond sociaal netwerk Gezondheid gezondheidsbeleving gezondheidschadend gezondheidsclaims gezondheidsklachten gezondheidsrecht gezondheidszorg gezondheidszorginstellingen Geïntegreerde Kindvoorzieningen GGZ Ghana Gifted gifted pupils Gifted underachievement giftedness Gigerenzer Girardin glassfish gleaner Global Elements global self-esteem global terminal manager globale expliciete eigenwaarde globale impliciete eigenwaarde globale zelfwaardering globalisering glossary Glucoseregulation glycemieregeling GM Gnutella protocol specification GO-GN Goal directed Goal free Goal Modelling Goal Orientation goal understanding, goal commitment, goal consensus, team identification, team performance, mediating effect. goal-striving reasons GOALS goed werkgeverschap goederenrechtelijke werking Good practice goodwill impairment Google Google App Engine google glass Google Maps Google StreetView google+ governance GPL Grade point average Graduate School grafieken Grafisch user interface grafische organizer grafische overzichten Grafische User Interface grafische user interfaces grafologie Grammar School grants Granularity graph graph transformation Graph-Based Transformation graphic organizer Graphical graphical organizer graphical organizers graphical overview Graphical Overviews Graphical PDP Planning Tool graphical planner Graphical Planning Tool Graphical User Interfaces Grapple Green IT grensoverschrijdend verzekeren griffierecht Griffiths groei groeimindset groep groepen groepsbegeleiders groepsbijeenkomsten groepsdenken groepslidmaatschap groepsorganisatieplannen groepstoebehoren groepstraining gronden van billijkheid grondexploitatie grondrecht grondrechten grondwet grondwet VS grondwetswijziging 1887 Grounded Theory group group awareness Group Concept Mapping group dynamics group interaction group intervention Group learning group management group performance group size Group-based learning Group-regulation groupthink groupware guard guest lecture GUI GUI design studio Guidance guided factory tours Guided Self-Organization in Learning Networks guideline Guidelines Guides gunningsbeslissing gunst Guy Claxton habitat habits of the mind habitual behaviors Hadoop HADS hand movements hand-mond-materiaal exploratie handboek toetsen en tentamens handbook Handelingsgericht werken handelingsruimte handelsbedrijven handgreepsterkte handhaving handhaving van octrooien handhavingbeleid Handhavingsrichtlijn Handleiding leerkrachten handoffs handover handover technologies handover toolbox handover training hands-on basistraining Handson HANDSON project haptische technologie hard controls hardware platforms Harmonisation hart- en bloedvaten hartpatiënten Harvesting Haskell Hattie Haviltex-norm Havo 3 HbA1c HBM hbo Hbo communicatieopleidingen HBO-docenten HBO-studenten HCI HCS-affaire health Health Belief Model Health Care health care providers health education Health Literacy health2.0 healthcare healthy older adults hechtenis hechting hechtingsproblemen Hechtingsschema hechtingsstijl hechtingstheorie heden gericht tijdsperspectief hedonic quality hedonisme Heerlen HEI hele taak benadering heling hennepkwekerij Heptathlon hergebruik herinneringen herintreden heritage herontwerp herontwerp van een PGO leeromgeving Hersenbeschadiging hersenen hersenplasticiteit herstel herstelactiviteiten herstelsancties herstructurering hervisitatierapport herziening Het Nieuwe Werken heteroseksueel heteroseksuele en homoseksuele vrouwen heuristic evaluation heuristics HHM Hierarchical cluster analysis hierarchy High ability pupils High abilty high anxious children High Level Use Cases High Performance Work Systems High reliability professions high-ability High-intensity stress high-technology companies higher education Higher professional education higher vocational education higher-order co-occurrences hindernissen hints historical view history History learning history of psychology HIV testing behavior hiërarchische verhoudingen hobbydieren Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht Hoge Raad Hoger hoger beroep Hoger beroepsonderwijs hoger onderwijs hogescholen Hohfeldian legal concepts home demands Homeless Youth Homo zappien homoseksualiteit homoseksueel homosexuals hoog-risicosituaties hoogbegaafde leerlingen Hoogbegaafden hoogbegaafdheid hoogleraar hoogsensitieve personen hoorplicht horeca horecaverordening horen horizontal purchasing hormonen hospicemedewerkers hospital discharge hospitality industry hospitals host hotel sector houtmarkt HPA-as HPBO HR-practices hrm HSL Html html5 huber function huilen Huisartsen huiselijk geweld huiswerkoefeningen hulpbronnen hulpverlener human human behaviour Human Capital Profiles human error Human Factors Human Learning Interfaces human resource attributions Human Resource Development Human Resource Management human resources management Human-computer interaction human–computer interaction hunkering husband huurbeding huurbescherming Huurbeëindiging huurkoop huurovereenkomst huwelijk huwelijksvermogensrecht Hybrid Data Fusion hybrid governance hybrid personalization service Hybrid Personalizer Hybrid Personlizer hybrid professional learning networks hybrid recommendation hybrid tool solutions hydroinformatics Hype Hyperactiviteit hypermedia Hypermedia environments hypersensibiliteit in de mond hypertext hypertext learning hypertext navigation hypervideo Hypes hypothecair krediet hypotheekbeding I Change model I-change model i-Class i-Pad IaaS IADL IAK iamlearn iBeacons IBL IBL metacognities icamp ICDE ICO ICO course ICO cursus ICOPER ICORE Ict ICT and technology ICT beheer ICT competence development ict gezondheidszorg ICT in de zorg ICT in education ICT practitioner ICT support of learning ICT teacher training ICT tool ICT-activiteiten ICT-afdeling ICT-architectuur ICT-based learning ICT-beleid ICT-Business alignment ICT-curriculum ICT-enhanced skills ICT-enhanced Teacher training ICT-infrastructuur ICT-integratie ICT-organisaties ICT-outsourcing ICT-rijke leeromgeving ICT-systeem ict-toepassingen ICT-tools ICWL2012 ID-generator idea idea graphs Idea Maps idea selection IDEAL Framework IDEAL Reference Model ideas identificatie identification Identification of reading strategies identiteit identiteitsdefinitie identiteitsontwikkeling identiteitsrecht identiteitstheorie identity identity & access management (IAM) Identity and Access Management identity negotiation IDIBL project idiografische methoden idSpace IEEE iFLss IFRS IFRS 7 Ignorance IHRM Iinquiry- based attitude ILDE ILIAS ill-structured problems illness perceptions ILO IMAGE image creation Image of God image processing imagery IMD-LD imitation IML-generator IML-import imlementeren immateriële activa Immediate Feedback Immediate feedback interface immersive immersive gaming immersive learning immersive learning scenarios immersiveness immigrant immigrants Impact Impact factor Impact score imperative programming tutor implementatie Implementatie van architectuur implementatie-intenties implementatie-wetsvoorstel implementatieproces implementatieproject implementation implementation architecture Implementation in education implementation plan implementation scenario implementeren impliciete invloed implicit Implicit Association implicit cognition implicit trust Importance Sampling impression formation Improved Multimodal Emotion Recognition improvement Improvement strategies in learning Improving classroom teaching improving learning Improvisatie Improvisation improvisational expertise impulsiviteit impulsivity IMS IMS Basics IMS Content Packaging IMS Enterprise IMS LD IMS LD specification IMS Learning design IMS Learning Design Authoring IMS Learning Design Specification IMS LearningDesing IMS LIP ims qti IMS QTI v2 IMS Question & Test Interoperability IMS Question and Test Interoperability IMS RDCEO IMS Working Group on Learning Design IMS-CP IMS-LD IMS-LD Authoring IMS-LD engine IMS-Learning Design IMS-LIP IMS-QTI IMS-QTI Authoring IMS-QTI engine IMSLD IMTO in het OU onderwijs in-house software ontwikkeling inactivity inadequatie inaugural lecture INCA - Intercultural competence assessment incassokosten incentive incentive mechanisms incentives Incidence incident incident management Incidental learning Inclusion inclusive education inclusive labour market incremental validity incrementele en predictieve validiteit indemnity insurance industry index indicaties Indicators indicators for succesful learning indirect social interaction indirect social navigation Indirect verkoopkanaal ICT indirecte lozingen individu Individual individual & collaborative knowledge building individual action theories individual adaptability individual and collaborative knowledge building social network analysis individual determinants Individual learning individual learning environments Individual learning outcomes individualiteit Individualization of learning individueel leren individuele ontwikkeling Individuele Rehabilitatie Benadering Inductie induction inductive analysis inductive reasoning, intelligence; problem solving; range of transfer inert knowledge infancy Infant Mental Health influence influence of evaluations influencing tactics infobox informal learning Informal feedback Informal Learning informal Lifelong Learning informatie informatie delen informatie zoeken informatie-oriëntatie informatiearchitectuur informatiebehoefte informatiebehoeften Informatiebeveiliging informatiekunde Informatiemanagement informatieprofessionals informatierecht informatiesysteem informatiesystemen informatietechnologie Informatievaardigheden informatieve steun informatieveiligheid informatieverstrekking Informatieverwerking informatievoorziening information Information and communication technologies Information and Communication Technology information channels information discovery Information evaluation information fusion Information literacy information needs information overload information performance Information presentation Information problem solving Information Problem Solving (IPS) Information Problem Solving Ability Information problem-solving information problem-solving skill information quality information retrieval information searching information seeking information sharing information skills information sources information technology information visibility information visualisation information visualization Information- problem solving Information-problem solving informationele rechtvaardigheid informeel leiderschap informeel leren informeel netwerk informeer oefenen informele netwerken informele speelruimtes informeren informeren en scholen infrastructure infrastructure projects infrastructures infrastructuur ingénierie pédagogique inhibitie Inhibitory Control inhoudsvaliditeit initiatief tot persoonlijke groei inkomensbescherming inkoopportfolio inlevingsvermogen inline diagram inloopbeleid innerlijke waarden innovatie innovatie-architectuur Innovatief gedrag innovatief onderwijs innovatief werkgedrag innovatiegedrag innovatiemanagement innovatiestrategieën innovatieve onderwijsaanpak innovatieve situatie innovatievoucher innovation innovation (NPD) Innovation communities innovation knowledge management Innovation platform innovation strategy innovation-diffusion theory innovative products innovative secondary vocational education innoveren Inputlog Inquiry Based Learning inquiry-based attitude inquiry-based learning inquiry-based-learning Inrichting onderwijspraktijk inrichtingsvrijheid inserted questions insolventie insolventierecht insolventiewet insourcing Inspanningsintolerantie Inspectie van de Gezondheidszorg inspiratie Inspiring Science Education installatie installation Installation guide instandhouding instantiatieprocedures instellingstoets instituties Institution institutional complexity Institutional logics instiutionele complexiteit Instructie instructiefilm instructieontwerp instructierecht instructieteksten instruction Instruction and learning instruction; realistic mathematics; learning; thinking; pupils Instructional animations Instructional design instructional design model Instructional design models instructional designers instructional desing approach Instructional efficiency Instructional Intent Instructional Management System Instructional Method Instructional Models instructional principles instructional strategy instructional support instructional systems approach instructional systems design approach instrumentalism instrumentalisme instrumentele steun Instrumentontwikkeling intake Intake procedure integrated approach Integrated Change Model integrated environment integrated infrastructure Integrated Quality Assurance integrated school development integratie integratie technologie Integrating individual differences Integrating learner differences Integrating learning differences integration Integration Dimensions integration software Integrative Model of Behavior Prediction integriteit integriteitsbeoordelingen intellectual ability intellectueel intellectuele autonomie intellectuele eigendomsrechten intelligence intelligence; malleability; verbal IQ; performance IQ; memory; assessment of intelligence intelligence; social competence intelligence; transfer; training; inductive reasoning; elementary school intelligent agents intelligent social agents intelligent tutor Intelligent tutoring system Intelligent Tutoring Systems intelligentie Intensive Care Intensive Care/Critical Care intentie intention intention to learn intention to resign membership intention-behavior gap intention-behaviour gap intentional behaviors intentional learning intentions Inter Organization Relationship inter- and transdisciplinary skills inter-animation inter-organisatorische relaties interactie-effect interactief interactief whiteboard interaction Interaction Design interaction effects interactional justice interactionele rechtvaardigheid interactionele rechtvaardigheidseffecten interactive communication Interactive control interactive learning Interactive learning environments Interactive services interactive systems interactive training interbeoordelaarsbetrouwbaarheid Interbestuurlijk toezicht interchangeability intercultural communicative competence intercultural competence intercultural skills interculturele vaardigheden interdependence interdisciplinarity interesse Interest Interface Interface Design interface-ontwerp interfaces Interfaz InterFedora interfirm relationships intergemeentelijke strategische samenwerking interimmanagers intermediates intern ondernemerschap intern toezicht internal deliverable Internal Problems Internal Staff project internalisation and socialisation internaliserende gedragsproblemen internaliserende problematiek internaliserende problemen internalization internalizing problems internationaal publiekrecht internationaal recht internationaal strafhof internationaal strafrecht international International Court of Justice Internationale Arbeidsorganisatie internationale beschermingsvloer internationale hulporganisaties Internationale Schakelklas (ISK) internationale verdragen internationalisering interne kwaliteitszorg interne markt internet Internet of Things Internet Service Providers Internet-based monitoring Internet-based survey internetbankieren internetprovider interoperabiliteit interoperability interoperability of educational (sub) systems Interoperability of learning objects interorganisatorische relatie interorganizational relation interpersonal level interpersonal ties interpersonal trust interpersoonlijk circumplex interpersoonlijke rechtvaardigheid interpersoonlijke stijl interpersoonlijke theorie Interpretability interpretatie interpretatiebias interpretaties interpretatieve mediatie Interpretation and Judgmental Questionnaire (IJQ) interpretation bias interreg Interuniversitair Centrum voor Onderwijswetenschappen interventie Interventieonderzoek interventies intervention intervention competence Intervention Mapping Intervention research Interventions interviews intervisie interwidget communication intimacy Intimiteit intolerance of uncertainty Intra-individual variability intranet intrapreneurship Intrinsic and extrinsic indicators Intrinsic indicators intrinsic motivation intrinsic work orientation intrinsieke arbeidsoriëntatie intrinsieke contingente zelfwaardering intrinsieke doelen intrinsieke motivatie intrinsieke waarden Introductie Introduction introversion Intuitive thinking style invariance invention inventiviteit inverted index investeringen investeringsbeleid investeringsbeslissing investeringscrediteuren investeringsmodel investments Invited speech invloed invloed moeder invloed vader invloeden invloedstactieken van Yukl invoerdata invoeren invoering invordering invorderingsbeschikking inzagerecht IOR IOR's hoger onderwijs consortia (HO-consortia) relatie iPad ipad pilot IPAQ IPD Juridisch iPhone IPO IPPC IPTS IQ IRM iron IS ISBNPA Iselinge Hogeschool Iselinge project ISIS islamradicalisering ISO ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9241 ISO/IEC 19796-1 isomorfe opgaven issues istributed learning environments it IT governance IT knowledge IT learning IT networks it proces IT projects IT security IT-afdelingen IT-dienstverlener IT-domein IT-enabled-business-innovation IT-Governance IT-knowledge it-organisatie IT-outsourcing IT-Outsourcing kosten-batenafweging IT-portfolio gezondheid IT-portfoliomanagement IT-Professionals IT-servicemanager IT-sourcing IT-systemen IT-transformatie Item Response Item Response Theory itembanking iteratief ITIL iTunes U iustum pretium IVBPR IVRK J2EE jaarrekeningbeleid jaarrekeningen Jaarverslag Jacques De Visscher Jakob Nielsen jaloezie Janusz Korczak Japan Java java applet Java enterprise component technology javadoc Javascript JavaScript programming jazz JD-R model JD-R-model JDR-model jealousy jealousy, jeugdbeleid jeugdhulprecht jeugdigen Jeugdwet jeugdzorg Jheronimus Bosch Jigsaw JIME JISC job analysis Job Characteristics Model job control Job Demand Control-model (JDC-model) Job Demand-Control (Support) model Job Demand-Resources (JD-R) model Job Demands Job Demands - Resources Model (JD-R model) Job Demands-Recources (JD-R) model Job Demands-Resources job demands-resources model Job Demands–Resources model job insecurity job performance Job Resources Job satisfaction job search Job-Demand-Control Model Johnmarshall Reeve Joint venture - Joint venture control - JV control - Control - Management control - Family business Familiebedrijven - Control mechanisms Controlmechanismen - Tightness of control Mate van control - Focus of control Focus van control JOL Jonassen Jonge Adolescenten Jonge Kind jongeren jongvolwassenen Josep journalistiek journals json JTEL JTELSS judgment judgment and decision making judgment of learning judgments of learning Judicial Officers juridisch dienstverlener juridische grondslag juridische positie werknemers juridische status ongeboren kind juridische werkzaamheden jurisprudentie jurisprudentieonderzoek naar zorgplicht banken jurist-mediator Just World theorie Just-in-time information Just-in-time information presentation just-in-time learning justice justitiële dwalingen Justitiële keten JXTA jxtapose k-means clustering kaderstelling kanker Kanker Nazorg Wijzer kankerincidentie kankeroverlevenden Kano-model Kansen voor het e-book in het onderwijs kantooromgeving karakteristieken Karasek kasstroomoverzicht Kasurinen kenmerken kenmerken effectief schoolleiderschap basisonderwijs kenmerken open onderwijs kennis kennis delen kennis en vaardigheden kennis van rekenen-wiskunde kennisbasis kennisbenutting kennisclips kenniscomponenten kennisdelen kennisdeling kennisdomeinen kenniseconomie kennisintensief kennismanagement kennismodel kennisneming Kennisnet kennisopbouw kennisproductie kennisproductiviteit kennisstructuur kennistransfer kennisverwerving kerk kerkgangers kerkrecht kernwoorden keten ketendossier keteninformatiesystemen keteninformatisering keuze-informatie keuzecriteria Keuzegedrag keuzemogelijkheden keuzeprocessen keuzevrijheid Kew Key Account Management Key Account Management activities key competences key competenes key performance indicator Key words Person-Job fit, P-J fit Person-Organization fit, P-O fit Service Oriented Organizational Citizenship Behavior, SO-OCB Job tenure Age Working place Perceived Self report Functieverblijfsduur Leeftijd Plaats van tewerkstelling Ervaren zelfbeoordeling Key words: accreditation, evaluation, responsiveness, elaboration, attitude, attitude valence, attitude change, motivation, self-determination theory, behaviour, theory of reasoned behaviour, higher education Sleutelwoorden: accreditatie, evaluatie, responsiviteit, elaboratie, attitude, attitudevalentie, attitudeverandering, motivatie, zelfdeterminatie theorie, gedrag, theorie van beredeneerd gedrag, hoger onderwijs Key words: Happiness, Subjective Well-Being, Behavioural finance, Investment Decisions, Emotions, Heuristics, Mood misattribution, Qualitative Research, Pattern Matching Key words: performance information, performance management, factors of influence, forms of usage, usage, public sector, The Netherlands, police. Key words: SHRM, HR attributions, Communication, LMX Keynote Keyword keyword extraction keywords Keywords Competencies, Change and Implementation Management, Picture, Middle Managers, Military Keywords: affect heuristic, economic crisis, crisis situation, decision making process, loan officers, credit lending process Keywords: budgeting practices, budgeting paradox, Evolutionary Adoption Framework, adoption processes, change. Keywords: Buyers-supplier relationships, External uncertainties, Performance, Social Capital Keywords: Career management, Aging Workforce, Sustainable Labor Market Participation Keywords: cognitive dissonance, online shopping, dissonance theory, online consumer behaviour Keywords: eHealth, mental healthcare, healthcare professionals, willingness to change, TAM-model, perceived usefulness, perceived usability, AMO theory, capability, motivation, opportunity, DINAMO-model, attitude, subjective norm and behavioral control. Keywords: evaluation influence, health care organization, process use evaluation, mechanisms Keywords: Franchisees, Control complexity, Controlmechanism, Behaviour control, Trust, Social control Keywords: Illusion of Control, capital budgeting, property development. Keywords: Multichannel management, investeringen, angstdispositie, loss aversion Keywords: perceptie, voedselveiligheid, consument, vlees Keywords: proactivity, age, stereotype, sustainable labour participation Keywords: social enterprise, entrepreneurship, business performance, entrepreneurial orientation, social value orientation Keywords: Stakeholder theory, supply chain relationships, closed-loop supply chain, closed-loop supply chain collaboration, trust and commitment, empirical study. Keywords: Strategic human resource management, commitment, communication, intended HRM, perceived HRM, HRM value chain. Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, lifelong learning, workability, vitality, age Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, vitality, workability, social capital, collaboration, trust, justice, recognition and measurement Introduction: Sustainable labour participation is increasingly in the spotlight. Social Capital, a well-known phenomenon in social sciences, is also becoming more and more relevant in organizational studies. The objective of this study is to explore to what extent the elements of social capital: collaboration, trust and justice, are related to the components of sustainable labour participation: employability, vitality and workability. Keywords: Use of feedback systems, Electronic Market, trust, distrust, reliability, intention to buy, Dutch banking, online banking. Keywords; netwerkmanagementactiviteiten, procesmanagementstrategieën, netwerkeffectiviteit, governance netwerken. Abstract; Khan Academy Kick-off kick-off January kick-off wp1 kick-off wp3 kick-off wp9 kidspiration kiezen voor verandering kiezersgedrag KiFiD Kind kinderbeschermingsmaatregel kinderbeschermingsmaatregelen kinderen kinderen en adolescenten kinderen van ouders met psychische problemen (KOPP) kindergarten kinderloosheid kinderopvang kinderrechten kinderwens kindgerichte onderzoeksmethode kindsoldaten Kinect klaar voor verandering klachtdelict klachtenbehandeling klachtenprocedure klachtplicht klachtrecht klachtrecht Awb klachtvereiste klant klant contact centrum klanten klantenwaardering klantfocus klantgerichtheid klanttevredenheid klas Klassenmanagement kleine en middelgrote gemeenten, milieutaken, kwaliteit, samenwerkingsvormen kleine ondernemer klimaatverandering kloof KNAW knelpunten bij de informatie-uitwisseling in de Justitiële keten know-how transfer knowladge management Knowledge Knowledge acquisition knowledge actions knowledge and beliefs Knowledge and Competence Management knowledge building knowledge collaboration knowledge communities knowledge creation knowledge dating Knowledge Development Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Ecology Knowledge elicitation knowledge learning knowledge management knowledge management in virtual communities Knowledge Management issues related to competence development Knowledge Management Standards Knowledge management tools knowledge network Knowledge Object (KO) Knowledge Object Model knowledge poor approach knowledge representation Knowledge Resource knowledge resource sharing Knowledge Resource Sharing and Management Knowledge Resource System Management (KRSM) Knowledge Resource Types Knowledge resources knowledge rich approach knowledge rich approaches Knowledge sharing knowledge sharing and management knowledge sharing strategies knowledge sharing strategies for collaborative creativity knowledge society knowledge transfer knowledge work knowledge worker knowledge worker roles knowledge-creation knowlege knowlege management Kobe Naesens (KN) koersreactie Kolb koning koninklijk huis koop koopovereenkomst Koper kortdurende behandeling korte termijn geheugen kosten kostenbesparing kostenefficientie kostengerichte situatie kostenverhaal Krachtige leeromgeving Kraljic'leverage quadrant krediet kredietcrisis kredieten kredietverlening kritieke factoren kritisch rationalisme kritische succesfactoren KRService KRService v.0.3 KRService v.0.4 KRService v.1.0 KRSM KS4CC Kwalitatief onderzoek kwalitatieve aansluiting Kwaliteit kwaliteit van de arbeid kwaliteit van de rekenwiskunde-instructie Kwaliteit van Leven kwaliteit van leven, existentiele zingeving, chronische lymfatische leukemie Kwaliteit van zorg Kwaliteitsbeoordeling kwaliteitsborging kwaliteitscriteria toetsen kwaliteitsdoelstellingen kwaliteitseigenschappen kwaliteitseisen kwaliteitsindicatoren kwaliteitskader kwaliteitskenmerken kwaliteitsmodel kwaliteitszorg kwalititeitssystemen kwetsbaarheid kwetsbaarheidsrisico L-vormen l3t laag sociaal economische status LaaN Lab labor market institutions labor market success laboratorium laboratoriummedewerkers Laboratory labour market institutions labour market position labour market success LACE laesio enormis lage loonlanden lage-rugklachten lage-rugpijn lager opgeleid lager opgeleiden laissez-faire leiderschap lak17 LAK2014 Landelijke omvang Landelijke onderzoekschool landscape langauge arts lange termijn strategieën lange/korte termijn geheugen lange-termijn veranderingen langetermijnrelatie language language barrier Language Learning language of participation language parsing and understanding language skills language technologie language technologies Language technology language technology tools language use language-technology languaje technologies laptops large-scale online courses LASER LASI Amsterdam LASI13 Latent Dirichlet Allocation latent semantic analysis latent semantic indexing latent structure latentieleeftijd latere levensfasen laudatio Law law education law students laws layar LCMS LCPUFA LD LD Authoring LD Runtime LD tools and architectures Leader Member Exchange (LMX) leader membership exchange leader sense making Leader-Member Exchange theorie (LMX) Leadership leadership behaviour Leadership Buy-in leadership practices leadership style Lean Manufacturing Lean Six Sigma Lean Software Development LEAN/TOC-verandering learn@WU Learner Analytics learner centric design learner characteristics Learner choice Learner control learner control; Learner engagement Learner information packaging learner interaction Learner involvement learner model learner modeling learner monitoring learner network learner performance learner positioning learner profile learner profiling Learner support Learner support in serious games learner support service learner tracking learner-support learners difficult to reach learners at-risk learners difficult to reach Learning Learning & Cognition learning achievements learning activities learning activity learning agility Learning Analytics learning analytics framework Learning and Cognition learning and instruction learning arrangement learning biography Learning by doing Learning by imitation Learning by observing learning challenges learning communities Learning community Learning Context learning dashboard learning dashboards learning design Learning Design player Learning Design Studio Learning Design Toolkit Learning differences learning ecology learning ecosystems learning editors learning effectiveness Learning efficiency Learning Environment learning environments learning experiences Learning flow Learning for Sustainable Development learning from models learning from text learning from working experience learning functions learning game Learning history learning in a learning network learning in context Learning Innovations learning interfaces Learning Lab learning landscape learning learnweb2.0 learnweb learning management Learning Management System Learning Management systems learning materials learning media learning methods learning modes learning needs analysis Learning Network Learning networks Learning Networtks Learning Object Learning Object Economy Learning Object Metadata learning object repositories learning object repository Learning Objects learning opportunities learning organization learning outcome Learning outcomes learning outcomes analysis learning path Learning Path Description Learning Path Editor learning path specification learning paths Learning Pathways learning patterns learning performance learning possibilities learning process modelling Learning Processes Modelling Learning Providers learning pulse Learning quality learning record store Learning Resource Meta-data learning resources learning results Learning Scenario learning scenarios learning science Learning Sciences Learning service learning situations learning spaces Learning Standards Learning strategies learning style learning styles learning support learning task selection learning tasks Learning teams Learning technlogies learning technologies learning technology Learning technology specification learning technology specifications Learning technology standards Learning to learn Learning Tracks learning trajectory Learning Virtual Environment LearnWeb LearnWeb 2.0 LearnWeb 2.0 v. 1.0 LearnWeb v. 1.0 LearnWeb v.0.3 LearnWeb v.0.4 LearnWeb v.1.0 learnweb2.0 LearnWeb2.0 v0.3 lecture Lecture Capture Systeem Lecture Capture system leefstijl Leefstijl, brein en leren leeftijd leeftijdsdiscriminatie Leerachterstanden leeractiviteit Leeractiviteiten ontwerpen Leeractiviteitespreferenties leerbaarheid leerbenadering leercultuur in organisatie leerdoelen Leerdoeloriëntatie leereffecten leerfase leergebiedoverschrijdende eindtermen leergebiedoverschrijdende eindtermen, toekomstbestendig onderwijs, zelfevaluatie, schoolbeleid, basisonderwijs leergemeenschappen leerkrachten leerkrachtinstructie leerkrachtvertrouwen Leerlingen Leerlingverschillen leerlingverzorgenden leermaterialen Leermogelijkheden leermotivatie Leernetwerk leernetwerken Leernetwerken voor professionals leerobjecten leeromgeving leeromgevingen Leeropbrengsten Leerpad Editor leerpad specificatie leerpaden leerpotentieel van de werkplek leerprocessen leerresultaten leerstijl Leerstijlen leerstrategieen Leerstrategieën leertaken leertechnologie leertechnologie standaarden Leertechnologiespecificaties leertechnologiestandaarden leerteksten leertheorie Leertheorieën leertraject Leervoorkeuren Leervoorsprongen leerwinst leesniveau leesstrategie leesvaardigheid LEF 2016 legacy tools legacy-systeem Legal domain legal reasoning legal rights legitimacy legitimiteit legitimiteit van de leider leiden van een scholengemeenschap leiderschap leiderschapsgedrag leiderschapsstijl leiderschapstheorie leiderschapstijl leidinggeven leidinggevende leidinggevenden leken lekenrechtspraak LELLE Lensky Education Forum Leonardoleerling Leonardoschool Leraar In Opleiding leraarsgedrag, observatie, middelbare school leraren leraren in opleiding lerarenberoep lerarengroepen Lerarenopleiders lerarenopleiding lerarenopleiding basisonderwijs lerarenopleiding primair onderwijs lerarenopleidingen lerarenregister lerarenuniversiteit leren leren en ontwikkeling leren in het werk leren reflecteren Leren van leerkrachten leren-thuis interferentie (LTI) Lerende organisatie lerende teams Lernstrategien lesmateriaal lespakket Lessons learned letsel letselschade letter assessment Level B level C level of prior knowledge levenlang leren Levenlang leren diensten levenseinde levenslang Levenslang leren levensloop leverancier levers of control lexical analysis Leximancer lezen LGB issues LGB students LGB teachers LHBT leerlingen LHBT personeel Liber library Library professionals Library school license licensing licentieonderhandelingen lichaam lichaamsgewicht lichamelijk herstel Lichamelijke activiteit lichamelijke gezondheidsklachten lichamelijkheid licht licht verstandelijk gehandicapte jeugdigen LieVW Life Cycle Assessment Life Event Life Long Learning life long learning strategies Life-long competence development life-long learning lifelong lifelong competence and development and management system Lifelong competence development lifelong competence development and management system Lifelong Competence Development Programmes Lifelong learners lifelong learning lifelong learning in the professions lifelong learning networks Liferay lifestyle lifestyle factors liflelong learning light lijden limburg Limitations linear programming Link tool Link-tool linked data Linked Learning LinkedIn LinkedUp linktool LINQ LINQ Conference Linschoten Linux LIO-student lion lipids LISREL method listige kunstgrepen literacy Literature review literatuuronderzoek live patiëntsimulatie LLL lmp lms LMX LN4LD loadability tests loan conitions Local seminar localisation Localization locatiegebaseerde diensten location based systems location-based games location-based learning location-based software locatory locus of control log analysis log file analysis log files log-file analysis log-files loggin logging logistic regression logistic regression analysis logistics logistics outsourcing logistiek logistiek dienstverleners Logistieke Service Provider lokale overheid LOM long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids long tail of learning long term mating Long Thread long-term commitment willingness longitudinaal toetsen longitudinal longitudinal analysis Longitudinal research Longitudinal study longitudinale studie longkanker loondoorbetaling loonsanctie Loopbaan loopmeditatie loss aversion lotgenotencontact Lothian Birth Cohort Lotus Learning Space lower rank approximation loyaliteit Loyalty LPCEL Lsa LSP LT4D LTFLL LTfLL tools LTfLLL LTI LTP luchtverkeersleiding luchtvervuiling Lunchmeeting Lurkers lurking LVE Lyme-borreliosis Lyon Læringsfestivalen m-learning maakproces Maarten Vansteenkiste Maastricht Aging Study maatregelen maatschap maatschappelijk risico maatschappelijk rolpatroon maatschappelijke haalbaarheid maatschappelijke hulpverlening maatschappelijke participatie maatschappelijke schade mace MACE project machine learning machtsgevoelens mahout MAI MAI-Tagung mainstream primary schools majesteitsschennis majorization make-or-buy maken van aantekeningen malafide constructies malingering managed learning environments management management accountant management accounting change Management Accounting Research management coaching; quasi-experiment; outcome experiences; self-efficacy management control Management Control System management control systemen management controle management controle systemen management education Management Fashion Management Systems managementconcepten managementinformatie managementvaardigheden managen manager managers mannen en vrouwen mantelzorg mantelzorgers manual manuals manuele therapie many person Mapping Margen of Appreciation marine marine spatial planning systems maritiem market market characteristics market orientation market research marketer-engineer conflict marketing markt marktwerking Martha Nussbaum martkverkenning mash up mash-up mashup Mashup for Learning mashups Maslow pyramid mass customization massaschade Massing massive open online course massive open online courses massive-open online courses Master active learning Master Class Master programme Master students Masterclass Masteropleiding Masteropleiding Actief Leren masterscriptie matching material materiality Math performance Math self-concept Mathematics mating strategies Matlab Matrijzen matrix factorization maturiteitsmodel Maturity Maturity model maturity models MBCT mbo mbo niveau 4 MBSR MBTI MCenS MCS MDA Mean Length of Utterance meaning in life meaningful learning Meaningfulness measurement measurement instrument mechanics mechatronic system mededelingsplicht mededelingsplicht van verkoper mededinging medeplegen medewerker Medewerkers medezeggenschap media media archive Media Asset Service media in education Media Library mediacode mediakeuze Medialab mediatie mediation mediationvaardigheden mediator mediators mediawijsheid medical distance education medical education medical error medical expertise medical interventions medical students medical teacher medicine medicine2.0 medisch specialisten medische aansprakelijkheid meditatie mediumneutraliteit Meerdere teksten meerpartijenverhouding meerwaarde meetinstrument meetinstrumenten meetmethodiek meetsysteem MEFAB megastal meisjesbesnijdenis memantine Membership Memorandum of Understanding memoriam memory memory compensation questionnaire Mendeley Mening meningsuiting menopauze menskosten mental action, sociohistorical theory, internalization, zone of proximal development, Vygotsky mental efficiency mental efficiency, mental effort mental effort, mental fatigue mental health mental model mental wellbeing mentale gezondheid mentale veerkracht mentale weerbaarheid merken merkgebruik MERLOT MESI meta cognition Meta Model meta-analysis meta-cognition meta-learning Metabola Metabola Game metacognitie metacognities Metacognition metacognitive self-regulation Metacognitive skillfulness metacognitive skills metacognitive strategies metacogntion metadata metadata editor metadata enrichment metadata harvesting Metaforen metageheugen metalearning metalektro Metalogue metamodel Metamodeling meten & analyse meten en meetkunde methane emissions method method comparison Method of Ba-Brahem Methode Methode van onderzoek methoden methodisch ontwerpen en ontwikkelen methodological triangulation Methodologie Methodologies Survey Methodology methods metingen Metrics metrieken Michael Gove Michigan Stressmodel Micro Change micro-architectures micro-onderzoek Microbial Assessment Scheme microblogging Microcontroller Microcosmos microgenetic Microphone microplastics, plastic soep, plastic afval, micro-beads, thermoplastics, macroplastics, plastic vervuiling, fragmentatie, degradatie, vrijkomende chemicaliën, zoetwater middel middelbaar beroepsonderwijs middelbare scholieren middeleeuwse medische praktijk middelengebruik middelengerelateerde stoornissen middelgrote organisaties middelmanagement middelmanager midden- en kleinbedrijf midden-manager middenkader engineering middenmanagement middenmanagemer middenmanager middenmanagerment middenmanagers middle age middle layer middle management middle managers middleware laag midlife MIEF migranten migratiebeleid Mijn Onderwijsdiensten mild intellectual disability milestone milieubeheer milieubeleid milieuhandhaving milieumanagementsysteem milieurecht milieuvergunning milieuzonering militaire besluitvorming militairen Millennials Mimetic isomorphism mind tools mindedness minderjarige kind Mindful Attention Awareness Scale mindfulness Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Mindfulness based stress reduction mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) mindfulness, eenzaamheid Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction; Stutterers; Stress; Anxiety; Self-Efficacy, Coping, Locus of Control mindfulness-vaardigheden mindfulnesstraining mindsets mindtools mineralen – silicaat - koolstofdioxide – insluiting - opslag – olivijn – verwering – peridotiet – climate engineering – minerale CO2-binding – klimaatverandering - CDR miniconferentie Minimization mining ministeries ministeriële verantwoordelijkheid Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 mirror neuron system mirror neurons Mirror-neuron system mirroring Misaggregation misbruik misbruik van een machtspositie misdrijf mixed methods mixed reality mixed-reality mkb mle MLE, managed learning environment mlearn MLQ MLU MMPI-2 MMSE MNC mobi mobiel Mobiel leren mobiel spel mobiele technologie mobiele telefoon mobiele telefoons mobiele toestellen mobile mobile app mobile applications mobile apps mobile apps in health mobile authoring mobile collaboration mobile content mobile devices mobile e-health mobile game design patterns mobile games mobile health mobile health technology Mobile information delivery mobile inquiry based learning mobile learning mobile media Mobile notifications Mobile performance support system mobile platform mobile serious games mobile social software Mobile support Mobile supported collaborative learning mobile technologies mobile technology mobile usage habits mobile usage patterns mobile-learning mobilisation Moble Learning modality Model model elicitation model evaluation model Kasurinen Model progression model quality model Tak Model texts Model van beredeneerd gedrag model-based testing Model-driven development Modelado modeleren en formaliseren modeling modeling examples Modeling software Modellen modellen voor kwaliteitszorg modelleren modelleringstaal modelling Modelling education support Modellizzazione Didattica modelmatige aanpak modelos didacticas models Models of learning models of reflection modern architecture moderne arbeidsbestel modularisation module moeder - kind relatie moeder-dochterrelatie moedermaatschappij moeders moeilijk-te-behandelen ernstig astma Mokken Scale Molecule momentaan negatief affect momentaan positief affect Mondriaan monitor monitored repository monitoring Monitoring kwaliteit Monsterbond monte carlo Monte Carlo Simulations Montesquieu MOOC MOOC platform MOOCBLOU MOOCKnowledge moocs mood Moodle Moodle plugins Moon MOOQ Moral evaluations Moral judgments morality morele en strafreacties morele waarden morele woede Moscow mothers motieven Motivatie motivatie om te stoppen met roken Motivation motivation to contribute Motivational aspects motivational interviewing motivationele factoren Motivationele oriëntatie motivationele stadium motivations motiveringsvoorschrift art. 359 lid 7 Sv motives motives for violent behaviour motor control mouse position movement MSI MTHFR polymorphisms muizen multi Multi agents architectures multi project environment multi-actor learning network multi-agent multi-agent simulation Multi-agent Standards Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis multi-document comprehension multi-family groups multi-level latent variable model Multi-media learning multi-method triangulation multi-modal dialogue systems multi-object genetisch algoritme Multi-organizational partnerships multi-platform learning scenarios Multi-role Multi-role game-design multi-stage services Multi-user Multi-user games Multi-variable multicultureel multidimensional scaling multidisciplinary development multifactorieel model multilateral project Multilevel analysis Multilevel Contextual Learning Theory Multilevel design Multilevel design and theory multilevel governance Multilevel ICT-based support multilevel improvement of early education Multilevel modelling multilevel research Multilevel theory multilingual multilinguality multimedia Multimedia design multimedia learning multimedia leren multimedia practical multimedia practicals multimedia terminal multimedia-guide Multimethod assessment multimodaal Multimodal data Multimodal Dialogue multimodal emotion recognition Multimodal Interfaces multimodal learning application multinational multinationals Multiniveau onderwijssystematiek Multiniveau theoretisch ontwerp Multiple Sclerose Multiple Sclerosis multiple texts Multiplication fact fluency Multiplication performance Multiplication strategies multisite evaluation Multitasking municpalities MUPPLE museum museum education museum learning museum, archive museums, galleries, and archives Music music information seeking music reading musical creativity musical projects musicus Mutual Support Muziek muziekgeneratie muziekinterventie Muziektheater Muziektheaterperformer muzikale motieven Myspace mysql n-3 fatty acids N-back task nabijheid Zoekend Gedrag nadeelcompensatie Naesens nalaten nalevingstoezicht Named Entity Recognition narcisme Nascholing nationaal vertrouwensbeginsel national culture National research Nationale ombudsman nationale omgevingswetgeving nationaliteit native Natural conversational interaction natural language interaction natural language interactions Natural Language Processing naturalisme natuur Natuurbeschermingswet 1998 natuurrecht Navarrete navigatie navigatie-elementen navigatie-instrumenten navigation Navigation Service navigation support navigation support tool navigational support nazorg Near Field Communication Near-Field-Communication Nederland Nederlands-Chinese samenwerking Nederlandse Bank Nederlandse gemeenten Nederlandse Norm voor gezond bewegen Nederlandse ondernemingen Nederlandse Openbaar Vervoersorganisaties Nederlandse ziekenhuizen Need for Cognition needs Needs analysis Needs Assessment neerslachtigheid neerwaartse vergelijking Negatief Affect negatieve emoties negatieve levensgebeurtenissen negatieve symptomen negative affect negative emotions negative knowledge Negative symptoms negotation Negotiation negotiation of meaning negotiation of position Negotiation tools nekpijn NEN NEO-FFI NET generation Netherlands netlogo netneutraliteit netten netwerk netwerk infrastructuurdesign netwerk leren netwerkarchitectuur netwerken netwerken binnen en buiten de organisatie netwerkleren netwerkorganisatie netwerkvirtualisatie network network analysis Network based learning network centralization Network Enterprise Architecture Management network management Network of Excellence Network Visualization network; networkeffectiveness; inter-municipal network; case study networked configuration for learning networked innovation Networked learning Networked Learning Communities Networking networking skills networks netwworked learning neural networks neurocognitieve klachten neuropsychiatrische symptomen neuropsychological intervention Neuroticisme neurovegetative complaints neurowetenschappen new forms of assessment new information New Institutional Sociology New Institutional perspective Performance management systems Institutional logics Loose couplings New Institutionalism New learning New Public Management new service development Newcomer integration news recommendation NFC nformation processing speed NGOs ngstcommunicatie NHL Hogeschool Niche nicotine afhankelijkheid nicotine vervangende pleisters Nidia NIE niet-aangeboren hersenletsel niet-openbare gronden Nieuwe technologie Nieuwe werken Nigeria Nijmeegse scooter Nitrate – nitrification – denitrification – ecosystem – river – wetlands – estuarine – floodplain niveau 1 en 2 NLP NLP techniques NNTP no-fault node sequence NoE noise noiv nominale groepstechniek non formal learning non formeel leren Non Functional requirements Non Player Character non-actiefstelling non-aversieve benadering non-conformiteit Non-expert authors Non-formal learning non-formeel leren non-gouvernementele organisatie non-life insurance companies in the Netherlands Non-linear Document non-profit organisatie non-profit organisaties non-profitorganisaties non-profits non-sustainable companies Nonverbal Communication noodbevoegdheden noodplannen Noorse Psychologie Studenten NORA Norm gezond bewegen normactieve beweging normalisatie normalisering normatieve rechtswetenschap Normative isomorphism normbesef normen & waarden norms North Sea Notation Notification notification system notifications noviceproject novices NOx NPD NPD (new product development) NR2F2 NRO NRO/NWO nsd NTA 2035 nucleolus NUFFIC number sense number skills numeracy Nurses nursing home nursing home residents Nursing students Nursing students, communinstrument validation nutrion Nutrition nuttigheid OAI-ORE OAI-PMH OAI-PMH target OAIS Obesitas object Object diagram objectief objectief nadeel objectieve gezondheid objectieve indicatoren objectieve rechtvaardiging objectively measured Observatie Observational learning Observerend leren obstacles OCB Occupational Health Physicians Occupational identification Occupational identity occupational labour markets OCM octrooirecht ODL ODS ody mass index OEB 2016 OEB2009 oefening met eigen casuÏstiek OEP oer officier van justitie offshore offshoring OICS oil and gas industry Old Institutional Economics older jobseekers older people Oleg olieraffinaderijen OLÉ Omega-3 fatty acids Omega-3 Index omgangseffectueringsmaatregelen omgangsontzeggingsgronden omgangsproblematiek omgangsrecht omgangsregeling omgeving omgevingsdomeinen Omgevingsfactoren omgevingskenmerken omgevingsplan omgevingsrecht omgevingsvergunning Omgevingswet omkeringsregel Omnimark omstanders omvang on line leren on-demand educatio On-demand education on-line community on-line educational event on-line masterclass oncologische revalidatie onderbouwde keuze onderhoud onderhoudbaarheid onderhoudsplichten onderhoudswerk ondernemingen ondernemingsplannen ondernemingsraad ondernemingsrecht onderpresteren ondersteunende informatie ondersteunende leeromgeving ondersteuning ondertoezichtstelling (OTS) ondervragingsrecht onderwijaanpak Onderwijs Onderwijs ontwerpen onderwijs-arbeidsmarkt onderwijsaanpak Onderwijsarrangement onderwijsarrangementen Onderwijsbeleid onderwijscomponenten onderwijsconcept Onderwijsconcepten Onderwijsdifferentiatie onderwijsdossier onderwijseenheden onderwijseenheid onderwijseffectviteit onderwijsevaluatie Onderwijsinnivatie Onderwijsinnovatie onderwijsinstelling onderwijsinstellingen onderwijskunde onderwijskundig ontwerp onderwijskundig ontwerponderzoek onderwijsleertheorie onderwijsmanager onderwijsmateriaal onderwijsmodel onderwijsmodellen onderwijsonderzoek onderwijsontwerp Onderwijsontwikkeling onderwijsontwikkelingsmethodieken onderwijspraktijk onderwijsproces Onderwijsprojecten en -thema's Onderwijssystematiek Onderwijstechnologie onderwijsvernieuwing Onderwijswetenschapp onderwijswetenschappen onderzoek onderzoek doen onderzoekend leren onderzoekschool Onderzoekscompetentie onderzoekscompetenties Onderzoekseenheid onderzoeksmethoden en statistiek onderzoeksmogelijkheden onderzoeksplan onderzoeksplicht onderzoeksplicht van koper onderzoeksproject onderzoekstechnieken onderzoeksvraag Onderzoeksvraagstelling one year report oneerlijke mededinging oneigenlijk gebruik onevenredigheid onevenredigheid in prestaties ongeschreven regels ongevallen Onkunde Onlin online online assessment online cognitieve gedragstherapie Online Communities online community Online consultation Online Courses online database Online Educa Berlin online education online educational resources online entertainment Online evaluation online identity online informatie online intelligentietest Online knowledge communities online learner identity Online learning online learning environments online masterclass Online masterclass 29 mei - 5 juni 2013 online masterclass 4-11 december 2012 online masterclass 6-13 juni 2012 online masterclass gegeven op 30 maart 2012 online masterclass gegeven op 9 maart 2012 online networking Online problem-solving Online questionnaire online repositories online sociale netwerken online Strooptaak online support online teaching online training online tutoring online-lecture onmiddellijkheidsbeginsel onrechtmatig onrechtmatige besluiten onrechtmatige daad onrechtmatige overheidsdaad onrechtmatigheid onroerende zaken onschuldpresumptie onset of burnout; pastors; clergy; work pressure ontbinding ontbindingsprocedure huurovereenkomst ontbreken specifieke basis ontbureaucratisering ontdekkend leren onteigening ontheffing onthullen ontnemen wederrechtelijk verkregen voordeel ontological knowledge ontologie gebaseerde annotatie ontologies ontology ontology alignment ontplooiing Ontplooiingskansen ontrouw ontslag ontslag van de IC ontslagrecht ontsluiting ontvankelijkheidscriterium ontvrienden ontwerp ontwerpbeslissingen ontwerpen Ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van onderwijs ontwerpen van onderwijs ontwerpen, evaluatie, afstandsonderwijs ontwerpen, trainingen, docentgedrag, experiment ontwerpmethodiek ontwerprichtlijnen ontwikkelen Ontwikkeling ontwikkelingsmethodieken ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden ontwikkelingsperspectief ontzetting onvoldoende verklaarde lichamelijke klachten onzekerheden Oorzaken schoolproblemen Op weg naar een model voor het leren organiseren van digitale informatie opbrengstgericht onderwijs Opbrengstgericht werken Opbrengstgericht werken, Data-Driven Teaching, Doelen stellen, Feedback geven, Bijsturen aan de hand van studievoortgang, Differentiëren Opeduca open Open access Open and Distance Learning Open Architecture open badges Open content open courseware open curriculum design open data Open Data Ecosysteem open data in education Open Discovery Space open education open educational practices Open Educational Resources Open ICOPER Content Space open innovatie Open Innovation Open Juridische Hogeschool open learner models open learning Open Learning Environment Open learning environments Open Learning Materials Open Lectures Open leren Open Management Open Onderwijsmateriaal open online course open online education Open online learning open online onderwijs open platforms Open Schools open science open social api open source open source software open sources Open specifications Open Standards open universiteit Open Universities Open University open web data Open Wonderlands openbaar belang openbaar bestuur openbaar onderwijs openbaarheid openbaarheid van bestuur openbare ordehandhaving OpenCourseWare OpenDCME OpenDock OpenED Openheid Openly available tools openness Openness as Default openness to experience OpenScout OpenU OpenupEd operational partnership operational performance operationalisations operationaliseren operationele processen opgeëiste persoon opiniemakers opinievorming opinion mining Opleiden in de School opleiding opleiding Duaal/Digitaal opleidingen opleidingenkaartontwikkelprocedure opleidingsadviseurs opleidingsbeleid Opleidingsniveau opleidingsvisie oplichting oplichtingsmiddel oplossingen OPO oppervlaktewateren opportunity to perform oprechtheid oprichting opruiming opsporing opsporingsbevoegdheden opstalaansprakelijkheid Opstroom optieregelingen Optimaal onderwijs Optimaal onderzoek Optimal Edcuation Optimal Education optimal instructional and learning conditions Optimal school optimaliseren optimaliseren onderwijs Optimaliseren ontwikkelingskansen Optimaliseren van leerprocessen optimaliseren van leren Optimaliserend onderwijs Optimalisering van leerprocessen Optimalisering van onderwijs Optimisme Optimizing the Effectiveness of the 'Read-Recite-Review' Study Strategy in Learning from Text optional activities opvattingen opvoeden opvoeding opvoedingsdimensies Opvoedingsstijl opvoedingsstress ouders opvoedstijl opvoedstijlen ORA oral-motor development orchestrating orchestrating learning orchestration ordening organisatie organisatie-identiteit organisatie-inrichting organisatiebetrokkenheid organisatiecontext organisatiecultuur organisatiecultuurverandering organisatiefactoren organisatiekenmerken organisatiekunde organisatieleren organisatiemodellen organisaties organisatiescenario's organisatietheorie organisatieverandering organisatieveranderingen organisatieveranderingsproces organisatievernieuwing organisation Organisational Change organisational learning Organisational model organisational politics organisationele rechtvaardigheid organisator organisatorische verandering organische reststoffen, houtachtige structuur, biomassa, milieueffecten, beleid, snoei- en rooiafval en Zeeland organiseren organization organization change capability organization for learning organization of education Organizational Capacity organizational career management organizational change Organizational Citizenship Behavior Organizational Commitment organizational culture organizational identification organizational justice Organizational justice, Organizational learning outcomes Organizational Model organizational patterns organizational-learning organizations organizing information Organizing text ideas organsiaties Orientation Oscillations OTEC other-referenced anxiety ouder-kind relatie ouder-therapeut alliantie ouderbetrokkenheid oudere werknemer oudere werknemers ouderen ouderlijk ouderlijke controle ouderlijke investering ouderlijke opvoeding ouderlijke psychosociale stress ouders ouders van NT2-leerlingen ouderschapsplan ouderschapstijl OUNL oursourcing Outcome Outcome Favorability Outcome Questionnaire outcome-expectancies outcome-oriented education Outcome-oriented Learning outcomes Outdoor Learning outlier-detectiemethoden outline Outline tool outline-tool outplacement output points outsourcing overall performance expectation overbescherming overblijvende aansprakelijkheid overconfidence overdraagbaarheid vorderingsrechten overdraagzaamheid overeenkomst overeenkomst en derden overeenkomsten overeenkomstenrecht overeten overgang overgangsrecht overgewicht overheden overheid overheidsaansprakelijkheid overheidsbeleid overheidsingrijpen overheidsinstellingen overheidsorganisatie overheidsorganisaties overheidssteun Overijssel overlevenden van kanker Overleveringswet overlevingscurve Overname overnames Overrapporteren overreding overstappen overstromingen overtuigingen en intentie overview overview learning networks OWL ownership P2P P2P traffic Pabo Pabo-studenten pandrecht PANSS Panthera leo paper prototyping papierloos kantoor para-teachers paracommercialisme paracommercieel Paradata paradox of knowledge structure paradoxes parallellisatie paranoïde symptomen parent-infant interaction parent-report parental bonding parental involvement parenting parenting style Parents' involvement at school parlementaire behandeling Parrot factor parser Part tasks part-task practice participantrollen participatie participatief onderwijsontwerp participatief ontwerp Participatiewet participation Participation and collaboration evaluation participatory design Participatory Instructional Design participatory integrated assessment participatory modelling partner partner commitment partner preferences partneraanwezigheid partnerrelatie partnership partnerships partnervoorkeuren Passend Onderwijs passieve woordenschat pastores; pastoraat; werkbelasting; burnout; zingeving; predikanten patent patent examiner path path analysis Pathfinder pathology pathway pathways PATIENT patient empowerment Patient Engagement Framework patient handover patient safety patienten patiënt simulatie patiënten patiëntenbelang patiëntenrechten patiëntenrichtlijn patiëntenvoorlichting patiënttevredenheid Patronen pattern pattern approach pattern detection pattern extraction Pattern identification pattern language pattern recognition patterns patterns for game design pauliana pausing payload agnostic payrolling PBL PBL 3.0 PCB effecten PCDS pcm PCM services PD (pedagogical patterns) PDE pdp pecha kucha pedagogic effectiveness Pedagogic Framework Pedagogic planner Pedagogical Agent pedagogical flow patterns pedagogical framework pedagogical issues Pedagogical metamodel Pedagogical model Pedagogical model definition Pedagogical Models pedagogical patterns pedagogical recommendations pedagogical scenario pedagogical strategy pedagogical templates pedagogiek Pedagogisch model MOOC design pedagogisch-didactisch bekwaam Pedagogisch-Didactische KernStructuur pedagogische agent Pedagogische aspecten Pedagogy pediatrisch (kinder) asthma pedofilie Peer peer -tutoring Peer Allocation Peer assessment peer assessment modeling peer assessment modeling language Peer begeleiding peer feedback peer feedback training peer learning peer production peer support peer support services peer support system peer tutor competencies peer tutor selection Peer tutoring peer-assessment peer-beoordeling peer-review peer-support peer-to-peer netwerken peer-tutor competence peer-tutor competences peer-tutoring PEICL Penitentiair Psychiatrisch Centrum pensioen pensioenen pensioenontslag pensioenregeling pensioenstelsel Pensioenwet Pensum people recommenders perceived self-efficacy perceived severity perceptie perceptie van studenten Percepties percepties van studenten Perceptieverschil perceptieverschillen perception perception of depth perception questionnaire perceptions Perceptions of a learning environment perceptual learning perceptual load perceptual skills perceptual task percieved needs perfectionism perfectionisme performance performance anxiety Performance Appraisal performance assessment performance indicator performance information performance management Performance management, performance measurement, performance information, public sector, agency Performance measurement performance reports performance situation performance-based assessment Performance-based contracting Peri-partum-pelvic-pain Perl Permanente cursusevaluatie perosnalized adaptive learning pers perseverance person-environment fit persona personal personal assessment of acievement (self-efficacy) personal best Personal characteristics Personal Competence Development Personal competence development plan personal competence management personal competence manager personal competence plan Personal Development Plan personal informatics personal inquiry manager personal knowledge development personal learning Personal Learning and Action Theory (PLAT) personal learning ecologies Personal learning environment personal learning environments Personal Learning Network Personal Learning Networks personal professional theories personal profile personal profiles personal recommendation personal recommender personal recommender system personal recommender systems personal research environments personal resources personal responsibility personal traits personal, family, and school influences personalisatie personalisatie onderwijs personalisation personalised adaptive task selection personalised display Personalised learning personalised recommender systems personalised training Personality personality traits personalization personalized adaptation Personalized E-Learning personalized learning Personalized Recommender System personalized training Personas personeelsmanagement personenschade Persoonlijk ontwikkelingsplan Persoonlijk Ontwikkelingsplan (POP) persoonlijke coaching persoonlijke competentie persoonlijke competentiemanager Persoonlijke competentieontwikkeling persoonlijke controle persoonlijke eigenschappen Persoonlijke empowerment persoonlijke kenmerken persoonlijke nood persoonlijke of telefonische coaching persoonlijke relevantie persoonlijke verantwoordelijkheid persoonlijkheid Persoonlijkheidsdiagnostiek persoonlijkheidsdimensies persoonlijkheidseigenschappen persoonlijkheidsfactor rigiditeit Persoonlijkheidskenmerken persoonlijkheidsorganisatie persoonlijkheidsrecht persoonlijkheidstrek persoonlijkheidstrekken persoonlijkheidsvragenlijst persoons-identificatie persoonsfactoren persoonsidentificatie persoonskenmerken persoonsrecht perspectiefneming perspective taking Peru pervasive Pervasive Education pervasive games pervasive games for learning Pervasive learning pervasive technology Pesten pesten en verdedigen pesten op het werk pester pestgedrag Peter Sloterdijk pEXPi Ph.D. Ph.D. Guide pharmaceutical industry PhD PhD Candidates PhD Presentation PhD project PhD project GCO PhD research PhD research project PhD students PhD Thesis phenomenology Pheromones Philosophy of innovation philosophy of technology phishing phishing and government phishing countermeasures photo php PHP client phylogenetics phylogeography Physical activity Physical activity and Sport Centres (PSCs) physical education teachers physical health physical health of parents physical inactivity physical spaces Physics physiological signals pICTos, pictures piekereen pilot pilot evaluation Pilot implementation methodology pilot studies Pilot study pilotos pilotprojecten Pilots pincode piraterij PIS pitch skills plaats placement plan plan de desarrollo personal plan instrumentaliteit plan specificiteit PlanetDR Planned change plannen Planner planning planschade Platform