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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2005Introduction into TENCompetence: Why TENCompetence?Koper, Rob
10-Dec-2009The introduction of a virtual classroom instrument at the Open University of the NetherlandsSchlusmans, Kathleen; Giesbertz, Wil; Rusman, Ellen; Spoelstra, Howard
20-Dec-2012Introduction slides for RecSysTEL workshopDrachsler, Hendrik; Manouselis, Nikos; Santos, Olga; Verbert, Katrien
12-Aug-2013An introduction to educational design researchMcKenney, Susan; Raval, Harini; Reeves, Thomas
16-Jul-2013An introduction to educational design researchMcKenney, Susan
1-Nov-2005Introduction to IMS Learning DesignKoper, Rob
5-Jul-2005An Introduction to Learning DesignKoper, Rob
21-Jun-2005Introduction to Level CBurgos, Daniel; Vogten, Hubert; Koper, Rob
22-Nov-2012Introduction to PATIENT kick-off projectSpecht, Marcus
29-Jun-2005Introduction to Tai ChiKew, Chris
20-Jul-2007An Introduction to the Scientific Publishing System for Educational Technology PhD StudentsKalz, Marco
1998Introduction: Issues in the malleability of intelligenceTomic, W.; Kingma, J.
2005Introduction: Recent advances in expertise research.Rikers, Remy; Paas, Fred
1-Jun-2016Intuïtie in zakelijke kredietverlening - Een onderzoek naar de rol van intuïtieve besluitvorming in het kredietverleningsproces bij relationship banking.Wansinck, N
2-Jul-2015Investeringen in multichannel management bij een coöperatieve bank in Nederland Investments in multichannel management at a cooperative bank in the NetherlandsLabots
2008Investeringsbeslissingen van gemeenteradenBos, FJ van den
21-Aug-2012Investigating the MUSE myth. Explaining the existence of the "muse" business model, in specific how "muses" succesfully manage and control their outsourcing relationships compared to the struggle of traditional outsourcers from current theory.Aendenhof, Wesley
8-Nov-2007INVESTIGATING THE ROLE OF EPORTFOLIOS AND ONLINE COURSES IN A COMMUNITY OF PRACTICEPeterson, Rob; Herrington, Jan; Konza, Deslea; Tzvetkova-Arsova, Mira; Stefanov, Krassen
2014Investigating the social configuration of a community to understand how networked learning activities take place: The OERu case studySchreurs, Bieke; Van den Beemt, Antoine; Prinsen, Fleur; De Laat, Maarten; Witthaus, Gaby; Conole, Grainne
2014An investigation into social learning activities by practitioners in open educational practicesSchreurs, Bieke; Van den Beemt, Antoine; Prinsen, Fleur; Witthaus, Gabi; Conole, Graine; De Laat, Maarten