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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Sep-2006The 8 Learning Events Model: a Pedagogic Conceptual Tool Supporting Diversification of Learning MethodsVerpoorten, Dominique; Poumay, M; Leclercq, D
2-Nov-2007Assessment in TENCompetence: Sharing Assessment Process InformationMiao, Yongwu
24-May-2007Bottom-up and Top-down: An alternate classification of LD authoring approachesSodhi, Tim; Miao, Yongwu; Brouns, Francis; Koper, Rob
11-Jan-2006A brief overview on the TENCompetence websiteBurgos, Daniel; Brouns, Francis
21-Apr-2006Building Learning Networks for Lifelong Learners: Challenges, Models, Technologies and StandardsKoper, Rob
5-Feb-2010Building the technical and organisational infrastructure for lifelong competence developmentKluijfhout, Eric; Koper, Rob
25-Sep-2006Campus Canada Records of Learning: Secure validation of competence assertionsRichards, Griff; Hatala, Marek; Donkers, Peter
28-Jun-2007Campus Memories: Learning with contextualised bloggingDe Jong, Tim
25-Sep-2008Chapter 4 - D8.2Brouns, Francis; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Sloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Kester, Liesbeth; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies
16-Dec-2009Competence based learning for an on-line course on flood modelling for managementPopescu, Ioanna; Jonoski, Andreja; Keuls, Carel
25-Mar-2006Competence Development Programmes. Personalization and IMS Learning DesignBurgos, Daniel
10-Feb-2009Competence Profiles & Personal Development PlanningKoper, Rob
14-Dec-2009Complementing the Human Resource Management infrastructure of the Doblevia cooperative using TENCompetenceSantos, Patricia; Carralero, Miguel; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep
19-Oct-2009Contextual support of social engagement and reflection on the WebGlahn, Christian
5-Jan-2007D10.1 A Formalised Organisational Model for the TENCompetence Associate PartnersLiber, Oleg; Griffiths, Dai; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Janssen, José; Kravcik, Milos; Burgos, Daniel; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Smeulers, Wouter Jan
12-Jan-2010D2.4 – Updated use case models based on ID2.11 and Advice on Configuration Management based on ID2.17Méndez, Carlos; Arjona, Miguel; Lemmers, Ruud; Kluijfhout, Eric
12-Jan-2009D3.3 - aggregate of internal deliverables ID3.6, ID3.8, ID3.9, and ID3.22Beauvoir, Phil; Celle, Roberto; Cherian, Roy; Dicerto, Michele; Heyenrath, Stef; Koesling, Arne; Lemmers, Ruud; Martens, Harrie; Sharples, Paul; Vogten, Hubert; Wilson, Scott
30-Oct-2009Doble Via- Test de Directrius generals per avaluacio de proyectesSantos, Patricia; Carralero, Miguel
21-Mar-2007Eerste software TENCompetence binnenkort onlineBakker, Niels
28-Jun-2009El proyecto europeo TENCompetence: plataforma para el desarrollo de competencias a lo largo de la vidaHernández-Leo, Davinia