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Title: Curriculum Planner Service - Specification and Implementation
Authors: Kärger, Philipp
Olmedilla, Daniel
Brunkhorst, Ingo
Keywords: curriculum
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2007
Abstract: For a learner it is difficult to find a path of learner activities yielding a certain learning goal. The desired path depends on various variable, be it the amount of time available, the knowledge the learner already has, the difficulty of the learning objects and so on. The TENCompetence Curriculum Planner Service provide means to compute a sequence of learning objects tailored to the learners eeds. Its reasoning bases on a set of learning activities metadata specifying the pre and post conditions of each learning activity, the number of credit points a learning activity has, and the learner profile, i.e., the knowledge of the learner and the courses she already attended. This document describes the functionality of the Curriculum Planner Service and the way it has to be called.
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