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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Development of an instrument for measuring the complexity of learning tasks.Nadolski, Rob; Kirschner, Paul A.; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen; Wöretshofer, Jürgen
2015The development of improvisational expertise in jazz musiciansWopereis, Iwan; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Boshuizen, Els
1-Sep-2013The development of inter organizational relationships between member-serving associations and the influence of management control.Miltenburg-Den Boer, A
2017Development of Personal Professional Theories: from Higher Vocational Education into Beginnings of Professional CareersVan den Bogaart, Antoine; Hummel, Hans; Kirschner, Paul A.
28-Nov-2011Development of positive and negative knowledge in a professional communityBoshuizen, Els
22-Dec-2011Development of Preventive Measures to Prevent School Absenteeism in TwenteVan Liere, Annette; Ritzen, Henk; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia
2017The development of strong career learning environments: The project ‘Career Orientation and Guidance’ in Dutch vocational educationDraaisma, Aniek; Meijers, Frans; Kuijpers, Marinka
1-Jun-2014Development of sustainability in the public sector. Actors and factors influencing the speed of implementation in healtcare.Vluggen, RHC
29-Feb-2012Development of the Teacher Feedback Observation Scheme: evaluating the quality of feedback in peer groupsThurlings, Marieke; Vermeulen, Marjan; Kreijns, Karel; Bastiaens, Theo; Stijnen, Sjef
1-Aug-2015Development, Validation and Cross-cultural Adaptation of a ‘Scale on Community Care Perception’ (SCOPE):Van Iersel, Margriet
23-Feb-2011Diabetespatiënten in Verpleeghuizen. De Relatie tussen Diabetes, Depressieve Symptomen en de Rol van Executieve FunctiesCruijsbergs, Marijke A.C.
3-Feb-2009Diagnosing Lifelong Learners Conceptual DevelopmentBerlanga, Adriana
Sep-2012Diagnosis of the Effects of Abiotic Factors on the Biodiversity of the Dutch Fresh Water Area.Vries, Claudette de
27-May-2010Diagnosticeren van Hechting-Depressie: een Distinctieve Benadering met de ZelfconfrontatiemethodeLaumen, Sven Tony
5-Apr-2011Diagnosticeren van Kwetsbaarheidsrisico’s voor Typen van Depressie: een Idiografische Benadering met de ZelfkonfrontatiemethodeHermeling, Liduïn M.G.
5-Apr-2011Diagnostiek van Persoonlijkheidsstoornissen. De Relatie tussen Persoonlijkheidskenmerken en de Kernfactoren van (Mal)Adaptief Functioneren bij Patiënten met PersoonlijkheidsstoornissenKoornneef, Hettie
1-Apr-2008Dialogic learning and interactive groups: an IMS LD template integrated in runtime systemsHernández-Leo, Davinia; Pérez-Sanagustín, Mar; Santos, Patricia; Sayago, Sergio; Griffiths, Dai; Blat, Josep
2017A Dialogue Worth Having: Vocational Competence, Career Identity and a Learning Environment for Twenty-First Century Success at WorkMeijers, Frans; Lengelle, Reinekke; Winters, Annemie; Kuijpers, Marinka
29-Aug-2017A diary study on the effect of the way of responding to breach of contract and what impact it has on the degree of experience of breach of contract and the role of age in it.Graaf, Pam van der
1-Oct-2014Didactic methods for open and online educationSloep, Peter