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Title: Enabling Project-Centred Learning through Flexible Processes: the COOPER Experience
Authors: Ceri, Stefano
Daniel, Florian
Matera, Maristella
Raffio, Alessandro
Spoelstra, Howard
Issue Date: 30-Oct-2007
Abstract: This paper proposes a model-driven, extensible platform, delivered on the Web, which is able to support long-distance collaboration of students’ teams working on complex projects. The main merit of this proposal is the ability to support end-users to self-organize processes, by using a simple Web interface and a library of activities that cover most of the needs arising in collaborative environments. In this way, students can organize processes in a flexible way, and at the same time their work is well-organized, well-understood by all team members. This underlying paradigm for the management of dynamic processes is very general and can be applied to other application contexts, different from e-learning, after understanding and modelling the relevant collaboration activities.
Description: Ceri, S., Daniel, F., Matera, M., Raffio, A., Spoelstra, H. (2007, September). Enabling Project-Centered Learning through Flexible Processes: the COOPER Experience. Paper presented at the 1st International Workshop on Collaborative Open Environments for Project-Centered Learning, Crete, Greece.
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