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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Apr-2009Developing a sustainable, student centred VLE: the OUNL caseHermans, Henry; Verjans, Steven
2-Dec-2016Digital transformation: An opportunity - or a threat to quality Higher Education?Stracke, Christian M.
17-Jun-2016EBE-EUSMOSI for evidence-based inclusive educationStracke, Christian M.
15-Apr-2016Free Education for Open Learning: Open educational policies, strategies & access for allStracke, Christian M.
16-Aug-2016High Quality Education and Learning for All through Open EducationStracke, Christian M.
16-Nov-2016How Open Educational Resources can improve Quality of Inclusive EducationStracke, Christian M.
13-Sep-2016How to re-establish Openness as default? Towards a global joint initiativeStracke, Christian M.
13-Apr-2016Is Open Education a revolution or are MOOCs only marketing instruments?Stracke, Christian M.
29-Jan-2009Lancaster seminarSloep, Peter
26-Jan-2010Learning Media Programme, leads for innovationWestera, Wim
13-Dec-2016MOOCs and Online CoursesStracke, Christian M.; Tan, Esther; Antonaci, Alessandra; Riviou, Katerina
16-Jun-2016MOOCs are dead! Open Education and the Quality of Online Courses Towards a Common QRFStracke, Christian M.
15-Jun-2016MOOQ for the quality of MOOCsStracke, Christian M.
6-Sep-2016Open Education and quality: The need for changing strategies and learning experiencesStracke, Christian M.
6-Jul-2016Open Education, OER & MOOCs for entrepreneurship: To share or not to shareStracke, Christian M.
11-Apr-2016Open Learning for Smart Education: Open educational policies, strategies & access for allStracke, Christian M.
16-Aug-2016Open Schools for improving Equity and Quality EducationStracke, Christian M.
14-Apr-2011Open University of the Netherlands. Universidad Abierta de HolandaBerlanga, Adriana; Sloep, Peter
5-Mar-2009Overview OUNL, CELSTECWestera, Wim
17-Jun-2016PBL 3.0 for problem based learning, semantics & learning analyticsStracke, Christian M.