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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2016Digital transformation: An opportunity - or a threat to quality Higher Education?Stracke, Christian M.
2007Dynamic probing of educational quality: the SEIN systemWestera, Wim; Wouters, Pieter; Ebrecht, Diny; Vos, Marcel; Boon, Jo
12-May-2017Education Changes and e-Learning in Europe and worldwide: The Need for Open Education and QualityStracke, Christian M.
21-Nov-2017eLearning and Open Education: Why should we do it?Stracke, Christian M.
16-Aug-2016High Quality Education and Learning for All through Open EducationStracke, Christian M.
16-Nov-2016How Open Educational Resources can improve Quality of Inclusive EducationStracke, Christian M.
27-Oct-2017How to ensure Quality in Open EducationStracke, Christian M.
16-Jun-2016MOOCs are dead! Open Education and the Quality of Online Courses Towards a Common QRFStracke, Christian M.
2017MOOQ: For the Quality of Open Education and MOOCsStracke, Christian M.
7-Dec-2015Open Education and InnovationStracke, Christian M.
6-Sep-2016Open Education and quality: The need for changing strategies and learning experiencesStracke, Christian M.
16-Aug-2016Open Schools for improving Equity and Quality EducationStracke, Christian M.
18-Mar-2016Policies, strategies and learning innovations for Open EducationStracke, Christian M.
13-Sep-2016Practices of Open Education and MOOC Quality IndicatorsStracke, Christian M.
25-Sep-2006Quality in eLearning Standards and IMS Learning DesignBurgos, Daniel
25-Apr-2017The Quality of MOOCsStracke, Christian M.; Sgouropoulou, Cleo
9-Mar-2017The Quality of MOOCsStracke, Christian M.
25-Apr-2017The Quality of MOOCs. MOOQ Workshop ResultsStracke, Christian M.; Sgouropoulou, Cleo
9-Mar-2017The Quality of MOOCs. MOOQ Workshop ResultsStracke, Christian M.
2017The Quality of MOOCs: How to improve the design of open education and online courses for learners?Stracke, Christian M.