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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2014Acquiring 21st Century Skills: gaining insight in the design and applicability of a serious game with 4C-IDVan Rosmalen, Peter; Boyle, Elizabeth; Van der Baaren, John; Fernández-Manjón, Baltasar; MacArthur, Ewan; Pennanen, Tiina; Manea, Madalina; Star, Kam
16-Dec-2014A case study on the design and development of mini-games for research methods and statisticsVan Rosmalen, Peter; Boyle, Elizabeth; Van der Baaren, John; Kärki, Anne; Del Blanco Aguado, Ángel
3-May-2013CHERMUG Introduction & Evaluation OverviewVan Rosmalen, Peter; Van der Baaren, John
3-May-2013CHERMUG Newsletter 1 April 2013Van Rosmalen, Peter; Manea, Madalina; Boyle, Elizabeth
9-Jul-2013CHERMUG Newsletter 2 - June 2013Van Rosmalen, Peter; Pennanen, Tiina; Boyle, Elizabeth
12-Dec-2012CHERMUG posterVan Rosmalen, Peter
16-May-2013CHERMUG Progress Report Year1Boyle, Elizabeth
16-Apr-2012CHERMUG: kick-off presentationVan Rosmalen, Peter
2-Apr-2013Cognitive Task AnalysisBoyle, Elizabeth; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Manea, Madalina
11-Oct-2012Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) in the Continuing/ Higher Education Methods Using Games (CHERMUG) ProjectBoyle, Elizabeth; Van Rosmalen, Peter; MacArthur, Ewan; Connolly, Thomas; Hainey, Thomas
17-Dec-2014A narrative literature review of games, animations and simulations to teach research methods and statisticsBoyle, Elizabeth; MacArthur, Ewan; Connolly, Thomas; Hainey, Thomas; Kärki, Anne; Van Rosmalen, Peter
2-Apr-2013Systematic review of the literature on computer games for educationBoyle, Elizabeth; Manea, Madalina; Karki, Anne
2-Apr-2013User requirementsBoyle, Elizabeth; MacArthur, Ewan