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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-20121st International Workshop on Learning Analytics and Linked DataDrachsler, Hendrik; Dietze, Stefan; Greller, Wolfgang; D'Aquin, Mathieu; Jovanovich, Jelena; Pardo, Abelardo; Reinhardt, Wolfgang; Verbert, Katrien
7-Nov-2014Learning Dashboards: Visual Learning Analytics WorkshopCharleer, Sven; Firssova, Olga; Prinsen, Fleur
11-Mar-2017Learning Pulse: a machine learning approach for predicting performance in self-regulated learning using multimodal dataDi Mitri, Daniele; Scheffel, Maren; Drachsler, Hendrik; Börner, Dirk; Ternier, Stefaan; Specht, Marcus
Jun-2016The MOOC and learning analytics innovation cycle (MOLAC): a reflective summary of ongoing research and its challenges.Drachsler, Hendrik; Kalz, Marco
14-Dec-2015Panorama of Recommender Systems to Support LearningDrachsler, Hendrik; Verbert, Katrien; Santos, Olga C.; Manouselis, Nikos
8-Dec-2011The pulse of learning analytics. Understandings and expectations from the StakeholdersDrachsler, Hendrik; Greller, Wolfgang
12-Aug-2015Tracking Data in Open Learning EnvironmentsSantos, Jose Luis; Verbert, Katrien; Klerkx, Joris; Duval, Erik; Charleer, Sven; Ternier, Stefaan
8-Nov-2012Translating Learning into Numbers: A Generic Framework for Learning AnalyticsGreller, Wolfgang; Drachsler, Hendrik
7-Dec-2011Turning Learning into Numbers – A Learning Analytics FrameworkDrachsler, Hendrik; Greller, Wolfgang
7-Apr-2014Using linked data in Learning AnalyticsMathieu, d'Aquin; Stefan, Dietze; Eelco, Herder; Hendrik, Drachsler; Davide, Taibi