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<e Adventure> <e-Adventure> ; emotionele uitputting [(alternative) TBT free antifoulings, TriButylTin (TBT), TBT-alternatives, shipping, toxicity (plus name of individual substance), Lethal concentration 50%, No Observed Adverse effect Level (NOAEL), again with names of individual active compound.] [afvalmanagement, Roemenie, wetgeving, composteren] [Drinking water, dimethylsulfamide (DMS), nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), surface water, tolyfluanid, dichlofluanid] [Ecological quality, water quality, macroinvertebrates, streams, time series analysis, canonical correspondence analysis (CCA)] [Energy savings, existing dwellings, energy label, actual energy consumption, theoretical energy consumption, policy targets, modelling] [Indoor air quality, combustion, burning, emission, exposure, health risks combustion products, natural gas, domestic appliances, residential/ domestic open and closed combustion systems, gas cooking, gas fire (place), (in)complete combustion, suffocation, fine dust, PM10, PM2,5 (Particulate Matter), smog, etc.] [Knowledge co-creation, Coproduction, healthy cities] [Law and regulations, urban agriculture, behaviour of contaminants in soils, city soil, risk assessment of food crops] [microplastics, plastic soup, plastic litter, plastic debris, micro-beads, thermoplastics,macro-plastics, micro-plastic pollution, fragmentation, breakdown, chemicals, additives, leaching, sorption, desorption, POPs, PBTs, freshwater] [minerals – silicate – carbon dioxide – sequestration - capture – olivine – weathering – peridotite – climate engineering – minerals binding - climate change - CDR] [mould, fungi, residential, health, protocol] [Nitraat – nitrificatie – denitrificatie – ecosysteem – rivier – wetlands – estuarium – overstromingsgebied] [organic waste, ligneous, biomass, environmental impact, governmental policy, wood or chop wood, Zeeland] [pharmaceuticals, emission of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and environment, waterquality, emerging substances] [small and medium municipalities, environmental tasks, quality, models of cooperation] [Waste/landfill/primary raw materials/circular economy/recycling/nature network/desiccation policy] A+O fonds