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Title: Metadata Extraction and Search Interfaces - Specification
Authors: Demidova, Elena
Zenz, Gideon
Olmedilla, Daniel
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2007
Abstract: The Metadata Extraction and Search Interfaces offer a framework which allows for crawling specific knowledge resources and extraction their metadata. Furthermore, extracted metadata can be made persistently available for search using Metadata Extraction Listener and Search Interfaces of the Framework. RDF description produced by the Metadata Extraction can be adjusted using Ontology Mapper Interface. The Metadata Extraction Interface can be used in two different ways. On the one hand it provides methods to crawl a specified URI and mapping the metadata schema of the crawler to the application ontology. The application has to take care about storing the returned metadata. Alternatively, Metadata Extraction Interface provides listener/event based methods. Thereby an application can be registered as a listener by the Metadata Extractor, which fires an event to the listener providing the crawled metadata for each document. The listener then has to take care about further processing like e.g. storing metadata.
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