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Title: D2.1 Integrated Roadmap
Authors: Arjona Villanueva, Miguel
Sánchez, Antonio
Sacristán, Naiara
Glahn, Christian
Specht, Marcus
Lemmers, Ruud
Sligte, Henk
Keywords: Requirements
use cases
domain mode
data model
activity diagrams
research roadmap
change request
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2007
Series/Report no.: TENCompetence - IST-2005-027087
version 1.0
Abstract: Deliverable 2.1 – The Integrated Roadmap – summarises the first 18 months of requirements gathering and analysis in the TENCompetence project. The document consists of a summary description and a number of annexes with detailed results. The methodology chosen by the project is the Unified Process, supplemented with scenario-based software development techniques. On the basis of initial scenario’s and specific use cases, six high-level use cases were identified that summarise the future functionality of the TENCompetence integrated system. These high-level use cases build on the domain model that is also included. The four main components of the TENCompetence project, i.e. (a) the high-level use cases, (b) the domain model, (c) the project objectives and (d) the experimental setup of the pilots were then critically analysed in order to identify possible gaps between them. On the basis of this gap analysis, some recommendations were formulated for the next development cycles. On the basis of all the work in the four components and the gap analysis, detailed extended use cases with activity diagrams and a data model were developed and formulated, which again serve as the basis for the first version of the integrated system, the Personal Competence Manager. Finally, the document describes the future of the requirements process in the form of a research roadmap, and a detailed procedure for handling change requests to the integrated system.
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