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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2009The game of co-creativitySie, Rory
9-Jun-2009The game of co-creativitySie, Rory
28-Dec-2011Game over? What hampers a major uptake of serious games?Nadolski, Rob; Baalsrud Hauge, Jannicke; Boyle, Liz; Riedel, Johann; Luccini, Marco
6-Mar-2008A Game-Based Adaptive Unit of Learning with IMS Learning Design and <e-Adventure>Moreno-Ger, Pablo; Burgos, Daniel; Sierra, José Luis; Manjón, Baltasar Fernández
2017Game-based Career Learning Support for Youth: Effects of playing the Youth@Work Game on Career AdaptabilityHummel, Hans; Boyle, Elizabeth; Einarsdottir, Sif; Petursdottir, Arna; Graur, Aurel
10-May-2007Game-based learning and the role of feedback. A case studyBurgos, Daniel; Van Nimwegen, Christof; Van Oostendorp, Herre; Koper, Rob
7-Oct-2008Game-based learning, Red-Ink Seminar, LuganoWestera, Wim
2010Game-Based Life-Long LearningKelle, Sebastian; Sigurðarson, Steinn; Westera, Wim; Specht, Marcus
25-Aug-2015Games are motivating, aren´t they? Disputing the arguments for digital game-based learningWestera, Wim
2007Games en Simulaties in het onderwijs: hype of voorbode?Westera, Wim
3-May-2013Games for and by Teachers and LearnersVan Rosmalen, Peter; Wilson, Amanda; Hummel, Hans
5-Mar-2013Games for teaching and learningWestera, Wim
29-May-2008Games in career guidance: Effectiveness of using a SmallWorld simulation to develop social skills in the workplaceAngehrn, Albert; Maxwell, Katrina
16-Dec-2014Games in het onderwijsHummel, Hans; Nadolski, Rob; Kurvers, Hub; Slootmaker, Aad
8-Nov-2017Games voor leren communiceren?Nadolski, Rob; Kommeren, Rob; Van Lankveld, Giel
6-Jun-2013Games voor leren en onderwijzenWestera, Wim
10-Oct-2012Games, computers en ons breinWestera, Wim
Oct-2017Gamification for experience transfer with wearables and ARLimbu, Bibeg; Antonaci, Alessandra; Klemke, Roland
25-Apr-2017Gamification in MOOC to enhance users' goal achievementAntonaci, Alessandra; Klemke, Roland; Stracke, Christian M.; Specht, Marcus
25-Apr-2017Gamification in MOOCs to enhance users' goal achievementAntonaci, Alessandra; Klemke, Roland; Stracke, Christian M.; Specht, Marcus