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Keywords: perceptie, voedselveiligheid, consument, vlees Keywords: proactivity, age, stereotype, sustainable labour participation Keywords: social enterprise, entrepreneurship, business performance, entrepreneurial orientation, social value orientation Keywords: Stakeholder theory, supply chain relationships, closed-loop supply chain, closed-loop supply chain collaboration, trust and commitment, empirical study. Keywords: Strategic human resource management, commitment, communication, intended HRM, perceived HRM, HRM value chain. Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, lifelong learning, workability, vitality, age Keywords: sustainable labour participation, employability, vitality, workability, social capital, collaboration, trust, justice, recognition and measurement Introduction: Sustainable labour participation is increasingly in the spotlight. Social Capital, a well-known phenomenon in social sciences, is also becoming more and more relevant in organizational studies. The objective of this study is to explore to what extent the elements of social capital: collaboration, trust and justice, are related to the components of sustainable labour participation: employability, vitality and workability. Keywords: Use of feedback systems, Electronic Market, trust, distrust, reliability, intention to buy, Dutch banking, online banking. Keywords; netwerkmanagementactiviteiten, procesmanagementstrategie├źn, netwerkeffectiviteit, governance netwerken. Abstract; Khan Academy Kick-off kick-off January kick-off wp1 kick-off wp3 kick-off wp9 kidspiration kiezen voor verandering kiezersgedrag KiFiD Kind