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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Mathematical ability relies on knowledge, TooSweller, John; Clark, Richard E.; Kirschner, Paul A.
30-May-2008Maturing by Learning: can aiming at shared minds result in an action plan for growing to the next level in IT Process Maturity?Frijns, Gwenda
2015McKenney, S. (2015). Docentontwerpteams: Hoe werken ze (niet) en waarom? Interactive paper symposium during the annual meeting of Onderwijs Research Dagen. June 17-19: Leiden.McKenney, Susan
20-Jun-2012Measurement issuesBijker, Monique
11-Nov-2014Measuring and managing customer loyalty in physical activity and sports centres (PSCs): The drivers of service qualityConte, JM
20-Sep-2011Measuring cognitive processes involved in the web search: log files, eye-movements and cued rertospective reportsArgelagos, Esther; Jarodzka, Halszka; Pifarre, Manoli
3-Oct-2013Measuring Effects of Reflection on Learning – A Physiological StudyQi, Wen; Verpoorten, Dominique; Westera, Wim
4-Oct-2012Measuring Effects of Reflectionon Learning: A Physiological StudyQi, Wen
2011Measuring emotional labor in the classroom: The darker emotionsNäring, Gérard W.B.; Canisius, Anne R.M.; Brouwers, André
Jun-2010Measuring perceived social presence in distributed learning groupsKreijns, Karel; Kirschner, Paul A.; Jochems, Wim; Van Buuren, Hans
Jul-2012Measuring Sophistication of Epistemic Beliefs Using Rasch AnalysisVan Strien, Johan; Bijker, Monique; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Boshuizen, Els
Feb-2005Mechanical response on materialsTorrao, Sofía
5-Nov-2010Mechanisms of peer tutoring on optimizing cognitive load during knowledge sharing in learning networksHsiao, Amy; Brouns, Francis; Sloep, Peter
2015Medeplegen, een bewijstechnische kwestie?Bosch, A. van den
20-Sep-2011MedEye: role of expertise in perceiving dynamic medical imagesJarodzka, Halszka
16-Jan-2013Medezeggenschap en sociale media bij Meander – YammerVerjans, Steven
9-Jul-2013Media als cognitieve prothesenWestera, Wim
2015(Media)Code OranjeVerheij, M.M.V.
2-Feb-2009Media-Asset-ServiceFischer, Marion; Klemke, Roland
4-Nov-2010Mediating team effectiveness in the context of collaborative learning: The importance of team and task awarenessFransen, Jos; Kirschner, Paul A.; Erkens, Gijsbert