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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Apr-2009Ontwikkelprofiel e-lesgever volwasseneneducatieVerjans, Steven; De Pauw, Steven; Jacobs, Leen
26-Mar-2015OpenU: design of an integrated system to support lifelong learningHermans, Henry
19-Nov-2012Orchestration of smart learning objects in physical spacesTabuenca, Bernardo
15-Sep-2009An organisational model for lifelong learning and related toolingManderveld, Jocelyn; Krekels, Bas
8-Oct-2007Pilot evaluation in TENCompetence: a theory-driven modelSchoonenboom, Judith; Sligte, Henk; Moghnieh, Ayman; Specht, Marcus; Glahn, Christian; Stefanov, Krassen
29-May-2012A questionnaire for lifelong learners on mobile usage habitsTabuenca, Bernardo
23-Jul-2007Recommendations for learners are different: Applying memory-based recommender system techniques to lifelong learningDrachsler, Hendrik; Hummel, Hans; Koper, Rob
9-Feb-2011Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty, Proceedings of the 6th TENCompetence Open WorkshopGriffiths, David; Koper, Rob
30-Jul-2014Seamless access to OER with mobile technologiesTabuenca, Bernardo
15-Oct-2014Seamless support for lifelong learning with ubiquitous technologyTabuenca, Bernardo
7-Jun-2004Self Organising Wayfinding Support for Lifelong LearnersTattersall, Colin; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Van den Berg, Bert; Van Es, René; Janssen, José; Koper, Rob
1-Nov-2005Self-organising navigational support in lifelong learning: how predecessors can lead the wayJanssen, José; Tattersall, Colin; Waterink, Wim; Van den Berg, Bert; Van Es, René; Bolman, Catherine; Koper, Rob
16-Nov-2010Serious gaming in het hoger onderwijsWestera, Wim
16-Oct-2014Show me the way: proximity layered feedback services in smart citiesTabuenca, Bernardo
16-Oct-2014Show me the way: proximity layered feedback services in smart citiesTabuenca, Bernardo; Börner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Specht, Marcus
19-Nov-2012Smart objects for learningTabuenca, Bernardo
21-Jan-2010Special Issue on Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge SharingKoper, Rob; Stefanov, Krassen; Dicheva, Darina
15-Dec-2014Stop and think: Exploring mobile notifications to foster reflective practice on meta-learningTabuenca, Bernardo; Kalz, Marco; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
Jul-2008Supporting life-long competence development using the TENComptence infrastructure: a first experimentSchoonenboom, Judith; Sligte, Henk; Moghnieh, Ayman; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Stefanov, Krassen; Glahn, Christian; Specht, Marcus; Lemmers, Ruud
9-Jul-2013Supporting lifelong learners to build personal learning ecologies in daily physical spacesTabuenca, Bernardo; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus