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Title: Close the gap please
Other Titles: On the claims of evolutionary psychology to explain romantic love
Authors: Van Hezewijk, René
Verheggen, Theo
Keywords: evolutionary psychology
romantic love
sexual selection
mirror neurons
Issue Date: 8-Sep-2007
Abstract: Mate choice, courting, parental investment, attractiveness, and love are a few examples of phenomena in the sphere of human interactions in which evolutionary psychology has a keen interest. Evolutionary theory has been quite successful in explaining and predicting these preferences. Nevertheless, it is not so difficult to point out local differences in what is considered attractive (or beautiful) here as well, depending on the social group one is part of. The sensorium is sophisticated in the group, whether it is about wine or women, men or heavy metal music. We elaborate on this in the present paper.
Description: Paper presented at the bi-annual conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, Totonto CANADA, 17-22 June 2007
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