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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2007Developing Open Educational ResourcesKalz, Marco
20-Sep-2011Developing organizational creativity: researching contextual factors that enhance or restrict the output of creative potentialChini, B
30-Jul-2014Developing scenario-based serious games for complex cognitive skills acquisition: Design, development and evaluation of the EMERGO platformSlootmaker, Aad; Kurvers, Hub; Hummel, Hans; Koper, Rob
25-Nov-2008Developing the Personal Competence Manager Evaluation Work: ‘EPIQ Business Demonstrator’Shoikova, Elena; Denishev, Vladislav; Milanov, Radoslav
2016Developing young adolescents’ self-regulation by means of formative assessment: A theoretical perspectiveMeusen-Beekman, Kelly; Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée; Boshuizen, Els
19-Nov-2007Development and evaluation of the Reload Learning Design EditorGriffiths, David; Beauvoir, Phillip; Barrett Baxendale, Mark; Hazlewood, Paul; Oddie, Amanda
2017Development and Validation of a Rubric for Self-Assessment of 21st Century Skills at Primary SchoolsSandink-de Mare, Dianne; Rusman, Ellen
31-Jul-2013Development of a Confirmatory Method for the Detection of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin in Serum of Dairy Cattle.Smits, Nathalie
28-Sep-2006The development of an infrastructure to support lifelong competence development, based on learning designKoper, Rob
2005Development of an instrument for measuring the complexity of learning tasks.Nadolski, Rob; Kirschner, Paul A.; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen; Wöretshofer, Jürgen
1-Sep-2013The development of inter organizational relationships between member-serving associations and the influence of management control.Miltenburg-Den Boer, A
2017Development of Personal Professional Theories: from Higher Vocational Education into Beginnings of Professional CareersVan den Bogaart, Antoine; Hummel, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
28-Nov-2011Development of positive and negative knowledge in a professional communityBoshuizen, Els
22-Dec-2011Development of Preventive Measures to Prevent School Absenteeism in TwenteVan Liere, Annette; Ritzen, Henk; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia
1-Jun-2014Development of sustainability in the public sector. Actors and factors influencing the speed of implementation in healtcare.Vluggen, RHC
29-Feb-2012Development of the Teacher Feedback Observation Scheme: evaluating the quality of feedback in peer groupsThurlings, Marieke; Vermeulen, Marjan; Kreijns, Karel; Bastiaens, Theo; Stijnen, Sjef
1-Aug-2015Development, Validation and Cross-cultural Adaptation of a ‘Scale on Community Care Perception’ (SCOPE):Van Iersel, Margriet
23-Feb-2011Diabetespatiënten in Verpleeghuizen. De Relatie tussen Diabetes, Depressieve Symptomen en de Rol van Executieve FunctiesCruijsbergs, Marijke A.C.
3-Feb-2009Diagnosing Lifelong Learners Conceptual DevelopmentBerlanga, Adriana
Sep-2012Diagnosis of the Effects of Abiotic Factors on the Biodiversity of the Dutch Fresh Water Area.Vries, Claudette de