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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017De doeltreffendheid van twee anti-misbruikmaatregelen in de Wet open overheidde Kruijf-Nijkamp, S.A.
2002Doeltreffendheid van zorgverleners in het omgaan met agressief gedrag van ouderen in relatie tot burnoutEvers, Will; Brouwers, André; Tomic, Welko
Feb-2009Does (in)formal learning enhance employability?Van der Heijden, Beate; Boon, Jo; Van der Klink, Marcel; Meijs, Ely
27-Jun-2006Does an Interface with Less Assistance Provoke More Thoughtful Behavior?Van Nimwegen, Christof; Van Oostendorp, Herre; Burgos, Daniel; Koper, Rob
9-Apr-2018Does CEO-overconfidence affect firm performance? - The moderating impact of direct governance mechanisms and female representativeness.Lomwel, Guus van
2008Does Commitment Make Sense?Vrieling, Christiaan
2008Does Commitment Make Sense?Vrieling, Christiaan
27-Sep-2013Does Customer Perceived Risk Mediate the Relationship Between Service Guarantees and Customer Satisfaction? An empirical study on the provisioning of fleet management telematic services in the European heavy goods vehicle (HGV) road freight transport industry.Hovens, Jacco
Oct-2016Does digital competence and occupational setting influence MOOC participation? Evidence from a cross-course surveyCastaño-Muñoz, Jonatan; Kreijns, Karel; Kalz, Marco; Punie, Yves
2005Does Equity Sensitivity Moderate the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Teacher Burnout?Evers, W.; Brouwers, A.; Tomic, W.
20-Nov-2014Does Implicit Conscientiousness predict Job Performance?Collaris, Jorg
2017Does previous success in using of digital learning materials predict teachers’ intention to use them again in the future?Kreijns, Karel; Vermeulen, Marjan; Van Buuren, Hans; Van Acker, Frederic
22-Sep-2011Does sharing information benefit all?: the learning supply chainBragt, F van
2015Does tagging improve the navigation of online recorded lectures by students?Gorissen, Pierre; Van Bruggen, Jan; Jochems, Wim
Apr-2012Does the phenomenon of Open Educational Resources lead to new didactic model? “It depends”Didderen, Wim; Verjans, Steven
4-Jul-2009Does traditional e-learning still fit the knowledge society? Quality issues.Sloep, Peter
2015Does Transformational Leadership Encourage Teacher’s Use of Digital Learning Materials?Vermeulen, Marjan; Van Acker, Frederik; Kreijns, Karel; Van Buuren, Hans
2007Doing worse, but feeling happy: Social comparison and identification in response to upward and downward targetsGroothof, H. A. K.; Siero, F. W.; Buunk, A.P.
30-Oct-2017DojoAnalytics: A Learning Analytics interoperable component for DojoIBLSuarez, Angel; Ternier, Stefaan; Helbig, René; Specht, Marcus
14-Oct-2016DojoIBLSuarez, Angel; Ternier, Stefaan