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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2014Angstige Moeder, Angstig Kind? De Modererende Invloed van Maternale Zelfwaardering en Sociale SteunRaateland-Eshuis, Yvonne
2015Angstige Vader, Angstig Kind? Wordt de Vader-Kind Angstrelatie Beïnvloed door Angstreducerend Gedrag van de Vader en de Kwantiteit van het Contact tussen Vader en Kind?Haan, Sicco de
Mar-2008De anonieme tip in het Nederlandse strafprocesrechtLeunk, Eddie
14-Jul-2008Anonimiteit, negatieve social appraisals en self-disclosure in de context van Face to Face en Computer Mediated CommunicationSlootweg, PC
Nov-2014Answering questions after initial study guides attention during restudyDirkx, Kim; Thoma, Gun-Brit; Kester, Liesbeth; Kirschner, Paul A.
10-Jun-2015Antecedenten van medewerker HR attributies in de HR waardeketen Antecedents of employee HR attributions in the HR value chainKloosterman
24-May-2012Antecedents and effects of (affective) employee commitment to CRM implementation. Results of a case study in Higher Education.Hardeveld, Gert van
15-Jun-2015Antecedents of idea selection Creativity@WorkPetersen
22-Feb-2007APA-OTEC StyleTattersall, Colin; Burgos, Daniel; Hummel, Hans; Beugels, Francien; Koper, Rob
21-Feb-2007APAcageHummel, Hans
7-Feb-2012Apache configuration file for IMS-LD RuntimeGlahn, Christian
11-Jul-2007Appendices to Project Deliverable report 7.1OUNL; UPF; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
11-Jul-2008Appendix 5 to Project Deliverable Report D10.2Krekels, Bas; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies; Manderveld, Jocelyn; Maessen, Louis; Lemmers, Ruud; Kew, Christopher
13-Jan-2011De Apple FamilieWestera, Wim
7-Jun-2008Applicability of the Geneva conventions to non-international conflictsMerten, D M S
21-Jul-2015Applicants’ Self-Presentation Intentions and Tactics on Personal Network Sites during Recruitment, Moderated by Core Self-Evaluationsvan der Putten, Anique A. J. T.
2003Application of an instructional systems design approach by teachers in higher education: individual versus team designHoogveld, Bert; Paas, Fred; Jochems, Wim
12-Aug-2013The application of design-based research in the context of curriculum materials development in sub-Saharan AfricaMcKenney, Susan; Reeves, Thomas
26-Jan-2011Applied eye tracking researchJarodzka, Halszka
2005Applying reflection and moderation in an asynchronous computer-supported collaborative learning environment in campus-based higher education.Dewiyanti, Silvia; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Jochems, Wim