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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Oct-2005Discussing a paper about authoring UoLsHernández-Leo, Davinia; Villasclaras-Fernández, Eloy
2005Disentangling behavior in early child developmentVan Dijk, Marijn; Van Geert, Paul
7-Oct-2015Disruptive TELSpecht, Marcus
17-Mar-2004Dissemination and standardisation of learning technologies - Annual report work package 4Manderveld, Jocelyn; Sloep, Peter
2016Distributed practice and retrieval practice in primary school vocabulary learning: A multi-classroom studyGoossens, Nicole; Camp, Gino; Verkoeijen, Peter; Tabbers, Huib; Bouwmeester, Samantha; Zwaan, Rolf
16-Nov-2011Diversiteitsmanagement in de publieke sector. Een multiple casestudy onderzoek naar de rol van beleidsevaluaties bij diversiteitsmanagement op gemeentelijk, provinciaal en rijksniveau.Soebhan, Rabia
2-Feb-2012DNA methylation and cognitive functioning in healthy older adultsSchiepers, Olga; Van Boxtel, Martin; De Groot, Renate; Jolles, Jelle; Kok, Frans; Verhoef, Petra; Durga, Jane
19-Dec-2012Do boys differ from girls in navigating through hypertext environments when learning?Walhout, Jaap; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Van Dijk, Martin; Jarodzka, Halszka; De Groot, Renate; Kester, Liesbeth; Kirschner, Paul A.
31-Jan-2012Do Collaborative Ties in R&D depend on the New Product Development Stage?Bel, W.J.
2013Do learners really know best? Urban legends in EducationKirschner, Paul A.; Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
2017Do levels of social competence influence the perception of social affordances among students with low levels of education? An exploratory case study of the relationship between offline and online socializing factorsMoekotte, Paulo; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Ritzen, Henk
Sep-2014Do optional activities matter in virtual learning environments?Ruipérez-Valiente, José A.; Muñoz-Merino, Pedro J.; Delgado Kloos, Carlos; Niemann, Katja; Scheffel, Maren
10-Sep-2012Do prior attitudes influence epistemic cognition while reading conflicting information?Van Strien, Johan; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Boshuizen, Els
29-Sep-2011Do sustainable and non-sustainable companies differ in their extent of earnings management?Swieten, C van
24-Nov-2015Do we all agree on our goals? A graduation research about the mediating effect of team identification on the relation between goal consensus and team performanceHofstee
2015Do we need teachers as designers of technology enhanced learning?Kirschner, Paul A.
12-Aug-2013Do you know the way to ... Web 2.0Kirschner, Paul A.; Wopereis, Iwan
Jun-2017Do You Know What Your Nonverbal Behavior Communicates? – Studying a Self-reflection Module for the Presentation Trainer.Schneider, Jan; Börner, Dirk; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Specht, Marcus
Jul-2013Do you want to connect? Recommendation strategies for building Personal Learning NetworksRajagopal, Kamakshi; Van Bruggen, Jan; Sloep, Peter
30-Oct-2009Doble Via- Test de Directrius generals per avaluacio de proyectesSantos, Patricia; Carralero, Miguel