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Key words: Happiness, Subjective Well-Being, Behavioural finance, Investment Decisions, Emotions, Heuristics, Mood misattribution, Qualitative Research, Pattern Matching Key words: performance information, performance management, factors of influence, forms of usage, usage, public sector, The Netherlands, police. Key words: SHRM, HR attributions, Communication, LMX Keynote Keyword keyword extraction keywords Keywords Competencies, Change and Implementation Management, Picture, Middle Managers, Military Keywords: affect heuristic, economic crisis, crisis situation, decision making process, loan officers, credit lending process Keywords: budgeting practices, budgeting paradox, Evolutionary Adoption Framework, adoption processes, change. Keywords: Buyers-supplier relationships, External uncertainties, Performance, Social Capital Keywords: Career management, Aging Workforce, Sustainable Labor Market Participation Keywords: cognitive dissonance, online shopping, dissonance theory, online consumer behaviour Keywords: eHealth, mental healthcare, healthcare professionals, willingness to change, TAM-model, perceived usefulness, perceived usability, AMO theory, capability, motivation, opportunity, DINAMO-model, attitude, subjective norm and behavioral control. Keywords: evaluation influence, health care organization, process use evaluation, mechanisms Keywords: Franchisees, Control complexity, Controlmechanism, Behaviour control, Trust, Social control Keywords: Illusion of Control, capital budgeting, property development. Keywords: Multichannel management, investeringen, angstdispositie, loss aversion Keywords: perceptie, voedselveiligheid, consument, vlees Keywords: proactivity, age, stereotype, sustainable labour participation