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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2003Overview European ProjectsKluijfhout, Eric
9-Nov-2006Overview IMS Learning Design workKoper, Rob
20-Feb-2008Overview Learning Networks (TENCompetence - ASA - LTfLL)Van Rosmalen, Peter
4-Apr-2013Overview mobile pilot ‘ELENA goes shopping’ and ideas CRS pilotRusman, Ellen; Ternier, Stefaan
22-Jan-2004Overview of online databases with lesson plans and other learning design methodsVan Es, René
13-Dec-2012Overview of PhD project: Transitions and their impact on teacher expertise developmentWolff, Charlotte
4-Nov-2009Overview Open University of the Netherlands, Centre for Learning Sciences and TechnologiesWestera, Wim
5-Mar-2009Overview OUNL, CELSTECWestera, Wim
14-Jan-2013Overview serious gaming programme CELSTECHummel, Hans; Nadolski, Rob
22-Aug-2012Overview serious gaming research CELSTECVan Rosmalen, Peter
6-Dec-2012Overview Serious Gaming Research: Serious Gaming & AssessmentNadolski, Rob; Van Rosmalen, Peter
27-Nov-2008Overview ToolStefanov, Emil; Tacheva, Nevena; Petrov, Plamen; Dimov, Aleksandar; Stefanov, Krassen; Sereno, Bertrand
30-May-2007Overview toolTacheva, Nevena; Stefanov, Emil; Petkov, Plamen; Dimov, Aleksandar; Stefanov, Krassen
10-Sep-2014P2P network classificationMolijn, Patrick
1-Nov-2012'Pacta sunt servanda' of 'Iustum pretium'. Objectief nadeel als grond voor aantasting van een wederkerige overeenkomst.Rietman, H.
11-Feb-2015Pacta sunt servanda. Of toch niet?Rabbinge, Annique
14-Dec-2015Panorama of Recommender Systems to Support LearningDrachsler, Hendrik; Verbert, Katrien; Santos, Olga C.; Manouselis, Nikos
Sep-2012De papagaaifactorKirschner, Paul A.
20-Sep-2013Paracommercialisme: Wanneer is mededinging oneerlijk?Duijn, Marco van
14-Jan-2014Paradigms and Principles Shaping Educational Design ResearchMcKenney, Susan