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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2014Changing the Business Model of a Distance Teaching UniversityKoper, Rob
21-Dec-2015Chaos and StructureSpecht, Marcus
2015Chapter 2: Predicting Newcomer Integration in Online Knowledge Communities by Automated Dialog AnalysisNistor, Nicolae; Dascalu, Mihai; Stavarache, Lucia; Tarnai, Christian; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
25-Sep-2008Chapter 4 - D8.2Brouns, Francis; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Sloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Kester, Liesbeth; Bitter-Rijpkema, Marlies
8-Jun-2007Chapter 4 TENC Deliverable 8.1Brouns, Francis; Kester, Liesbeth; Sloep, Peter; Berlanga, Adriana; Van Rosmalen, Peter; Koné, Malik; Schoonenboom, Judith
Feb-2005CharacterWhite, David
18-Jun-2014A Chatbot Dialogue Manager - Chatbots and Dialogue Systems: A Hybrid ApproachWoudenberg, Aswin van
17-Feb-2005Chemical HazardCalverley, Gayle
3-May-2013CHERMUG Introduction & Evaluation OverviewVan Rosmalen, Peter; Van der Baaren, John
3-May-2013CHERMUG Newsletter 1 April 2013Van Rosmalen, Peter; Manea, Madalina; Boyle, Elizabeth
9-Jul-2013CHERMUG Newsletter 2 - June 2013Van Rosmalen, Peter; Pennanen, Tiina; Boyle, Elizabeth
12-Dec-2012CHERMUG posterVan Rosmalen, Peter
16-May-2013CHERMUG Progress Report Year1Boyle, Elizabeth
16-Apr-2012CHERMUG: kick-off presentationVan Rosmalen, Peter
29-Sep-2011Chess at the mudflat: using power-laws as indicator of salt-marsh status and developmentBelzen, J van
19-Nov-2006A Chinese translation of IMS Learning Design Best Practice and Implementation Guide (draft)Gong, Yufeng
Nov-2006Choosing for learning objectsSchoonenboom, Judith; Emans, Bruno; Meijer, Joost
1-Dec-2015Chronotype, sleep quality and sleep duration in adult distance education: Not related to study progressGijselaers, Jérôme; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
1-Nov-2016Churn prediction models tested and evaluated in the Dutch indemnity industrySiemes, T