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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2011GALA WP09 First Year ReviewWestera, Wim
7-Oct-2008Game-based learning, Red-Ink Seminar, LuganoWestera, Wim
5-Mar-2013Games for teaching and learningWestera, Wim
28-Oct-2013Generating computational models for serious gamingWestera, Wim
4-Jan-2012Hoe gebruik je serious games in het onderwijs?Westera, Wim; Koper, Rob; Kalz, Marco; Janssen, José; Bahreini, Kiavash; Storm, Jeroen; Berkhout, Jeroen; Heinen, Mat; Vos, Marcel
28-Oct-2013Learning analytics in serious gaming: uncovering the hidden treasury of game log filesWestera, Wim
4-Oct-2010Learning Media Programme: Design, development and use of networked learning mediaWestera, Wim
11-Dec-2013Masters in Serious Games Curriculum FrameworkThin, Alasdair; Lim, Theo; Louchart, Sandy; De Gloria, Alessandro; Mayer, Igor; Kickmeier-Rust, Michael; Klamma, Ralf; Veltkamp, Remco; Arnab, Sylvester; Bellotti, Francesco; Boyle, Liz; Prada, Rui; Westera, Wim; Nadolski, Rob; Abbas Petersen, Sobah
3-Oct-2013Metrics for GALA Serious GamingWestera, Wim
22-Apr-2010Open innovation and serious gamingWestera, Wim
6-Nov-2014Performance assessment in serious games: Compensating for the effects of randomnessWestera, Wim
10-Nov-2014The Playground Game: Inquiry‐Based Learning About Research Methods and StatisticsWestera, Wim; Slootmaker, Aad; Kurvers, Hub
6-Dec-2015Realizing an Applied Gaming Ecosystem: Towards Supporting Service-based Innovation Knowledge Management and TransferBecker, Jana; Van Lankveld, Giel; Steiner, Christina; Hemmje, Matthias
16-Nov-2010Serious gaming in het hoger onderwijsWestera, Wim
12-Dec-2011Spreading of Excellence and DisseminationWestera, Wim
14-Jan-2014Spreading of Excellence in Serious GamingWestera, Wim; Berta, Riccardo; Moreno-Ger, Pablo; Bellotti, Francesco; Nadolski, Rob; Padrón-Nápoles, Carmen Luisa; Boyle, Liz; Beligan, Daniel; Baalsrud Hauge, Jannicke
8-Jun-2012Streaming video is challenging the game consolesWestera, Wim