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Title: Smart indicators to support the learning interaction cycle
Authors: Glahn, Christian
Specht, Marcus
Koper, Rob
Keywords: learner support
interactive systems
learner monitoring
information visualisation
adaptive systems
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2007
Abstract: This paper focuses on the relevant information for collecting and presenting contextual information, its effects and impact on the learning interaction cycle, and mechanisms of controlling it. The core principle of the learning interaction cycle is the interaction of learners with their learning environment. Previous research highlights that such interaction is important for the experience and progress of learners. However, we identified a conceptual gap between the learner actions within a learning environment and the responses that are provided to the learners. To bridge this gap we adopted a layered model of context-aware systems that meets the requirements for supportive responses. The model has four layers and describes the information processing of interaction footprints of learners in a learning environment: The sensor layer, the semantic layer, the control layer, and the indicator layer. We applied this model to analyse the results as they were reported in the literature.
Description: Glahn, C., Specht, M., Koper, R. (2008). Smart indicators to support the learning interaction cycle. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Lifelong Learning, 18(1), 98-117.
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