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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2005Introduction into TENCompetence: Output AssessmentKoper, Rob
11-Dec-2005Introduction into TENCompetence: Structure of the ProjectKoper, Rob
11-Dec-2005Introduction into TENCompetence: TechnologiesKoper, Rob
10-Dec-2005Introduction into TENCompetence: Why TENCompetence?Koper, Rob
10-Dec-2009The introduction of a virtual classroom instrument at the Open University of the NetherlandsSchlusmans, Kathleen; Giesbertz, Wil; Rusman, Ellen; Spoelstra, Howard
20-Dec-2012Introduction slides for RecSysTEL workshopDrachsler, Hendrik; Manouselis, Nikos; Santos, Olga; Verbert, Katrien
12-Aug-2013An introduction to educational design researchMcKenney, Susan; Raval, Harini; Reeves, Thomas
16-Jul-2013An introduction to educational design researchMcKenney, Susan
1-Nov-2005Introduction to IMS Learning DesignKoper, Rob
5-Jul-2005An Introduction to Learning DesignKoper, Rob
21-Jun-2005Introduction to Level CBurgos, Daniel; Vogten, Hubert; Koper, Rob
22-Nov-2012Introduction to PATIENT kick-off projectSpecht, Marcus
29-Jun-2005Introduction to Tai ChiKew, Chris
20-Jul-2007An Introduction to the Scientific Publishing System for Educational Technology PhD StudentsKalz, Marco
1998Introduction: Issues in the malleability of intelligenceTomic, W.; Kingma, J.
2005Introduction: Recent advances in expertise research.Rikers, Remy; Paas, Fred
2-Jul-2015Investeringen in multichannel management bij een coöperatieve bank in Nederland Investments in multichannel management at a cooperative bank in the NetherlandsLabots
2008Investeringsbeslissingen van gemeenteradenBos, FJ van den
8-Nov-2007INVESTIGATING THE ROLE OF EPORTFOLIOS AND ONLINE COURSES IN A COMMUNITY OF PRACTICEPeterson, Rob; Herrington, Jan; Konza, Deslea; Tzvetkova-Arsova, Mira; Stefanov, Krassen
2014Investigating the social configuration of a community to understand how networked learning activities take place: The OERu case studySchreurs, Bieke; Van den Beemt, Antoine; Prinsen, Fleur; De Laat, Maarten; Witthaus, Gaby; Conole, Grainne