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Title: D2.2 Updated use case models and underlying vision documents and pedagogical model definitions
Authors: Koper, Rob
Schoonenboom, Judith
Manderveld, Jocelyn
Kluijfhout, Eric
Arjona Villanueva, Miguel
Griffiths, Dai
Angehrn, Albert
Van Rosmalen, Peter
Keywords: Pedagogical model definition
usage profile
use case
vision document
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2008
Series/Report no.: TENCompetence - IST-2005-027087
version 1.0
Abstract: This deliverable contains the following 3 topics: • An analysis of the current status of the project in relation to the lessons learned in the first two years of the project and the changes observed in the world outside of the project. In addition an approach is outlined what to achieve and how to achieve this in the remaining life-time of the project. • The results of an study on pedagogical models for lifelong competence development. The study shows that in order for lifelong competence development to be optimally facilitated, four main aspects should be organised: organise the learning context; organise the different stages of lifelong competence development; put the learner into control of their own learning; provide resources and guidance from which learners can learn. • A set of usage profile including use case models for the PCM describing the most important cases of use of the PCM.
Appears in Collections:5. TENC: Deliverables, Milestones & Internal Reports

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