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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Nov-2010Bingo mij diploma! Over de paradox van serieuze spellenWestera, Wim
17-Oct-2010CELSTEC (OUNL) as a GALA partnerWestera, Wim; Nadolski, Rob
10-Dec-2009Context based games for mobile learningTernier, Stefaan; De Jong, Tim; Kelle, Sebastian
2-Sep-2014Contradictions in serious game design. The intrinsic conflicts between learning and playWestera, Wim
21-Nov-2012EMERGO gamesWestera, Wim
25-Jan-2011GALA dissemination policyWestera, Wim
22-Nov-2012GALA Dissemination Report 2, Deliverable 9.6Westera, Wim; Berta, Riccardo; Moreno-Ger, Pablo; Bellotti, Francesco; Nadolski, Rob; Moore, Paul; Boyle, Liz; Beligan, Daniel; Baalsrud Hauge, Jannicke
5-Mar-2013Games for teaching and learningWestera, Wim
29-May-2008Games in career guidance: Effectiveness of using a SmallWorld simulation to develop social skills in the workplaceAngehrn, Albert; Maxwell, Katrina
6-Jun-2013Games voor leren en onderwijzenWestera, Wim
4-Jan-2012Hoe gebruik je serious games in het onderwijs?Westera, Wim; Koper, Rob; Kalz, Marco; Janssen, José; Bahreini, Kiavash; Storm, Jeroen; Berkhout, Jeroen; Heinen, Mat; Vos, Marcel
25-Nov-2015Interactive Experiences for Learning/GamesBörner, Dirk
17-Dec-2014A narrative literature review of games, animations and simulations to teach research methods and statisticsBoyle, Elizabeth; MacArthur, Ewan; Connolly, Thomas; Hainey, Thomas; Kärki, Anne; Van Rosmalen, Peter
9-Jul-2013On the cybernetic arrangement of feedback in serious games: A systems-theoretical perspectiveWestera, Wim
27-Mar-2017Realising an applied gaming ecosystemWestera, Wim
16-Nov-2010Serious gaming in het hoger onderwijsWestera, Wim
2-Feb-2017Software componenten voor (applied) gamesWestera, Wim
12-Dec-2011Spreading of Excellence and DisseminationWestera, Wim
31-May-2010Technology-enhanced Learning research at CELSTECWestera, Wim
11-May-2017Virtual reality in het onderwijs, hoe reëel is dat?Westera, Wim