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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Nov-2009Learning Networks for Lifelong Learning: An Exploratory Survey on Distance Learners’ preferencesBerlanga, Adriana; Rusman, Ellen; Eshuis, Jannes; Hermans, Henry; Sloep, Peter
22-Jan-2009Learning networks for professional developmentVan Bruggen, Jan
5-Mar-2009Learning Networks for Professional Development & Lifelong LearningSloep, Peter
7-Sep-2009Learning Networks for Professional Development & Lifelong LearningSloep, Peter
15-Mar-2010Learning Networks for Professional Development & Lifelong LearningSloep, Peter
8-Oct-2009Learning Networks for Professional Development & Lifelong LearningBrouns, Francis; Sloep, Peter
23-Apr-2008Learning Networks plenaryVan der Klink, Marcel
23-Jun-2009Learning Networks Programme 2009-2014Sloep, Peter
Nov-2004Learning Networks using Learning Design. A firt collection of papersKoper, Rob; Spoelstra, Howard; Burgos, Daniel
11-Nov-2010Learning Networks, Networked LearningSloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana
30-May-2011Learning Networks, Networked LearningSloep, Peter
1-Dec-2002Learning Networks: a first elaborationKoper, Rob; Sloep, Peter
1-Dec-2002Learning Networks: connecting people, organizations, autonomous agents and learning resources to establish the emergence of effective lifelong learningKoper, Rob; Sloep, Peter
3-Dec-2003Learning Objects: The Answer to the Knowledge Economy's Predicament?Sloep, Peter
19-Feb-2013Learning orientation and the service-profit chain. Exploring the link between learning orientation, internal service quality and employee satisfaction in the service sector.Venema, Goasse
Oct-2013A Learning Outcome-oriented Approach towards Classifying Pervasive Games for Learning using Game Design Patterns and Contextual InformationSchmitz, Birgit; Klemke, Roland; Specht, Marcus
16-Dec-2009Learning Outcomes NegotiationGriffiths, Dai; Sharples, Paul; Powell, Stephen
29-Jan-2010Learning Path EditorMelero, Javier; Van Stratum, Bas; Janssen, José; Heyenrath, Stef; Van der Heijden, Sander; Finders, Anton; Schaeps, Leon; Herder, Eelco; Vogten, Hubert; Martens, Harrie; Koper, Rob
28-Nov-2008Learning Path SpecificationJanssen, José; Hermans, Henry; Berlanga, Adriana; Koper, Rob
11-Dec-2012Learning Path: New Concept for Flexible Online Lifelong LearningRubens, Wilfred