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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2014Connect The Dots! Reflection Tool 2.1Rajagopal, Kamakshi; Schaeps, Leon; Finders, Anton; Vogten, Hubert
28-Nov-2013Connect The Dots! Reflection Tool VisualisationsRajagopal, Kamakshi; Schaeps, Leon; Finders, Anton; Van der Vegt, Wim
29-Jun-2005The connected learnerLittle, Alex
Jun-2012Connecting agents and artifacts in CSCL: Towards a rationale of mutual shapingOverdijk, Maarten; Van Diggelen, Wouter; Kirschner, Paul A.; Baker, Michael
1-Jun-2007Connection Dynamics in Learning Networks: Games, Agents and Social Network VisualizationAngehrn, Albert; Maxwell, Katrina; Sereno, Bertrand
2012Consequences of increased self-regulated learning opportunities on student teachers’ motivation and use of metacognitive skills.Vrieling, Emmy; Bastiaens, Theo; Stijnen, Sjef
8-Sep-2009Considering the intrinsic constraints for groups management of TAPPS & Jigsaw CLFPsPérez-Sanagustín, Mar; Burgos, Javier; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep
2005Constructive thinking and burnout among secondary school teachersEvers, W.; Brouwers, A.; Tomic, W.
4-Oct-2010Consumentenacceptatie van Radio Frequency Identification: Het gebruik van RFID bij transactiesDijkstra, J P
2017ConsumentenbeschermingIJzendoorn, T. van
20-Sep-2011Consumentenbescherming bij de koop van een woning: een onderzoek naar de gevolgen van de invoering van het schriftelijkheidsvereiste van art. 7:2 BW bij de koop van een woning door een consumentUeckert-de Wal, L
20-Sep-2013Consumentenbescherming in de financiële dienstverleningKusters, M.G.H.
25-Apr-2013Consumer appreciation of different types of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. How consumers value different forms of CSR when choosing between products.Kessel, Nord van
6-Oct-2016The consumption of breakfast, fish and/or caffeine does not predict study progress in adult distance educationGijselaers, Jérôme; Kirschner, Paul A.; De Groot, Renate
24-Nov-2011Contemporary Assessment and RPLJoosten-ten Brinke, Desirée
4-Nov-2010Contemporary cognitive load theory research: The good, the bad and the uglyKirschner, Paul A.; Ayres, Paul; Chandler, Paul
29-Jul-2013Contemporary e-learning as panacea for large-scale software trainingVan der Baaren, John; Wopereis, Iwan
29-Jul-2013Contemporary e-learning as panacea for large-scale software trainingVan der Baaren, John; Wopereis, Iwan
2008Content and Timing of Feedback in a Web-based Learning Environment: Effects on Learning as a function of prior knowledge.Smits, Marieke; Boon, Jo; Sluijsmans, Dominique; Van Gog, Tamara
8-Mar-2010The content of sectoral collective agreements in Belgium explained?Van Ruysseveldt, Joris