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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Annual report 2010Koper, Rob
2011Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Annual report 2011Van den Broek, Jos
Apr-2013Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Annual report 2012Van den Broek, Jos
2008Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Jaarverslag 2008Koper, Rob
2009Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Jaarverslag 2009Koper, Rob
Oct-2013Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies - Self-Evaluation Report 2006-2011Kirschner, Paul A.
2000The century of psychology?Van Hezewijk, René
16-Dec-2010The Challenge of Self-Directed and Self-Regulated Learning in Vocational Education: A Theoretical Analysis and Synthesis of RequirementsJossberger, Helen; Brand-Gruwel, Saskia; Boshuizen, Els; Van de Wiel, Margje
19-May-2011Challenges for PLE research and developmentKalz, Marco
14-Jun-2006Challenges for the development of an infrastructure to support Lifelong Competence DevelopmentKoper, Rob
2014Challenging ideals of connected learning: the networked configurations for learning of migrant youth in the NetherlandsDe Haan, Mariette; Leander, Kevin; Ünlüsoy, Asli; Prinsen, Fleur
11-Nov-2008Chancen und Verwirrungen des Social NetSpecht, Marcus
1-Sep-2016Change behaviour and e-procurement effectivenessHaperen van, D
23-Aug-2011Change???? : Why would I want to?? : A research on the variables impacting willingness to change of staffHundertmark, M
4-Jul-2014Changes in motor execution after observing others’ pain in healthy subjects and low back pain patientsPool-Goudzwaard, A.L.
29-Sep-2010Changes to believe in: Flexibel organiseren, dynamisch managen en slimmer werken: een onderzoek naar sociale innovatie in de nederlandse groothandelssectorHopster, L
15-Oct-2012Changing Professional Demands in Sustainable Regional Development: A Curriculum Design Process to meet Transboundary CompetenceLansu, Angelique; Boon, Jo; Sloep, Peter; van Dam-Mieras, Rietje
12-Dec-2014Changing the Business Model of a Distance Teaching UniversityKoper, Rob
21-Dec-2015Chaos and StructureSpecht, Marcus