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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2010Education : parle-t-on des bons sujets?Verpoorten, Dominique
19-Oct-2009Education and ICT-based self-regulation in learning: Theory, design and implementationMooij, Ton
Jan-2008Education and self-regulation of learning for gifted pupils: Systemic design and development.Mooij, Ton
2010Education and supervision plan for PhD candidatesCELSTEC
2010Education in the wild: contextual and location-based mobile learning in actionBrown, Elizabeth; Sharples, Mike; Clough, Gill; Tangney, Brendan; Wishart, Jocelyn; Wijers, Monica; Jonker, Vincent; Cook, John; Glahn, Christian; Börner, Dirk; Specht, Marcus; Taylor, Jacqui; Lyons, Leilah; Beddall-Hill, Nicola; Priestnall, Gary; Polmear, Gemma
Nov-2006Education modelsPoortman, Sybilla; Sloep, Peter
2015Educational Design & ECOP: Considerations and propositionsMcKenney, Susan
2015Educational design and construction: Processes and technologiesMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
14-Jan-2014Educational design researchMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
2014Educational Design Research & IMTE: Reflections and propositionsMcKenney, Susan
28-Dec-2012Educational design: Mediating between the ideal and the practicalMcKenney, Susan
21-Mar-2011Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: some pertinent tools and developmentsSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Greller, Wolfgang; Stoyanov, Slavi; Retalis, Symeon; Van der Klink, Marcel; Hensgens, Jan
15-Nov-2011Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: Tools and DevelopmentsSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Greller, Wolfgang; Stoyanov, Slavi; Van der Klink, Marcel; Retalis, Symeon; Hensgens, Jan
23-May-2011Educational Innovation with Learning Networks: tools and developmentsSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Greller, Wolfgang; Stoyanov, Slavi; Retalis, Simos; Van der Klink, Marcel; Hensgens, Jan
17-Mar-2005Educational Model for Assessment version 1.0Hermans, Henry; Burgers, Jan; Latour, Ignace; Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée; Giesbers, Bas; Van Bruggen, Jan; Koper, Rob
12-Dec-2003Educational Modelling languageHermans, Henry; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Vogten, Hubert
18-Jul-2002Educational Modelling Language 1.1 (EML 1.1)Koper, Rob; Vogten, Hubert; Martens, Harrie
17-Dec-2003Educational Modelling Language and Learning Design: new challenges for instructional re-usability and personalized learningHummel, Hans; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Tattersall, Colin; Koper, Rob
28-Nov-2003Educational Modelling Language: modelling reusable, interoperable, rich and personalised units of learningKoper, Rob; Manderveld, Jocelyn